Nail mail from Born Pretty store

Hi there! Today I have some new products from Born Pretty store to show you. I haven’t posted much here on the blog these past weeks and that’s because I’m learning how to film and edit nail art turorials. I’ve actually made a little video where I’m using these products, which you can find here on my Instagram!


What I got from Born Pretty store this time is: Panda stamping plate BPX-L015 (id # 38221), Valentine’s stamping plate BPX-L014 (id # 38220), Clear stamper (id # 37901) and Cuticle protectors (id # 27347).



This is the first mani I made using the Valentine’s plate and the Clear stamper where I reverse sampled the flowers over the pink polish. The clear stamper is perfect for reverse stamping! Since it is short it makes it possible for you to rest your hand on the table while you fill in the details with polish. The stamper picks up the polish from the plate easily and because it’s see-through you always get the design where you want it on the nail. I’m looking forward to using the plate for upcoming Valentine’s nail designs.



For my second mani I used the Panda stamping plate, the Clear stamper and the Cuticle protectors. As with the Valentine’s plate it was easy to pick up the polish from the Panda plate. The cuticle protectors were easy to place around the nails and easy to remove. You can stamp or make a gradient right after you’ve placed them, unlike if you use liquid latex where you have to wait for it to dry first. They did a good job protecting the skin and cleanup afterwards was minimal.

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Beauty by Ellos

A couple of days ago I posted swatches of some polishes from Yves Rocher and I got these polished from Ellos at the same time, so it was about time that I tried them. I think that Ellos has had their own beauty line for about a year now and these are the first products that I have tried.


All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and topped with one coat of Plumping top coat or one coat of Matte top coat, both from Ellos.




img_5437Ellos – Pink orchid

Pink orchid is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats. I love the way this polish looks matte!




img_5588Ellos – Champagne chic chevy

Champagne chic chevy is a bronze metallic polish that covers in two coats. It’s pretty streaky and on the nails it looks like a nude metallic shade. Not a big fan of this polish.




img_5601Ellos – Absolutely red

Absolutely red is a bright red creme polish that covers in two coats.




img_5614-1Ellos – Red red wine

Red red wine is a dark red creme polish that covers in two coats. This is probably my favorite shade out of these four and I think it looks amazing both glossy and matte.


The polishes retail for 39 kr, which is a really good price since they contain 11 ml. They have a thin brush, but it’s still pretty easy to work with. I have to say that I’m most impressed with the top coats. The plumping top coat feels a bit thicker than a regular top coat, but it’s still easy to apply. It gives a lovely shine and it dries pretty fast. I really like the matte top coat too, I’ve tried matte top coats that cost way more money than this one that are way worse.

H&M Beauty

Last fall H&M released their new beauty line and I have tried a few of their polishes.

img_9213H&M – Space Race

Space Race is a silver linear holo polish that covers in two coats. It dries a bit dull, so make sure to add a glossy top coat.

img_9214H&M – Yolo Holo

Yolo Holo is a very sheer pearl polish, here I’m wearing three coats. It is best suited as a topper. I think the name is a bit confusing since this is not a holo polish.

img_9215H&M – Fairie Holo

Fairie Holo is a gold holo glitter polish. My nails looked like disco ball with this polish on. Here I’m wearing three sponged coats over one painted coat.

img_9216H&M – Undersea

Undersea is a blue metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_9217H&M – Parisienne

Parisienne is a bright red polish, here I’m wearing three coats and as you can see I still have a bit of VNL.

Over all I’m pretty impressed with the polishes from H&M. They have a brush that is easy to work with and the formula was good. And they are pretty cheap, 49 kr each (though I got a few on sale for 10kr each!!!). Out of these polishes Space Race is definitely my favorite!

Have you tried any polishes from H&M? Did you like them?

OPI Brilliant & Plumping top coat

OPI recently released two new top coats, Brilliant and Plumping. Brilliant is a high-shine top coat and Plumping a volumizing top coat, they are both supposed to be fast drying.

I was really excited to try them since OPI is my favorite nail polish brand (as you may know). I bought mine on eBay before they were released in Sweden, and I thought that I would be able to review them before they would be available here. And then Seche Vive happened… which lead to me not painting my nails much at all for some weeks this summer.



OPI Brilliant and Plumping

I have tried them both now and here’s what I think about them.

OPI Brilliant

Brilliant is supposed to be a super shiny top coat, but I don’t think that it’s shinier than any other top coat I’ve tried. It’s very thin on the nail and I think that it took a long time for it to dry (for being a quick dry top coat). If you want a super shiny fast drying top coat I suggest that you try HK Girl from Glisten & Glow instead.

OPI Plumping

Plumping is supposed to be a volumizing top coat, and it actually feels a bit thicker than a regular top coat. The drying time is okay but not fast enough for being a fast drying top coat. It dries very glossy and looks good on the nails. But if you don’t have time to wait for your nails to dry completely and you want a plumping fast drying top coat I suggest that you try Gel setter from Essie instead.

