OPI Fiji | comparisons

As promised, here are my comparison swatches of the shades from the Fiji collection (except for I can never hut up which is pretty unique). I dug out the shades that I thought would be the most similar from my pretty big OPI collection. So if your wondering about a specific polish that I haven’t compared it too, either I don’t have it or they were not similar enough.


img_6492Do you sea what I sea? – I sea you wear OPI – Venice the party? – Yodel me on my cell

Here I’m wearing three coats of each shade. Do you sea what I sea is most similar too Vencie the party?, but it has more of a frosty and sparkly finish.


img_6493Suzi without a paddle – Sailing & Nail-ing – Gelato on my mind – It’s a boy!

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade, except for It’s a boy which I’m wearing three coats of. Suzi without a paddle is pretty much a dupe of It’s a boy!, though it covers better in fewer coats.


img_6494Is that a spear in your pocket? – Stay off the lawn!! – Amazon…Amazoff

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. I think you all will agree with me when I say no dupes here. Is that a spear in your pocket? is different and pretty and you should get it!


img_6495Super trop-i-cal-i-Fiji-istic – Keeping Suzi at bay – My pal Joey – Suzi says feng shui

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. Nope, no dupes here either. I think Super trop-i-cal-i-Fiji-istic is a beautiful royal blue polish that you must get, but how annoying is that name!? Try writing it a few times….


img_6496Coconuts over OPI – Don’t pretzel my buttons – Samoan sand – Pale to the chief

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. When we see all the bottles lined up next to each other they all look really similar, but once the polish is on the nails that is no longer that case.


img_6497Polly want a lacquer? – I’m gown for anything – Purple palazzo pants – You’re such a Budapest

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade, except for You’re such a Budapest which I’m wearing three coats of. I don’t have a dupe for Polly want a lacquer?, and this is my favorite shade from the collection, so I’d say that you should get it!


img_6498Exotic birds do not tweet – I just can’t cope-acabana – My twin Mimmy – Need sunglasses?

Here I’m wearing three coats of each shade. They pretty much all look like dupes on the photo. But in reality only Exotic birds do not tweet and My twin Mimmy are pretty much dupes. I just can’t cope-acabana is lighter and Need sunglasses? is darker and has more of a jelly finish.


img_6499No tan lines – Is mai tai crooked? – Orange you stylish! – Where did Suzi’s man-go?

Here I’m wearing three coats of each shade. No tan lines = no dupes.


img_6500Two-timing the zones – Look at my bow! – Shorts story – Kiss me on my tulips

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. Two-timing the zones and Shorts story is pretty much dupes, Shorts story is perhaps a little bit lighter. Since Shorts story is one of my go-to shades for floral nail art I would recommend you to get Two-timing the zones if you don’t already own Shorts story that is.


img_6501Getting nadi on my honeymoon – Small + cute = ♥ – Mod about you – Suzi shops & island hops

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. Getting nadi on my honeymoon is pretty much a dupe of Mod about you. I love both shades, so if you don’t have Mod about you, I think you should totally get one of the two!


img_6502Living on the bula-vard! – Aloha from OPI – My paprika is hotter than yours!

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. Living on the bula-vard! and My paprika is hotter than yours! are pretty much dupes, though MPIHTY has a bit of shimmer in it, but you can’t really see on the nails. Aloha from OPI is a little bit darker, but still pretty close to being a dupe.

I hope these swatches helped you in your decision of which shades to get. Please let me know in the comments which ones you’ll get and which ones you’ll skip out on (and why).

Next up is some nail art using shades from this collection, stay tuned for that!

Cherry blossoms

I love this time of year so much, especially when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. So I just had to make some nails to match the season! 🌸

The base is It’s a boy! from this year’s soft shades collection. I used How great is your Dane? for the branches, Mod about you and Shorts story to paint the flowers and You are so outta lime! for the leaves.



Of course I had to get a picture with my nails and a cherry blossom tree!

OPI Soft Shades Pastels 

Yesterday I got a lovely nail mail from OPI Sweden; the new soft shades collection. And now I finally have swatches to show you from this years pastels collection!

