OPI Soft Shades Pastels 

Yesterday I got a lovely nail mail from OPI Sweden; the new soft shades collection. And now I finally have swatches to show you from this years pastels collection!

Igår fick jag ett fint paket på posten från OPI Sverige; den nya soft shades kollektionen. Och nu har jag äntligen swatches på årets pastell-kollektion att visa er! 

All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and are without topcoat.

Alla swatches är målade över ett lager baslack och de är utan topplack.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – It’s in the cloud

It’s in the cloud is a white polish with a grey/beige tone. The formula is a bit thick and it’s a bit tricky to apply the polish. I needed three coats to get full opacity.

It’s in the cloud är ett vitt lack med en grå-beige ton. Lackets formula är ganska tjockt och det är lite lurigt att applicera lacket. Jag behövde tre lager för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – This cost me a mint

This cost me a mint is a light mint green polish. I love colors like this one for spring! It is easy to apply and the formula is really good. You’ll only need two coats of this polish to get full coverage.

This cost me a mint är ett ljust mintgrönt lack. Jag älskar färger som den här till våren! Lacket är lätt att applicera och formulan är väldigt bra. Det räcker med två laget av detta lack för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – One chic chick

Finally a pale yellow polish from OPI, I have waited so long for a polish like this! One chic chick is pretty thin and runny, so be careful around your cuticles as this one tends to flood them! I used three coats to get full opacity.

Äntligen ett ljusgult lack från OPI, jag har väntat länge på ett lack i denna färg! One chic chick är ganska tunt och rinnigt, så var försiktig runt nagelbanden då detta lack lätt svämmar över dem. Jag målade tre lager för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – Stop it I’m blushing!

Stop it I’m blushing! is a light peach pink polish. It’s easy to apply and I needed three coats to get it opaque.

Stop it I’m blushing! är ett ljust aprikosrosa lack. Det är lättapplicerat och jag behövde tre lager för att få det heltäckande. 

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – It’s a boy!

As with One chic chick, I’ve been waiting for a baby blue polish like It’s a boy! from OPI too! I know that What’s with the cattitude? is the perfect light blue polish, but it’s so expensive now, since I didn’t get it when it was released. The formula of It’s a boy! is a bit thin, but it’s still easy to apply. I needed three thin coats to get full coverage.

Precis som med One chic chick har jag väntat på ett babyblått lack som It’s s boy! från OPI med! Jag vet att What’s with the cattitude? är det perfekta ljusblåa lacket, men det är så dyrt nu, eftersom jag inte köpte det när det släpptes. Formulan på It’s a boy! är lite tunn, men det är ändå enkelt att applicera. Jag behövde tre tunna lager för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – I am what I amethyst

I am what I amethyst is a pale purple polish with a dusty grey tone. The formula is really good and I only needed two coats for full coverage.

I am what I amethyst är ett ljuslila lack med en grå ton. Lacket har en bra formula och jag behövde bara måla två lager för att få det heltäckande.

Since I have started to swatch my collection on swatch sticks, I thought it’s about time to make use of them! I dug out similar colors to compare them with each other. No dupes, only a few similar polishes. But I haven’t swatched my entire collection yet, so maybe I have a few more polishes that are similar to these…

Eftersom jag har börjat swatcha min samling  på swatch sticks så tänkte jag att det är dags att få användning för dem! Jag letade upp liknande färger för att jämföra med varandra. Inga dupes, bara några som är ganska lika i färg. Men jag har inte swatchat hela min samling än, så jag kanske har några fler lack som är liknande dessa…

I really really like this collection. It’s so much better than previous soft shades collections in my opinion. Beautiful pastel colors that are perfect for spring and they are all opaque. Which polish did I end up wearing after swatching them all? Stop it I’m blusing!

