CND Glacial Illusion

Hello guys! Today I have swatches of CND’s new winter collection called Glacial Illusion.


CND is a brand that is relatively new to me, previously I’ve only tried their cuticle oil. The Vinylux weekly polishes are, as the name suggests, ment to last on the nails for seven days. I have not been able to try how well they last yet, but it sounds like these will be perfect if your going away on vacation and don’t have time to paint your nails.

The Vinylux polishes all have a built in base coat and there is a special Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to make the polish last for 7 days. All my swatches are painted on bare nails and finished with one coat of the Weekly Top Coat.


Cashmere wrap is a nude creme polish that covers in two coats.


Mystic slate is a grey creme polish that covers in two coats.


Alpine plum is a pale lilac metallic polish that covers in two coats.


Radiant chill is a rose gold metallic polish that covers in two coats.


Winter nights is a dark blue creme polish that covers in two coats.


Ice bar is a pearl polish with pink iridescent shimmer. I’m wearing three thick coats. As you can see it doesn’t build up well on it’s own, but it’s amazing as a topper.

I aslo did some quick nail art with a few of these polishes. Maybe they’re too simple to be called nail art, but it gives you an idea of how you can easily use these polishes to make your manicure a little more interesting.


Here I painted one coat of Ice bar over two coats of Winter nights. See how amazing Ice bar is as a topper!? I think it will look amazing over any darker shade.


Here I made a simple ruffian design using Radiant chill and Winter nights. Since the Vinylux polishes have a wide rounded brush this design is so easy to make, you don’t need any tools.



ÜberChic Beauty Holiday jingle & Collection 21

Hi guys! Today I have some new products from ÜberChic Beauty to show you. Last Friday they released four new stamping plates, Holiday jingle & Collection 21. Holiday jingle is their third Christmas themed stamping plate and it has a lot of different layered stamping images! In fact all four plates has layered images, which is a fun and easy way to take your stamping to another dimension.


IMG_3314 2

For this Winter wonderland design I used the Holiday jingle plate. I couldn’t decide which version of it I like the most, glossy or matte, so I give you both. I chose not to include any Christmas patterns for this mani since it’s only the beginning of November, and I think that’s a bit early for Christmas. But when December comes I think this will be my go-to plate for Christmas nails!


I made another winter design with the Holiday jingle plate, white snowflakes over a dark blue base. It’s a very simple design, but I just love this combination.


The DIY fox on Collection 21-01 plate is probably my favorite image from the collection. It is just so darn cute with it’s scarf and boots. I want to make this fox in every singe color combination possible. I think the polish that I paired it with is a pretty good match, don’t you agree?



I used the first image on Collection 21-02 plate to make some holo flowers and I really loved how they turned out. The collection plates from ÜberChic always have such pretty floral patterns. I also filled in the flowers to make them look more like sunflowers. I like this version too, but the first version is my favorite.



Collection 21-03 have these super cute hot air balloons images and I’m so happy with how this design turned out. I really like the mani as it is with just the clouds, and that it matches the polish bottle so well, so I had to take a picture of it before I added the balloons.

On my Instagram page I have posted tutorials for most of these designs, I’ll put the links to them here; Winter WondelandFox, Holo flowers, Hot air balloons.

Depend 7day The Language of Flowers

Hi there! I hope you’re ready to look at some new polishes today.
A few weeks ago I showed you Depend’s first spring collection of the year, called Eastern fusion. Today we are going to take a closer look at their 7day spring collection called The Language of Flowers.

img_9152Depend The Language of Flowers – Elegant jasmine

Elegant jasmine is a semi transparent light pink glitter polish with gold shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_9161Depend The Language of Flowers – Innocent daisy

Innocent daisy is a pealy shimmey polish that’s meant to be a topper. Here I’m wearing three coats. If you have shorter nails it could work on its own, but I’d rather wear it as the base for nail art or as a topper.

img_9163Depend The Language of Flowers – Beautiful orchid

Beautiful orchid is a purple polish with silver holographic glitter that covers in two coats.

img_9162Depend The Language of Flowers – Healing peony

Healing peony is a pink and gold shimmer polish. The formula of this polish is a lot thicker that the others, but thanks to that the polish is really easy to get a good coverage with in jut a few coats. Here I’m wearing two coats.

img_9153Depend The Language of Flowers – Caring tulip

Caring tulip is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9157Depend The Language of Flowers – Proud ginger

Proud ginger is a coral creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9156Depend The Language of Flowers – Delicate hibiscus

Delicate hibiscus is a coral pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9160Depend The Language of Flowers – Dramatic camelia

Dramatic camelia is a pinkish red creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9155Depend The Language of Flowers – Wisdom iris

Wisdom iris is a peachy cruelly that covers in three coats.

img_9154Depend The Language of Flowers – Honeysuckle love

Honeysuckle love is a pink polish with gold shimmer that covers in three coats.

img_9158Depend The Language of Flowers – Humble bluebell

Humble bluebell is a light blue creme polish that covers in three coats.

img_9159Depend The Language of Flowers – Majesty lily

Majesty lily is a purple creme polish that covers in two coats.


I think this is a really lovely collection with many beautiful shades that are perfect for spring. My favorite polish from this collection is purple holographic Beautiful orchid.


Lastly I have a floral nail art design that I created using Elegant jasmine and Dramatic camellia from the collection.

