OPI California dreaming | comparisons

As I mentioned earlier this week here are my comparison swatches of the shades from the California dreaming collection (except for Don’t take Yosemite for granite that I didn’t have anything similar to). I took out the shades that I thought would be the most similar from my OPI collection. If you’re wondering about a specific polish that I haven’t compared it too, either I don’t have it or they were not similar enough.



Excuse me, big sur! – Humidi-tea

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They look pretty similar if you compare the bottles (except that Humidi-tea has shimmer in it) but they’re not that similar on the nails.



Barking up the wrong Sequoia – A great opera-tunity

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. They are almost dupes, Barking up the wrong Sequoia is just a little bit lighter than A great opera-tunity, but they’re similar enough to not need both.



Santa Monica beach peach – Can’t afjord not to – Hot & spicy 

Here I’m wearing two coats of each polish. Even though they looked pretty similar in the bottles they are not on the nails.



Malibu pier pressure – Kiss me I’m Brazilian – Flip flops & crop tops – Suzi nails New Orleans

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. Kiss me I’m Brazilian and Flip flops & crop tops are almost identical to Malibu pier pressure, so it’s not a vey unique shade of pink.



Time for a Napa – SPF XXX – Got myself into a Jam-balaya – Toucan do it if you try

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. The shades are similar, but not at all dupes.



Feeling frisco – Don’t pretzel my buttons – Pale to the chief – Samoan sand

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade except for Samoan sand which I’m wearing three coats of. They’re all very similar, and closest to a dupe is Pale to the chief.



GPS I love you – Apartment for two – Mad for madness sake – Don’t know… beets me!

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. This seems to be a very popular OPI shade, since I have four almost identical shades…



Me, myselfie & I – Aloha from OPI – Living on the bula-vard! – Live.Love.Carnaval

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade. I’d say that Me, myselfie & I and Aloha from OPI are pretty much dupes to Living on the bula-vard!



This is not whine country – Too hot pink to hold ’em – Madam President – Koala bear-y

Here I’m wearing two coats of Madam President and Koala bear-y, three coats of This is not whine country and four coats of Too hot pink to hold ’em. I was pretty sure that id have at least one dupe for This is not whine country, but it turns out I was wrong.



To the mouse house we go – Big apple red – Having a big head day – The thrill of Brazil

Here I’m wearing two coats of each shade except for To the mouse house we go which I’m wearing three coats of. To the mouse house we go is a jelly and is much brighter than the other shades.



Sweet Carmel Sunday – Worth a pretty penne – Brisbane bronze 

Here I’m wearing two coats of each polish. Worth a pretty penne has almost the same shade as Sweet Carmel Sunday, but they have different finishes so they’re not dupes.

I hope these swatches helped you in your decision of which shades to get. Please let me know in the comments which ones you’re planning on getting and which ones you’ll skip out on (and why)!



OPI Retro Summer

Finally I have this year’s summer collection from OPI. I’m so ready for summer right now!

Äntligen har jag årets sommarkollektion från OPI. Jag är så redo för sommaren nu!

img_1821OPI Retro Summer

All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and are without topcoat.

Alla swatches är målade över ett lager baslack och de är utan topplack.


img_1780OPI Retro Summer – Towel me about it

Towel me about it is a pale yellow creme polish. It is easy to apply and since the formula is a bit thin I needed three thin coast for it to cover completely. I have been waiting for a polish in this exact color for so long, and now I finally have one! This polish was one of my beforehand favorites, and after trying them all I have to say that I’ll stick to it being one of my favorites from the collection.

Towel me about it är ett ljusgult cremelack. Lacket är lätt att applicera och eftersom formulan är lite tunn så krävdes det tre tunna lager för att få det heltäckande. Jag har väntat på ett lack i exakt denna nyans så himla länge, och nu har jag äntligen ett! Detta lack var ett av mina förhandsfavoriter, och efter att ha testat alla så måste jag säga att jag får hålla mig till att det är ett av favoriterna från kollektionen. 


img_1784OPI Retro Summer – I’m getting a tan-gerine

I’m getting a tangerine is a soft orange creme polish. This one is also easy to apply and it covers completely in two coats.

I’m getting a tan-gerine är ett svagt orange cremelack. Detta lack är också lättapplicerat och det är heltäckande med  två lager.


img_1792OPI Retro Summer – SPF XXX

SPF XXX is a coral creme polish. It’s easy to apply and it covers in two coats. This is the color that my skin would have after a day in the sun without SPF, since I’m very pale. Remember to use SPF if you spend time in the sun, especially if you easily get sunburned like me.

SPF XXX är ett korallfärgat cremelack. Det är lätt att applicera och det är heltäckande med två lager. Den här färgen skulle jag ha efter en heldag i solen utan SPF, eftersom jag är väldigt blek. Kom ihåg att använda SPF om du spenderar tid i solen, speciellt om du lätt blir solbränd som jag.


img_1796OPI Retro Summer – Sailing & nail-ing

Silin & nail-ing is a lovley baby blue creme polish. The formula is pretty thin, but it still covers in just two coats. This one was aslo a favorite on beforehand and it doesn’t disappoint! After swatching the whole collection this is still a favorite along with Towel me about it.

Sailing & nail-ing är ett underbart babyblått cremelack. Formulan är ganska tunn, men det är ändå heltäckande med bara två lager. Detta lack var också en förhandsfavorit och det lever upp till förväntningarna. Efter att ha swatchat hela kollektionen är detta fortfarande en favorit tillsammans med Towel me about it.


img_1804OPI Retro Summer – What’s the double scoop?

What’s the double scoop? is a cute pale pink creme polish. It is easy to apply and it covers in two coats.

What’s the double scoop? är ett sött ljusrosa cremelack. Det är lätt att applicera och det är heltäckande med två lager. 


img_1809OPI Retro Summer – Flip flops & crop tops

Flip flops & crop tops is a bubble gum pink creme polish. It’s very easy to apply and you could get away with just one coat, I’m using two coats though.

Flip flops & crop tops är ett bubbelgumrosa cremelack. Det är väldigt lättapplicerat och man skulle kunna komma undan med bara ett lager, fast jag har använt två lager.


Which shade is your favorite?

Vilken färg är din favorit?