Nail mail from BeautyBigBang

About a week ago I got some new products from BeautyBigBang to test and review. I really liked the iridescent flakes I got from them last time, so this time I wanted to try some of their opaque fakes along with some unicorn powder and confetti glitter.



This confetti is called J1329-3C and it will make your nails ready for a party in no time! My favorites are the blue and the pink ones. I think this design looks pretty fancy and the best part is that it was so easy to make! I just placed the confetti while my base color was still wet and then applied top coat to seal them in and prevent them from falling off.



How beautiful is this unicorn powder called J2854-3C!? I applied the powder over white regular nail polish and it gives it a cool lime green tone. The powder is very fine and easy to apply, and as you see the result is super shiny! I can’t wait to try it over more colors.


These purple chameleon flakes are called J2106-1C. The flakes are very fine, so it was super easy to get full coverage. Though being so fine also meant that they created a bit of a mess. To clean up any flakes from my desk I just use some regular tape or a lint roller, and you just have to wash your hands to get them off your fingers. I have to say that the mess is worth it, just look how shiny and shifty they are!



The last product I received are these chameleon holo flakes called J2419-3C. As the name indicates these flakes are holo, but unfortunately the sun was not out when I took these pictures so you can’t see the holo. Even if you can’t see the holo these flakes are pretty amazing anyway, they shift between gold, green and blue and are so gorgeous!

thumbnail_beautybigbang nailart banner HANNA

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Depend Summer 2017

I have completely forgot to show you the summer news from Depend Cosmetics. I know they were released in the beginning of the summer, but I’m sure you’ll still be able to find them in stores and online. 


7day Riviera Glamour collection


O2 With love from Cuba collection


In the coral reef collection

A few days ago I got two of their new fall collections, but since it’s still summer I’ll show them to you later (in a few days or so). I don’t want summer to end just yet…

OPI Iceland

Even though it’s still summer it is time to start thinking about what we will wear on our nails this fall. Today I have swatches of the new Iceland collection from OPI to show you!

As you will see, some of my bottles look a bit different than what we’re used to. That is because OPI is changing the bottles, which is fine (I guess), though I don’t think it’s ok to mix old and new bottles within a collection. Don’t you just think it is disturbing and not pleasing to look at?

All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and are without top coat. So, let’s take a look at the swatches, shall we?



Icelanded a Bottle of OPI is a taupe creme polish that covers in two coats.



That’s What Friends Are Thor is a chocolate brown creme polish that covers in two coats.



Krona-logical Order is a dark brown creme polish that covers in two coats.



Suzi & the Arctic Fox is a dark grey-purple creme polish that covers in two coats.



Turn On the northern Lights! is a blurple polish with pink shimmer that covers in two coats.



This Isn’t Greenland is a light olive green creme polish that covers in two coats.



Less is Norse is a dark grey-blue creme polish that covers in two coats.



Check Out the Old Geysirs is a light grey-blue polish with blue shimmer that covers in two coats.



I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic is a nude peachy creme polish that covers in two coats.



One Heckla of a Color! is a dusty purple creme polish that covers in two coats.



Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots is a mauve frosty polish with pink shimmer that covers in two coats.



Aurora Berry-alis is a raspberry pink creme polish that covers in two coats. The formula  of this polish is amazing.


I really, really like this collection! My favorite shades are the darker ones, I just love them against my pale skin tone. And I know I said the same thing last year with the Washington DC collection, but I just love the contrast of dark against pale for fall.

My absolute favorite shade from this collection is Turn On the northern Lights!, I just love everything about that polish, the shade, the simmer! And my least favorite shade is Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots, I’m just not really a fan of frosty shades like that one.

As usual I will make a comparisons post, so make sure to check back here in a few days for that!

July favorites

Here are my favorite manis from July! I like them all so much, but I think I have to say the Aurora pigment is my absolute favorite! 

Which one do you like the most? 

Whats up nails Aurora pigment

A few days ago I got a long awaited nail mail containing the new Aurora pigment from Whats up nails. Usually it takes about a week for my parcel to arrive when I order from them, but this time it took three weeks for it to arrive. The post must have messed up this time 😦
Anyway, you all probably know by now that I love Whats up nails’ powders and this one is no exception. I actually think this one is my favorite so far!


I applied the powder over white nail polish (Alpine snow from OPI), and the result is just amazing!




I want to try this pigment over so many more colors, next time I think I’ll try it over light pink or blue… or purple.


When I ordered this pigment I already had a design in mind, so I’ve been waiting some time to finally be able to make it! I knew I just had to pair it with unicorns, though I didn’t want to cover up the pigment too much, so I decided on a unicorn on just one nail.

Neon aztec

When I was in London in the beginning of this month I picked up Models Own new Aquaproof collection. The collection consists of five bright neon shades and I’ve used four of them for this design.

I made this design for the last prompt of this month’s @clairestelle8challenge on Instagram, with the theme aztec/tribal print. I didn’t have a design planned wen I sat down to paint them. Sometimes unplanned manis turn out great, and sometimes they don’t… I’m really happy this design turned out to be one of the good ones. They’re just so bright and fun!



For this design I used Impassable yellowOrange sealImpervious pink and Airtight turquoise from Models Own. The stamping plate is Bundle Monster + ChitChat Nails BM-XL202 and the stamping polish is Midnight mischief from Painted Polish. To fill in the pattern I used Dance 24 detail brush from Whats up nails.



Of course I had to add a matte top coat, though I can’t decide which version I like the most. The glossy one is so bright, but the matte one shows the pattern so well. What version do you like the most?

Born Pretty Store Chameleon chrome pigment powder

By now you all probably know that I love my chrome powders, so when I saw that Born Pretty store also has one I had to give it a try. It is much cheaper than most chrome powders, the one I tried is $4.29 for 0,5g where’s powders from most other brands are around $20 for 1g. Since this powder is so much cheaper I was expecting the application to be a bit more difficult compared to the more expensive ones, but that was not the case. This one was actually really easy to apply, and it looks amazing!


I used the powder with regular nail polish, which works great. Just remember that you need to use a water based top coat not to ruin the chrome finish. I’m so happy that you can get this beautiful chrome finish without using gel polish!


This powder was sent to me from Born Pretty Store to review (you can find it here), the shade I got is called GRB20. After trying the powder I had to order a few more shades!