Cienna Rose Beauty

In the end of November when I visited London I got an exciting parcel from Cienna Rose delivered to the hotel. The polishes came in a beautiful box which feel very luxurious and the bottles have a very cute and unique design.
The rounded top of the brush is a bit different, but I had no problem applying the polish with it (and it’s also rubberized so you get a good grip while painting).


Cienna Rose is a new U.K. based indie brand that launched in the end of November. Their polishes are 6 free (free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, DBP, toluene and paraben) and are enriched with Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and Lemongrass oil.

Let’s look at the swatches of the five polishes that I received. They all have good formulas and they were very easy to apply.


Date night is a red polish with silver holographic microglitter. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.


Luxe is a grey polish with pink shimmer. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

IMG_6394 2

Pink chiffon is a pale pink polish with pink shimmer. I’m wearing three coats plus top coat.


The fuchsia is bright is a bright cerise polish with blue shimmer. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.


Blue me away is a metallic blue polish with turquoise shimmer and silver holographic microglitter. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

I think all the shades are gorgeous and my favorite shade (right now) is Date night, it’s so perfect for the holiday season.

If you want to read more about the brand and their story check out their website


CND Glacial Illusion

Hello guys! Today I have swatches of CND’s new winter collection called Glacial Illusion.


CND is a brand that is relatively new to me, previously I’ve only tried their cuticle oil. The Vinylux weekly polishes are, as the name suggests, ment to last on the nails for seven days. I have not been able to try how well they last yet, but it sounds like these will be perfect if your going away on vacation and don’t have time to paint your nails.

The Vinylux polishes all have a built in base coat and there is a special Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to make the polish last for 7 days. All my swatches are painted on bare nails and finished with one coat of the Weekly Top Coat.


Cashmere wrap is a nude creme polish that covers in two coats.


Mystic slate is a grey creme polish that covers in two coats.


Alpine plum is a pale lilac metallic polish that covers in two coats.


Radiant chill is a rose gold metallic polish that covers in two coats.


Winter nights is a dark blue creme polish that covers in two coats.


Ice bar is a pearl polish with pink iridescent shimmer. I’m wearing three thick coats. As you can see it doesn’t build up well on it’s own, but it’s amazing as a topper.

I aslo did some quick nail art with a few of these polishes. Maybe they’re too simple to be called nail art, but it gives you an idea of how you can easily use these polishes to make your manicure a little more interesting.


Here I painted one coat of Ice bar over two coats of Winter nights. See how amazing Ice bar is as a topper!? I think it will look amazing over any darker shade.


Here I made a simple ruffian design using Radiant chill and Winter nights. Since the Vinylux polishes have a wide rounded brush this design is so easy to make, you don’t need any tools.


ÜberChic Beauty Holiday jingle & Collection 21

Hi guys! Today I have some new products from ÜberChic Beauty to show you. Last Friday they released four new stamping plates, Holiday jingle & Collection 21. Holiday jingle is their third Christmas themed stamping plate and it has a lot of different layered stamping images! In fact all four plates has layered images, which is a fun and easy way to take your stamping to another dimension.


IMG_3314 2

For this Winter wonderland design I used the Holiday jingle plate. I couldn’t decide which version of it I like the most, glossy or matte, so I give you both. I chose not to include any Christmas patterns for this mani since it’s only the beginning of November, and I think that’s a bit early for Christmas. But when December comes I think this will be my go-to plate for Christmas nails!


I made another winter design with the Holiday jingle plate, white snowflakes over a dark blue base. It’s a very simple design, but I just love this combination.


The DIY fox on Collection 21-01 plate is probably my favorite image from the collection. It is just so darn cute with it’s scarf and boots. I want to make this fox in every singe color combination possible. I think the polish that I paired it with is a pretty good match, don’t you agree?



I used the first image on Collection 21-02 plate to make some holo flowers and I really loved how they turned out. The collection plates from ÜberChic always have such pretty floral patterns. I also filled in the flowers to make them look more like sunflowers. I like this version too, but the first version is my favorite.



Collection 21-03 have these super cute hot air balloons images and I’m so happy with how this design turned out. I really like the mani as it is with just the clouds, and that it matches the polish bottle so well, so I had to take a picture of it before I added the balloons.

On my Instagram page I have posted tutorials for most of these designs, I’ll put the links to them here; Winter WondelandFox, Holo flowers, Hot air balloons.


Hi guys! Today I have something exciting to show you, the new holiday collection from OPI. It’s called Love OPI, XOXO and consists of 12 festive shades. As you’ll see OPI has changed the design of the bottles, and this time all my bottles have the new design (and not mixed like with the Iceland collection).


All my swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and I’m not wearing any top coat. Let’s take a look at the swatches!



