OPI Brilliant & Plumping top coat

OPI recently released two new top coats, Brilliant and Plumping. Brilliant is a high-shine top coat and Plumping a volumizing top coat, they are both supposed to be fast drying.

I was really excited to try them since OPI is my favorite nail polish brand (as you may know). I bought mine on eBay before they were released in Sweden, and I thought that I would be able to review them before they would be available here. And then Seche Vive happened… which lead to me not painting my nails much at all for some weeks this summer.



OPI Brilliant and Plumping

I have tried them both now and here’s what I think about them.

OPI Brilliant

Brilliant is supposed to be a super shiny top coat, but I don’t think that it’s shinier than any other top coat I’ve tried. It’s very thin on the nail and I think that it took a long time for it to dry (for being a quick dry top coat). If you want a super shiny fast drying top coat I suggest that you try HK Girl from Glisten & Glow instead.

OPI Plumping

Plumping is supposed to be a volumizing top coat, and it actually feels a bit thicker than a regular top coat. The drying time is okay but not fast enough for being a fast drying top coat. It dries very glossy and looks good on the nails. But if you don’t have time to wait for your nails to dry completely and you want a plumping fast drying top coat I suggest that you try Gel setter from Essie instead.

Another thing that I don’t like with these top coats is the price, they’re really expensive. They retail for 205 kr instead of 155 kr (which is the ‘normal’ price for OPI polishes in Sweden), and they’re not worth it.

Sorry OPI, I really really like your products, but you are so much better than these two products!

Glisten & Glow HK Girl

If you’re part of the nail art community I bet you have heard of HK Girl, the holy grail of top coats for many. I have wanted to try it for a really long time, but it is not available in Sweden and shipping from the US is really expensive. So I’ve just stuck to Seche Vite.

This summer when I went to London I met up with Marta (@nailonthames) and she was kind to give me a few bottles of HK Girl (she said that I would want more than just one bottle, and she was right!). I have been using HK Girl since then and I’m hooked. I never want to be without it! It dries super fast and it is super shiny. I have used up almost half the bottle now and the polish is still good, it hasn’t turned thick. And best of all, it doesn’t shrink the polish when it dries like Seche vite and other fast drying top coats sometimes do.

img_7342Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Fast drying & super shiny clear top coat

Even though the shipping is expensive I will stick to this new favorite of mine. I’ll just make sure to buy a bunch at the same time to make it more economical.

Have you tried HK Girl? Do you like it too?