Throwback Thursday: OPI Miami beet

This Thursday I’m throwing it back to the 2009 South Beach spring collection and the polish Miami Beet. Though this polish is fairly new to me.


img_0270OPI South Beach – Miami Beet

What you see here is two coats of this beet colored creme polish. The polish is easy to apply and dries very shiny. As with most red polishes this one stains a bit, so be careful around your cuticles. Anyway, it’s a gorgeous polish!

Throwback Thursday: Essie Flowerista

It was a long time since I did a throwback Thursday post, shame on me!

Today I’m throwing it back to last spring and Flowerista from Essie’s spring collection with the same name. I immediately fell in love with Flowerista when it was released, but I have to admit that I haven’t worn it that much since…


img_9448Essie Flowerista – Flowerista

What you see here is two easily applied coats of this beautiful shade.

Throwback Thursday: OPI Glacier bay blues

I forgot to post last week, but this week I’m back and today I’m showing you yet another black label OPI; ‘Glacier bay blues’ from the 2004 Canadian collection.




img_7444Glacier bay blues – OPI Canadian collection (in sunlight)


img_7445Glacier bay blues – OPI Canadian collection (in light box)

It’s so beautiful and I’m so happy that the sun was out when I took these photos, because it really lets you see the beauty of this polish. The photos I took in my light box doesn’t do the polish justice, so I was unsure if really I wanted to include them. But you can see the color shifts in the polish better in those pictures so I decided to keep them after all.
The polish is easy to apply and I ended up wearing three coats, though I could have gone with just two, but the last coat gave a little more depth to the polish.

Throwback Thursday: OPI Dress to empress

Here’s another black label polish from my collection. ‘Dress to empress’ is from the Japanese collection which was released in 2005. I got this polish earlier this week and wanted to wear it immediately and thought it would be perfect for throwback Thursday! It’s a beautiful coral red polish with micro glitter and I think this polish is perfect for spring. The polish is quite sheer, I’m wearing three coats in these pictures and I still have VNL (visible nail line). It’s actually more visible in person than in the pictures.


Throwback Thursday: OPI Purple-opolis

This week I’m showing you a polish from the 2004 Greece isles collection called Purple-opolis. I’ve had this polish since sometime last spring, but the polish itself is much older than that. As you will see in the last picture this polish has a black label*. Which means it’s old and that it’s not 3-free, so it contains a lot a bad chemicals that are not allowed anymore. The polish smells a bit more when you open the bottle but the formula is really good, it’s super easy to apply! Even though this polish is “bad” it’s too pretty not to use! And I don’t think wearing a ‘black label’ polish once in a while will do that much damage.

Let’s take a look at this beauty!

 Purple-opolis – OPI Greek isles collection

*From 2015 all new OPI polishes has a black label. So when polish geeks refer to the black label OPI’s we are referring to the old black labels that were made until around 2006 (I think). In-between the years the label have been a dark green color.

Throwback thursday: OPI Red my fortune cookie

Red my fortune cookie is one of my first OPI polishes. I actually can’t remember my very first one, but I know a few of my first OPI’s were Malaga wine, Manicurist of Seville, The thrill of Brazil and Red my fortune cookie.

This shade is perfect for spring seeing it’s a bright red polish and it’s also an old favorite of mine. But with a quite big collection it doesn’t get used that often anymore. I remember before I discovered the world of nail art I could use the same polish for weeks, a thing that doesn’t happen anymore! That was back when I almost exclusively only wore red polish and when the polish started to chip, I painted my nails with the same polish again. How boring!

Enough talking, let’s take a look at some pictures of the polish.

Red my fortune cookie – OPI Hong Kong collection 

Throwback thursday: OPI Fifty shades of Grey

I thought I’d start a new theme here on my blog and on my instagram; throwback thursday! Every thursday I’m gonna post pictures of polishes from old collections, or sometimes even whole collections. I think this will be fun for you, as you get to see what’s in my polish collection. But this also gives me a chance to swatch my (ever growing) stash.

First out is the Fifty shades of Grey collection from 2015, this collection was released a little over a year ago.


OPI Fifty shades of Grey – Cement the deal 

Cement the deal is a light grey polish that covers really good in just two coats. The formula is a bit thin, but it’s still easy to work with.

OPI Fifty shades of Grey – Embrace the gray

Embrace the gray is a bit darker compared to Cement the deal. If you compare the two bottles they look pretty similar, but on your nails you’ll see a much bigger difference. It’s easy to work with though the formula is bit thin, but you only need two coats.

  OPI Fifty shades of Grey – My silk tie

My silk tie is a silver metallic polish, and as with most metallic polishes you’ll see brush strokes on your nails. As long as they are straight I don’t mind (that much at least) and the formula of this polish is easy to work with, hence straight brush strokes. I have used two coats here and with top coat I think the brush strokes will smooth out a bit.

  OPI Fifty shades of Grey – Dark side of the mood

This is such a gorgeous grey polish and it’s my favorite from the collection. I must use this one more! The formula of Dark side of the mood is thin and a bit runny, but it’s still easy to paint with. I needed three coats for full opacity.

  OPI Fifty shades of Grey – Shine for me

Shine for me is a very pretty glitter polish, with blue and silver glitter. This one actually covers pretty good, for being a glitter. Here I used two thicker coats followed by one thin coat. The polish is easy to paint with even though it has a pretty thin formula.

  OPI Fifty shades of Grey – Romantically involved

Romantically involved is a gorgeous deep red with an amazing formula. Here I have used two coats but could get away with just one coat, because it covers really really good!

What do you think about this collection? Did you get it when it was released?