Jag gillar den här kollektionen riktigt mycket. Den är så mycket bättre än tidigare soft shades kollektioner enligt mig. Vackra pastellfärger som är perfekt nu i vår och alla är heltäckande. Vilket lack valde jag att ha på mig efter att ha swatchat alla? Stop it I’m blushing!

Guest blog post for Snail vinyls

I was asked by Aveline (owner of Snail vinyls) to make a guest post for Snail vinyls blog. It is now up on their site, and you can check it out here!

Please let me know what you think about it and if you want me to make more posts like this in the future.

London shopping part 2

This weekend I was in London (again) with my boyfriend. It’s like the third time in six months… oops. We went to see The Last Shadow Puppets, but of course we had time for some shopping too. I actually found a lot of things (mostly polish), much more than I was planning on. I’m guessing you want to see what I bought!?

Of course we went to Lush to buy some more bath bombs and bubble bars! I love taking baths, so they will be used up pretty quick I think. I even got my boyfriend to pick out some stuff! The hotel room smelled like a mini Lush after our shopping there.

I found some really cheap China Glaze polishes, six full size bottles for £15 and six minis bottles for £5.

I think I went in to every Boots we passed to look for Starry starry night from Essie, but it was sold out everywhere. So when I found a mini pack with four of the polishes from the Retro revival collection (including Starry starry night) I knew I had to have it! I also found a mini pack with four of the Virgin snow winter collection polishes that I bought. They were both £10 each. I bought a duo pack with Bikini so teeny and the Gel setter top coat for £10 too. I have been wanting to try this top coat for a while, so I thought I’d give it a try now when I found it at such a good price. At the airport, right before we were going to our gate we walked by a Boots, so I went in one last time too look for Starry starry night. And I found it! Just this one bottle! They had ‘buy one, get one half price’ so I bought Haute tub from the winter collection as well. Total for these two polishes were £12, pretty ok.

I bought five OPI polishes for my mom. Polka.com, Baroque… but still shopping!, OPI with a nice Finn-ish, Primarily yellow  and Glitter off base coat. They were all £3 each.

I found most of the polishes at TK Maxx (OPI, China Glaze and Essie) and a few at Boots (Essie).

I almost forgot, but I went to Kiko where bought three polishes. 533, 261 and 271. And they were only £2,5 each.

I did not just buy polish, I found a Ciaté x Olivia Palermo Smoked out eyeliner for only £5. And I bought 2XU compression tights at Runners need. They were expensive though, but still cheaper than if I would have bought them in Sweden.

Then I got something for a friend, but she hasn’t got it yet. And I think she reads my blog so I’m not going to tell you what it is to ruin the surprise!

Ps. I also bought something that I’m planning on doing a giveaway with! I’m not gonna tell you what it is yet, but keep your eyes open on my Instagram page for a chance to win this amazing giveaway!

Throwback Thursday: OPI Glacier bay blues

I forgot to post last week, but this week I’m back and today I’m showing you yet another black label OPI; ‘Glacier bay blues’ from the 2004 Canadian collection.




img_7444Glacier bay blues – OPI Canadian collection (in sunlight)


img_7445Glacier bay blues – OPI Canadian collection (in light box)

It’s so beautiful and I’m so happy that the sun was out when I took these photos, because it really lets you see the beauty of this polish. The photos I took in my light box doesn’t do the polish justice, so I was unsure if really I wanted to include them. But you can see the color shifts in the polish better in those pictures so I decided to keep them after all.
The polish is easy to apply and I ended up wearing three coats, though I could have gone with just two, but the last coat gave a little more depth to the polish.

OPI Gargantuan green grape

Gargantuan green grape is a pretty special polish, because it is actually available in two different colors. There’s one green version and one blue version of this polish. That’s kind of crazy, right?

I got the green version first, and it is a pretty light green polish. And when I saw that there was a blue version of this polish too I started looking for it. I took some time to find though. One day last summer I went to Kicks (a beauty store in Sweden) and of course I went by the OPI shelf. I was not specifically looking for this polish, but since I had been wanting it for some time I got really excited when I saw a light blue polish, and this time I got lucky and found just this one! I haven’t seen it in any store since I found mine.