Snow glad I met you is a white frosted polish with iridescent shimmer that covers in three coats.



Ornament to be together is a silver foil polish with silver holographic micro glitter that covers in two coats.


Coalmates is a blue grey foil with silver holographic micro glitter that covers in two coats.



Holidazed over you is a dark, almost black, blue creme polish that covers in two coats.



Feel the chemis-tree is a dark purple polish with gold shimmer that covers in two coats.



Wanna wrap? is a dark purple creme polish that covers in two coats.



The color that keeps on giving is a pink frosted polish with pink and purple shimmer that covers in three coats.



Sending you holiday hugs is a red polish with gold shimmer that covers in two coats.



Adam said “It’s New Year’s, Eve” is a red creme polish that covers in two coats.



My wish list is you is a red crelly that covers in two to three coats.



Top the package with a beau is a black polish with gold flakies that covers in two coats.



Gift of gold never gets old is a gold metallic polish that covers in two coats.

So, what do you think of this collection? I really like it, I think it’s a perfect holiday collection and I love almost all the shades! My absolute favorite from the collection is the gorgeous purple with shimmer, Feel the chemis-tree.

OPI Iceland | comparisons

Sooo this post is long overdue, I said I’d post it a few days after the Iceland swatches but obviously that didn’t happen. But better late than never…. right?
I looked through my OPI collection and took out the shades that I thought would be most similar to the new polishes. I’m not comparing Turn on the northern lights! because I don’t have any polishes that are similar to that one.



Check out the old geysirs – I can never hut up

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They are very similar in formula, but Check out the old geysirs is ice blue whereas I can never hut up is grey/green.



This isn’t Greenland – Don’t talk Bach to me

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They’re no dupes, they’re not even that similar, especially not on the nails.



Aurora berry-alis – Just lanai-ing around

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They look very similar in this photo and they are almost the same shade. The big difference between them is that Just lanai-ing around has shimmer in it.



One heckla of a color – Purple palazzo pants

Here I’m wearing two coats of One heckla of a color and three coats of Purple palazzo pants. Looking at the bottle shots I thought they’d be more similar in color, but they’re not similar at all. Well they’re both purple, but thats about it. 😉



Reykjavik has all the hot spots – Hands off my kielbasa

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They both have that frosted finish, Reykjavik has all the hot spots dries with more visible brushstrokes, apart from that they’re not very similar.



Icelanded a bottle of OPI  – Berlin there done that – Taupe-less beach

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. If you compare the bottles Icelanded a bottle of OPI looks almost identical to Taupe-less beach, but on the nails Icelanded a bottle of OPI is pretty much a lighter shade of Berlin there done that (and not that similar to Taupe-less beach).



I’ll have a gin & tectonic – Barking up the wrong sequoia – A great opera-tunity

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They’re all pretty similar, so you probably don’t need to have them all (unless you’re a polish addict).



Less is norse – Suzi & the arctic fox – Dark side of the mood

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They’re all beautiful dark shades, but they’re no dupes.



That’s what friends are Thor – I brake for manicures – Krona-logical order – Shh… it’s top secret

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. No dupes for the new Iceland shades, but here we have four beautiful brown shades that are perfect for fall!

I hope these swatches helped you in your decision of which shades to get. Please let me know in the comments which ones you’re planning on getting (or already got) and which ones you’ll skip out on (and why)!

Depend O2 Across the Universe

Last week I got Depend’s new O2 collection called Across the Universe. The collection consists of eight polishes in blue and green hues. As soon as I tested the first polish I discovered that it was a one coater. That gave me the idea to see if it would stamp, and it did. In fact they all do! 

What you see here is ONE coat of each shade, and on some nails one layer stamped over a white base. After discovering that this collection stamps, I love it even more!



5057 Secretly stargazing, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 20-03 


5058 Milky Way, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 3-01


5059 Galaxy highway, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 3-01


5060 North of Andromeda, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 9-01


5061 Wings of Cassiopeia, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 3-01


5062 Zodiac dreams, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 20-02


5063 Chasing starlight, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 3-01


5064 Supernova knockout, stamped with ÜberChic Beauty collection 9-02

This is a limited edition collection and it is available now, so go and get it before it’s too late! I’m gonna run to the store now and buy a bunch of backups, so if they’re already sold out, I probably got there before you. 😉

Depend Fall 2017

This week Depend’s new fall collections hit the stores. Both collections consists of beautiful fall appropriate shades, and my favorite of the two is Club Style.


Club style collection


O2 Dark Beauty collection


I did this plaid design using 531 (nude), 535 (red) and 537 (dark blue) from the Club Style collection.


For this fall floral design I also used shades from the Club Style collection, 527 (green) and 532 (orange).