piCture pOlish autumn

This weekend piCture pOlish had a giveaway on their instagram page. To join the giveaway you had to post a ‘sweater swatch’ on instagram wearing your favorite piCture pOlish shade and your favorite sweater.

Even though I just got autumn, and yesterday was the first time wearing it, it is already a favorite. I have been wanting this shade for a while now, but it has always been out of stock at Pretty polish (my new favorite indie shop!). When I saw that autumn was in stock about a week ago, I got it right away. I’m actually really glad I got it now, during autumn, because it matches the season perfect with its beautiful colors and all the falling leaves.

I paired autumn with a long and cozy black knitted sweater and I think they’re a perfect match for fall. I wanted my picture to really feel autumnal, so I went out to match the polish and my nails with the falling leaves, just like the bottle says “falling leaves favorite season”. 🍂🍁

img_9530piCture pOlish – autumn

The winners of the giveaway won’t be announced until sunday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!