Depend Eastern fusion

Is it to early to wish for spring? I hope not! But to make the wait a little easier here are some new spring shades from Depend. This is one of three new spring collections that they’ve recently released. Enjoy the swatches and dream away to brighter and sunnier days!

img_7671Depend Eastern fusion – 502

502 is a turquoise metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_7662Depend Eastern fusion – 503

503 is a baby blue creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_7665Depend Eastern fusion – 504

504 is a light green polish with fine silver shimmer that covers in two coats. It dries a bit streaky.

img_7664Depend Eastern fusion – 505

505 is a lilac creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_7672Depend Eastern fusion – 506

506 is a lilac polish with silver shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_7673Depend Eastern fusion – 507

507 is a bright cerise polish with silver shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_7669Depend Eastern fusion – 508

508 is a purple berry colored creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_7666Depend Eastern fusion – 509

509 is a bright pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_7663Depend Eastern fusion – 510

510 is a light pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_7667Depend Eastern fusion – 511

511 is a light peach colored polish with shimmer that covers in three coats.

img_7668Depend Eastern fusion – 512

512 is a coral creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_7670Depend Eastern fusion – 513

513 is an orange/red creme polish that covers in two coats.


The polish I was most surprised by is 511, I did not think I would like it at all actually. But once I got it on the nails I really liked it, the shimmer makes it so cute! And it’s a perfect nude shade.


Here’s an eastern inspired nail art design I did using 505, 509 and 510 from the collection.

The Eastern fusion collection is out in stores now.

Yves Rocher nail polish

So this is pretty embarrassing, I got these polishes this summer and haven’t tried them until now. And that is like six months ago… oops! I was going to swatch them after I got them, but then my nails got really bad and sore, and when my nails felt better I had just forgotten about these polishes and here we are all of a sudden.


This is the first time I’m trying polishes from Yves Rocher, and I have nothing to complain about. Well maybe the size of the bottles, 5 ml is not much polish. I prefer bigger bottles, but maybe that’s just me. The brush is wide and rounded and is really easy to work with. I have watched the polishes of one coat of base coat, and they are all without top coat. So, let’s take a look at the swatches!


img_4849Yves Rocher – Magnolia

Magnolia is a sheer nude pink creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4851Yves Rocher – Menthe givrée

Menthe givrée is a mint green creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4853Yves Rocher – Menthe à l’eau

Menthe á l’eau is a turquoise crelly that covers in two coats.


img_4855Yves Rocher – Citron

Citron is a yellow creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4857Yves Rocher – Orange cosmos

Orange cosmos is an orange creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4859Yves Rocher – Rouge flamboyant

Rouge flamboyant is a red creme polish that covers n two coats.


img_4861Yves Rocher – Or pailleté

Or pailleté is a gold glitter polish with silver hex glitter pieces that coves in two coats.


The polishes retail for 59 kr, and right now you can find a lot of these polishes on sale for 29 kr on Yves Rocher online shop.


Born Pretty nail polish

Last week I got some polishes from Born Pretty store that I was sent to review, one holo and one creme polish. I have actually never tried any of their polishes before, I’ve only tried their stamping products previously.


Here are the products that I got; Dark Green BPR005 (item id #35982) and Heart of gold (item id #36892).



img_3690Born Pretty – Heart of gold

Heart of gold is a gold linear holographic nail polish that covers in 2 coats. It has a wide rounded brush that makes the application really easy. The holo is very visible and I would love to try some more of their holographic polishes!



img_3693Born Pretty – Dark green BPR005

Dark green BPR005 is a green creme polish that covers in just one coat and the formula is amazing! It has the same wide rounded brush as Heart of gold which makes it super easy to apply.

Use my code HSW10 for 10% off all original priced items on Born Pretty store.

Smith & Cult Fall 2016

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you the fall news from Smith & Cult. I know it’s a little late since we’re already in the middle of December, but when I first got these one of the polishes were broken and it took some time to get a new one.

IMG_3502.jpg1972 – Darjeeling Darling – Flatte top coat

Out of these three polishes one of them, 1972, is a limited edition, the other two will be added to the ordinary range. The polishes are swatches over one coat of base coat and topped with one coat of Above it all from Smith & Cult (review of the top coat will be up later). With that said, let’s take a look at the swatches.



img_3510Smith & Cult – 1972

1972 is a rose gold metallic polish that covers in two coats. It’s a bit streaky so you want to do as few brush strokes as possible while applying it, though the top coat did smooth out the brush strokes a bit. Any imperfections on your nails will be very visible so I’d recommend using a ridge filler as a base for this polish.



img_3516Smith & Cult – Darjeeling Darling

Darjeeling Darling is a dark green creme polish that covers in two easy coats.


img_3525Smith & Cult – Flatte top coat

Flatte top coat is a matte top coat. So far I can’t say that I’m impressed with this top coat. The first time I used it, it was a big lump on the brush. After removing the lump I painted one coat over my polish but nothing happened, it was still shiny. So I painted one more coat and it turned semi matte. The second time I used it (the picture above) it made the nails somewhat matte. It also left them very streaky and some parts of the nail turned completely white, it is visible on the tips and next to the cuticle on the ring finger. I will try it some more before I give it my final verdict, but so far I’m not a big fan.

My favorite out of these three is without doubt Darjeeling Darling!