Let’s look at some swatches and compare the two versions of this polish. As you can see they are both called “Gargantuan green grape – NL B44”.



img_7430OPI – Gargantuan green grape (green version)

This polish is quite sheer and a bit runny. I needed three coats to get full coverage. I’m not wearing any top coat in these pictures.



img_7433OPI – Gargantuan green grape (blue version)

I have to say that formula vise these two polishes are pretty similar, as with the green version I needed three coats to get full coverage. No top coat in these pictures as well.

If I had to choose between the two colors I would pick the blue version of this polish. Just because light green polishes are much easier to find. I had to look really hard to find the blue one. And also because I think that we need more light blue/baby blue polishes! (Which we will get from OPI this spring, I’m so excited!)

Do you own this polish? If you do, which version of it do have?


Throwback Thursday: OPI Dress to empress

Here’s another black label polish from my collection. ‘Dress to empress’ is from the Japanese collection which was released in 2005. I got this polish earlier this week and wanted to wear it immediately and thought it would be perfect for throwback Thursday! It’s a beautiful coral red polish with micro glitter and I think this polish is perfect for spring. The polish is quite sheer, I’m wearing three coats in these pictures and I still have VNL (visible nail line). It’s actually more visible in person than in the pictures.


Kiss me on my tulips

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome it than with tulips and bright pink nails! Here I’m wearing ‘Kiss me on my tulips’ from the 2012 Holland collection, a gorgeous pink polish that gives me spring feeling!


One thing that bugs me is that the text on the bottle is smeared. I know that it doesn’t affect the polish but it affects the pictures with the bottle, it’s all I can see. So I hope you’ll overlook this. 

Is this beautiful polish a part of your collection?

What are your favorite polishes for spring? Please let me know in the comments!

Throwback Thursday: OPI Purple-opolis

This week I’m showing you a polish from the 2004 Greece isles collection called Purple-opolis. I’ve had this polish since sometime last spring, but the polish itself is much older than that. As you will see in the last picture this polish has a black label*. Which means it’s old and that it’s not 3-free, so it contains a lot a bad chemicals that are not allowed anymore. The polish smells a bit more when you open the bottle but the formula is really good, it’s super easy to apply! Even though this polish is “bad” it’s too pretty not to use! And I don’t think wearing a ‘black label’ polish once in a while will do that much damage.

Let’s take a look at this beauty!

 Purple-opolis – OPI Greek isles collection

*From 2015 all new OPI polishes has a black label. So when polish geeks refer to the black label OPI’s we are referring to the old black labels that were made until around 2006 (I think). In-between the years the label have been a dark green color.

OPI Soft Shades 2016: Pastels

This evening I stumbled upon this picture on Instagram and I got so excited! Pastels from OPI, so perfect for spring! After trying Depend’s Five shades of sorbet collection I just want to wear pastels on my nails all spring. So I’m really looking forward to these polishes!

 OPI Soft Shades collection (picture from Instagram)

It’s A Boy | This Cost Me A Mint | I Am What I Amethyst | One Chic Chick | Stop, I’m Blushing | It’s In The Cloud

The polishes I’m most looking forward to try is the baby blue, the pale yellow and the mint green. I have been looking for a perfect baby blue for such a long time and maybe this could be THE one. I have two blue polishes that are pretty good; Gelato on my mind and Gargantuan green grape (both in blue and green), and I would love to someday have What’s with the cattitude? but it’s so expensive. The pale yellow looks so pretty and I have no polish like this one in my collection, so I obviously need it!

From what I have found they should be available from April first, so in less than a month we’ll hopefully get to see more of them. I can’t wait to see if they dry matte or shiny and how many coats you’ll need with these. As soon as I get my hands on them I will show you more of this collection!

Update: Click here too see swatches!