Igår fick jag ett fint paket på posten från OPI Sverige; den nya soft shades kollektionen. Och nu har jag äntligen swatches på årets pastell-kollektion att visa er! 

All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and are without topcoat.

Alla swatches är målade över ett lager baslack och de är utan topplack.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – It’s in the cloud

It’s in the cloud is a white polish with a grey/beige tone. The formula is a bit thick and it’s a bit tricky to apply the polish. I needed three coats to get full opacity.

It’s in the cloud är ett vitt lack med en grå-beige ton. Lackets formula är ganska tjockt och det är lite lurigt att applicera lacket. Jag behövde tre lager för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – This cost me a mint

This cost me a mint is a light mint green polish. I love colors like this one for spring! It is easy to apply and the formula is really good. You’ll only need two coats of this polish to get full coverage.

This cost me a mint är ett ljust mintgrönt lack. Jag älskar färger som den här till våren! Lacket är lätt att applicera och formulan är väldigt bra. Det räcker med två laget av detta lack för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – One chic chick

Finally a pale yellow polish from OPI, I have waited so long for a polish like this! One chic chick is pretty thin and runny, so be careful around your cuticles as this one tends to flood them! I used three coats to get full opacity.

Äntligen ett ljusgult lack från OPI, jag har väntat länge på ett lack i denna färg! One chic chick är ganska tunt och rinnigt, så var försiktig runt nagelbanden då detta lack lätt svämmar över dem. Jag målade tre lager för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – Stop it I’m blushing!

Stop it I’m blushing! is a light peach pink polish. It’s easy to apply and I needed three coats to get it opaque.

Stop it I’m blushing! är ett ljust aprikosrosa lack. Det är lättapplicerat och jag behövde tre lager för att få det heltäckande. 

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – It’s a boy!

As with One chic chick, I’ve been waiting for a baby blue polish like It’s a boy! from OPI too! I know that What’s with the cattitude? is the perfect light blue polish, but it’s so expensive now, since I didn’t get it when it was released. The formula of It’s a boy! is a bit thin, but it’s still easy to apply. I needed three thin coats to get full coverage.

Precis som med One chic chick har jag väntat på ett babyblått lack som It’s s boy! från OPI med! Jag vet att What’s with the cattitude? är det perfekta ljusblåa lacket, men det är så dyrt nu, eftersom jag inte köpte det när det släpptes. Formulan på It’s a boy! är lite tunn, men det är ändå enkelt att applicera. Jag behövde tre tunna lager för att få det heltäckande.

OPI Soft Shades Pastels – I am what I amethyst

I am what I amethyst is a pale purple polish with a dusty grey tone. The formula is really good and I only needed two coats for full coverage.

I am what I amethyst är ett ljuslila lack med en grå ton. Lacket har en bra formula och jag behövde bara måla två lager för att få det heltäckande.

Since I have started to swatch my collection on swatch sticks, I thought it’s about time to make use of them! I dug out similar colors to compare them with each other. No dupes, only a few similar polishes. But I haven’t swatched my entire collection yet, so maybe I have a few more polishes that are similar to these…

Eftersom jag har börjat swatcha min samling  på swatch sticks så tänkte jag att det är dags att få användning för dem! Jag letade upp liknande färger för att jämföra med varandra. Inga dupes, bara några som är ganska lika i färg. Men jag har inte swatchat hela min samling än, så jag kanske har några fler lack som är liknande dessa…

I really really like this collection. It’s so much better than previous soft shades collections in my opinion. Beautiful pastel colors that are perfect for spring and they are all opaque. Which polish did I end up wearing after swatching them all? Stop it I’m blusing!

Jag gillar den här kollektionen riktigt mycket. Den är så mycket bättre än tidigare soft shades kollektioner enligt mig. Vackra pastellfärger som är perfekt nu i vår och alla är heltäckande. Vilket lack valde jag att ha på mig efter att ha swatchat alla? Stop it I’m blushing!