Cienna Rose | March 2018 shades

In the beginning of March Cienna Rose released five new shades. Along with the new release they also started offering EU wide shipping!

Blog-new-colours_1024x1024Picture borrowed from Cienna Rose.

Let’s take a look at the swatches! Also how glad am I to finally be able to take photos in natural daylight again!? This winter have been so long and dark…


Pretty please is a purple creme polish that covers in two coats and dries super glossy (I’m not wearing top coat here). This looks like a perfect polish for this year’s Pantone color Ultra Violet.


Something blue is a blue polish with blue shimmer that covers in two to three coats.


Rainbow snow is a nude crelly with pink and blue glitter that covers in two coats. I didn’t have to fish to get the glitter on the brush like you have to with some similar polishes.


Big spender is a gold metallic polish that covers in two coats.


Black diamond is a a dark brown polish with red and gold micro-shimmer that covers in two coats.

I really, really like the polishes from this release, and I have a hard time deciding on a favorite. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so of course I love Pretty Please. But then we also have Rainbow snow and Something blue which both are gorgeous. Can I just say that they’re all my favorites! ūüėČ


Wikkid Polish

Hi there! In the end of last year I was sent some polishes from U.K. indie brand Wikkid Polish to try. Since it’s March now I am a very late with this post, and that’s a shame because these polishes are too pretty to not have been used.¬†I was very busy in December making Christmas manis and in the beginning of January I had many planned weekends and little time for nails. Now I’ve finally had some time to catch up with some things that’s been waiting to be used, including these polishes. So let’s take a look at some swatches of these beauties!

Crushed Violet is a purple jelly polish with silver holographic flakes. I’m wearing two coats plus two coats of top coat.

Orion is a holo polish in a clear base that’s packed with blue and silver glitter. I’m wearing two coats plus two coats of top coat. Doesn’t this polish look just like space?

Shades of jade is a mint green linear holographic polish. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

Rust is an orange-y copper polish with red and gold shimmer. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat. This is a prefect shade for fall! I wan’t to stamp leaves over it!

Rhea (H) is a duochrome polish with scattered holo that shifts from green to gold. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

Rose garden is a holo polish in a clear base that’s packed with red and silver glitter and green flakies. I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

Flake me is a flakie polish in a clear base that’s packed with green and pink flakies. I’m wearing two coats over a black base, plus top coat.

Cosmic dust is a holo polish in a clear base with silver holographic flakies.

My favorite polish out of these polishes are Crushes Violet, I’m just a sucker for purple (and holo) and this polish is stunning!

If you’re in the UK/EU you can buy these polishes on Wikkid Polish’s website (with free shipping), and if you’re in the US/international you can find them at Beautometry.

Sophin Macaroons collection

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of a collection that is perfect for spring; the Macaroons collection from Shopin. The collection consists of six pretty pastel shades.


0340 is a light pink creme polish that covers in two coats.


0341 is a mint green creme polish that covers in two coats.


0342 is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats.


0343 is a light peach polish that covers in two coats.


0344 is a peach creme polish that covers in two coats.


0345 is a yellow creme polish that covers in two coats.


I also did some nail art using four of the polishes, 0341, 0342, 0344 and 0345. I haven’t done a water marble design in forever so I’m very happy to see that it turned out this good.

In Sweden you can find Sophin polishes at

UberChic Beauty Welcome spring

Hello guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m really longing for spring to arrive. Last week we had some really cold weather (around -13¬įC) so I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Last Friday UberChic Beauty released a new spring themed stamping plate called Welcome spring. The plate is full of beautiful floral and Easter themed images and a few of the them are layered. With this plate at least my nails can be in spring mode in this snowy weather!



The first design I made with this plate are these cute cherry blossom nails. I started with a white to pink gradient before stamping the cherry blossoms over it. Nothing says spring more than cherry blossoms and I can’t wait for them to start blooming!


Another flower that reminds me of spring are tulips, I love having a bouquet at home during spring. What polish is better than Kiss me on my tulips from OPI for a tulip design?


I had to use one of the Easter themed images on the plate and chose to stamp these cute Easter eggs over a gradient.

Check out the tutorials for these manis here; Cherry blossoms, Tulips and Easter egg gradient.

