United in pink

October is breast cancer awareness month and as you may have seen on my instagram I joined Lacky corner‘s United in pink week to raise awareness to breast cancer. I hope you like my pink manis and please don’t forget to check your boobs!

Here’s a recap of my week of pink nails:

Day 1: Pink ribbon inspired mani using polishes from this year’s pink collection from Essie.


Day 2: A pink dotticure using a bunch of OPI polishes.


Day 3: Pink holo with Red Taboo from Layla.


Day 4: Leopard heart gradient using OPI polishes.


Day 5: Kiss me on my tulips from OPI, one of my favorite pink polishes!


Day 6: DS Reflection from OPI.


Day 7: Simple pink ribbon nail art using bardot and rose from piCture pOlish.

Layla Hologram effect

I’ve always liked holo polishes, but recently I’ve becommed obsessed with them. I think it’s safe to say that I have become a holosexual! ✨

I recently bought two holos from Layla, a brand that is new to me. Let’s take a look at these beauties!

Layla  – 12 Red taboo

Wow, I mean just look at this beautiful polish. I’m in love! It is such a beautiful color and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. The only thing that I think is a bit misleading with this polish is the name, Red taboo, seeing that it is pink, not red.

img_3119Layla – 15 Misty blush

This one is so pretty too! This color is a bit darker so I think it will be perfect for autumn.

The formula was pretty much the same for both polishes. It was a bit runny, but still very easy to apply. I used three coats here in these pictures, but I could’ve managed with two coats, it was just a little bit patchy on some spaces. To get the best result you have to be really light handed and almost not touch the nail with the brush. Another reason that I used three coats is that they were so beautiful when I applied them that I just couldn’t stop!

Now I want to buy even more holos from Layla!