Another thing that I don’t like with these top coats is the price, they’re really expensive. They retail for 205 kr instead of 155 kr (which is the ‘normal’ price for OPI polishes in Sweden), and they’re not worth it.

Sorry OPI, I really really like your products, but you are so much better than these two products!

Depend O2 Rewind

The next fall collection from Depend is their new O2 collection called Rewind. I’ve already showed you two of their collections for this fall, Holo Fantasy and Force of nature.


I think this collection have many gorgeous colors that are perfect for fall.

img_6799Depend Rewind – 419

419 is a dark purple/red metallic polish with blue flecks that covers in 2 coats.

img_6785Depend Rewind – 491

491 is an orange creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_6787Depend Rewind – 492

492 is a rusty red creme polish that covers in two coats. This shade is so perfect for fall and it’s one of my favorites.

img_6789Depend Rewind – 493

493 is a dusty purple creme polish that covers in two coats. This shade is gorgeous and another favorite from the collection.

img_6793Depend Rewind – 494

494 is a dark purple berry creme polish that covers in two coats. This is another lovely fall shade!

img_6795Depend Rewind – 495

495 is a berry red creme polish that covers in two coats. Yet again a lovely fall polish, I love it!

img_6781Depend Rewind – 496

496 is a beige creme polish with shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_6782Depend Rewind – 497

497 is a nude creme polish with shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_6801Depend Rewind – 498

498 is a gold glitter polish that covers in two coats.

img_6791Depend Rewind – 499

499 is a green grey creme polish with fine shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_6797Depend Rewind – 500

500 is a deep blue metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_6803Depend Rewind – 501

501 is a purple/black polish with purple glitter that covers in two coats.


The polishes are available from week 37 (this week) and retail for 29 kr.

Depend 7day Force of nature

Depend have quite a few collections coming out this fall, I’ve already showed you the Holo Fantasy collection and now it’s time for their 7day collection called Force of nature. I got eight polishes to review (out of 14 polishes) from this collection.

img_6747Depend Force of nature – 7094 Mother nature

Mother nature is a light brown creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_6751Depend Force of nature – 7096 Wild berries

Wild berries is a berry toned purple creme polish that covers in two coats. I love this shade!!

img_6749Depend Force of nature – 7098 Silent forest

Silent forest is a dusty green creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_6757Depend Force of nature – 7099 Falling leaves

Falling leaves is a rusty red crelly that covers in three coats.

img_6761Depend Force of nature – 7102 Nature’s lullaby

Nature’s lullaby is a gold,  copper and black glitter polish in a clear base that covers in three coats. The polish in my bottle was almost all dried up, the bottle neck was really messy, so I think that’s why. I tried to save it by pouring a LOT of Seche restore into the bottle and mix it together. It worked but the formulas is not good.

img_6753Depend Force of nature – 7103 Reflecting pond

Reflecting pond is a blue metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_6759Depend Force of nature – 7105 Secret wildfire

Secret wildfire is a dark vampy red metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_6755Depend Force of nature – 7107 Wild & free

Wild & free is a red metallic polish that covers in two coats.


The polishes are available from week 35 and retail for 39 kr.

Rituals nail polish

Rituals is my favorite body care brand, so far I’ve loved everything I’ve tired from them. So when I found out that they have makeup too I was intrigued. Did you know that they have makeup as well?


I have a few polishes from Rituals to show you today, one neutral shade, two bright shades and two darker shades.

img_6395Rituals – Light pink

Light pink is a very sheer pale pink polish. I used three coats here but as you see I still have a lot of VNL*, way too much for my taste. I think this polish would be perfect as the base for a French manicure, or by itself if you have shorter nails.

img_6397Rituals – Light turquoise

Light turquoise is a mint creme polish that covers really good in one coat, but you know me, I always use two coats to get a more intense color. I really like this polish and I think it is the perfect color for spring and summer. I just wonder why they named it Light turquoise since it is mint colored.

img_6399Rituals – Light peach

Light peach is a peach-y coral creme polish that covers in two to three coats. I love this color so so much, it is the perfect summer shade!

img_6401Rituals – Grey blue

Grey blue is a grey-ish creme polish that is almost a one coater, however I used two coats.

img_6403Rituals  – Dark grey

Dark grey is a brown creme polish that covers in two coats. I’m a bit confused here, it is called Dark grey, but it is a brown polish. Anyway, it is a beautiful autumn shade.

All polishes have a really good formula that is easy to apply. I really liked the brush, it is just the right size, not too skinny and not too wide. All swatches are all painted over one coat of base coat and are without top coat.


While I swatched these polishes I had my Sweet Sunrise scented candle from Rituals next to me, I’m so obsessed with it! It smells lovely and it’s beautiful when it’s lit up (then you see the quote “What’s meant to be, will always find a way” which is not visible otherwise).

*Visible nail line