Depend O2 Once upon a time

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of Depend’s new O2 collection called Once upon a time. The collection consists of eight shades, four creme polishes and four matching holographic polishes. If you like what you see you better act fast, because this collection is limited edition.

1080x1080px-Once Upon a Time-O2-10_preview

All my swatches are painted over Depend O2 Protecting base coat and topped with Depend O2 Glossy top coat.



Here¬†I’m¬†wearing two coats of 5065 Be my sleeping beauty (creme) and¬†5069 Stardust melody¬†(holo).



Here I’m wearing two coats of¬†5068 Fairy fun (creme) and¬†5072 Mermaid kiss (holo). These polishes are giving me mermaid vibes!



Here I’m wearing two coats of¬†5067 Pretty pink princess (creme) and¬†5071 Cinderella glow¬†(holo).



Here I’m wearing two coats of 5066 Buy me a unicorn (creme) and¬†5070 Miss tinkerbell¬†(holo). This is my favorite pair from the collection, just look at that beautiful pink holo!

I really, really like this collection and I love that Depend made matching creme and holo polishes. It’s perfect if you want an accent nail or make nail art in matching tones. I would have loved to have a purple pair in this collection, let’s hope we get to see more holo polishes in this formula from Depend in the future!


BeautyBigbang Stamping polish

Hello guys! Today I will show you a bunch of stamping polishes* that I received from BeautyBigbang a few weeks ago.
I get a lot of questions about stamping and one thing that I have found that really helped me is switching to stamping polish! You can stamp with regular polish too, but not all polishes work, and they are definitely not as opaque as stamping polish. I also find that stamping polish is a lot easier to pick up from the plate. So, if you have trouble stamping, I suggest you invest in some stamping polish. And for $3,59 per bottle these stamping polishes are a pretty good deal!


I used the same stamping plate for all the swatches, it’s also from BeautyBigbang and you can find it here. Now, let’s take a look at how these polishes look stamped over black and white.



White stamping polish 007, SKU: J6415TM-7A. I’m super impressed with how well it covers over black! No milky white polish here, as you can see it’s super opaque!



Black stamping polish 002, SKU: J6415TM-2A. It’s very black and opaque!



Blue stamping polish 001, SKU: J6415TM-1A. I love the way this frosty royal blue polish looks over the white base! Since the polish is so dark, it doesn’t show up that well over black.



Gold stamping polish 011, SKU: J6415TM-11A. This is the perfect gold shade, and I just love the way it looks over darker shades!



Silver stamping polish 008, SKU: J6415TM-8A. This polish is a little different from the others, it’s formula is much thicker and it smells a bit odd, but it still works great! I’ve actually noticed this in other silver stamping polishes too, so it must have something to do with the silver shade.



Grey stamping polish 009, SKU: J6415TM-9A. It covers really well over black for being such a light grey shade.



Purple stamping polish 012, SKU: J6415TM-12A. I’m also very impressed with how well this purple polish covers over black. It’s a super cute shade that I think will be very useful for spring manis.



Pink stamping polish 010, SKU: J6415TM-10A. It’s a lovely pink shade that I’m happy to add to my collection. It will be perfect for floral nail art!

I had no problem picking up any of the polishes from the stamping plate and I found them very easy to work with! BeautyBigbang have four more shades (yellow, red, green and brown) that I don’t have, but need to get. I really hope they will offer more shades in the future!

Use my code HANNA for 10% off your order at

*Product(s) sent by the brand, the seller, the PR agency for consideration

Nicole Diary Stamping polish + cleanup brush

I was recently sent two items from Nicole Diary to test, a gold stamping polish* and an angled brush* that I intend to use for cleanup around the cuticles.


The handle of the brush is super cute with the multicolored pearls. Nicole Diary have nine different brushes to choose from, all with the same handle, so if you want you can get your brush collection to match. The brush I got is flat and angled, which makes it perfect for precise cleanup around the cuticles. It’s a brush that everybody should have!


The gold stamping polish picks up perfectly from the stamping plate and it’s super pigmented. Just look how well it covers over black!
I’m super impressed with it and can’t wait to try more of their stamping polishes.




Have you tried any products from Nicole Diary?

*Product(s) sent by the brand, the seller, the PR agency for consideration