Depend Summer 2017

I have completely forgot to show you the summer news from Depend Cosmetics. I know they were released in the beginning of the summer, but I’m sure you’ll still be able to find them in stores and online. 


7day Riviera Glamour collection


O2 With love from Cuba collection


In the coral reef collection

A few days ago I got two of their new fall collections, but since it’s still summer I’ll show them to you later (in a few days or so). I don’t want summer to end just yet…

Depend 7day Neon attitude

A little over a week ago I got Depend’s new Neon attitude collection! The collection consists of seven neon polishes in their 7day formula. Some of the polishes are so neon that my camera barely could handle it!

To make the polishes pop I swatched them all over a white base. All polishes dry matte, so on my swatches I’ve added a glossy top coat to make them shiny and bright!


Shocking neon is a neon yellow polish and the color looks just like a yellow highlighter pen. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.


Knock out neon is a neon green polish. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.


Vivid neon is a neon red polish. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.


Crazy hot neon is a pink neon polish. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.


Zap up neon is a neon purple polish. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.


Electric neon is a blue polish. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.


Glow show neon is an orange neon polish. I’m wearing two coats over white, plus top coat.

I really, really like this collection, good job Depend! If you get the chance I definitely think you should pick up these polishes because they will be perfect this summer!

The Neon attitude collection is available from week 16, and the polishes retail for 39 sek.

Depend 7day The Language of Flowers

Hi there! I hope you’re ready to look at some new polishes today.
A few weeks ago I showed you Depend’s first spring collection of the year, called Eastern fusion. Today we are going to take a closer look at their 7day spring collection called The Language of Flowers.

img_9152Depend The Language of Flowers – Elegant jasmine

Elegant jasmine is a semi transparent light pink glitter polish with gold shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_9161Depend The Language of Flowers – Innocent daisy

Innocent daisy is a pealy shimmey polish that’s meant to be a topper. Here I’m wearing three coats. If you have shorter nails it could work on its own, but I’d rather wear it as the base for nail art or as a topper.

img_9163Depend The Language of Flowers – Beautiful orchid

Beautiful orchid is a purple polish with silver holographic glitter that covers in two coats.

img_9162Depend The Language of Flowers – Healing peony

Healing peony is a pink and gold shimmer polish. The formula of this polish is a lot thicker that the others, but thanks to that the polish is really easy to get a good coverage with in jut a few coats. Here I’m wearing two coats.

img_9153Depend The Language of Flowers – Caring tulip

Caring tulip is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9157Depend The Language of Flowers – Proud ginger

Proud ginger is a coral creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9156Depend The Language of Flowers – Delicate hibiscus

Delicate hibiscus is a coral pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9160Depend The Language of Flowers – Dramatic camelia

Dramatic camelia is a pinkish red creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9155Depend The Language of Flowers – Wisdom iris

Wisdom iris is a peachy cruelly that covers in three coats.

img_9154Depend The Language of Flowers – Honeysuckle love

Honeysuckle love is a pink polish with gold shimmer that covers in three coats.

img_9158Depend The Language of Flowers – Humble bluebell

Humble bluebell is a light blue creme polish that covers in three coats.

img_9159Depend The Language of Flowers – Majesty lily

Majesty lily is a purple creme polish that covers in two coats.


I think this is a really lovely collection with many beautiful shades that are perfect for spring. My favorite polish from this collection is purple holographic Beautiful orchid.


Lastly I have a floral nail art design that I created using Elegant jasmine and Dramatic camellia from the collection.

December 12 | Santa

We’re halfway to Christmas and for day 12 of 24 days of Christmas by Hanninator I made Santa nails!


For these nails I used Santa wishes and Christmas wonderland from Depend’s new Season Sparkle collection, as well as 031 and 039 from Depend. I’ve seen so many make these nails that I had to make them myself, I just think they are so cute!



Green polishes for Christmas 

Remember a few days ago when I said that last Christmas I was looking for a green glitter polish? Well this year I have quite a few to choose from.

Below I have gathered my favorite green creme, glitter and holo polishes for Christmas time! 🎄


A-England – Saint George
piCture pOlish – hercynia
Depend – 497
Cupcake Polish – Unbe-leaf-able
OPI – Christmas gone plaid
OPI – Stay off the lawn!
Depend – 496
China Glaze – Running in circles
Smith & Cult – Darjeeling darling
Depend – Under the mistletoe
Kiko – 533
piCture pOlish – glitch

Please let me know in the comments what your favorite green polish for Christmas is!

Depend 7day Season Sparkle

Yesterday I showed you one of Depend’s new holiday collections Rough Glitter and today I’m showing you the second one. Season sparkle consists of eight glitter polishes in the 7day formula.


img_2317Depend Season Sparkle – Under the mistletoe

Under the mistletoe is a green glitter polish that covers in two coats.


img_2333Depend Season Sparkle – Gingerbread disaster

Gingerbread disaster is a brown glitter polish with red and gold glitter that covers in two coats.


img_2325Depend Season Sparkle – Fill the stockings

Fill the stockings is a purple jelly polish with pink and blue glitter that covers in three coats.


img_2321Depend Season Sparkle – Santa wishes

Santa wishes is a red glitter polish that covers in two coats and it dries a little bit textured.


img_2306Depend Season Sparkle – Christmas wonderland

Christmas wonderland is a gold glitter polish that covers in two coats and it dries textured.


img_2310Depend Season Sparkle – Holiday spirit

Holiday spirit is a silver metallic polish with silver glitter that covers in two coats.


img_2329Depend Season Sparkle – The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a grey glitter polish with tiny holographic glitter that covers in two coats.


img_2337Depend Season Sparkle – Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories is a black glitter polish with tiny silver and holographic glitter that covers in two coats.


I really like this collection and I think that it’s perfect for the holidays! I’m sure I will use many of the polishes for Christmas themed nail art during the upcoming weeks. My absolute favorite from this collection is Under the mistletoe (the green).

Depend 7day Force of nature

Depend have quite a few collections coming out this fall, I’ve already showed you the Holo Fantasy collection and now it’s time for their 7day collection called Force of nature. I got eight polishes to review (out of 14 polishes) from this collection.

img_6747Depend Force of nature – 7094 Mother nature

Mother nature is a light brown creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_6751Depend Force of nature – 7096 Wild berries

Wild berries is a berry toned purple creme polish that covers in two coats. I love this shade!!

img_6749Depend Force of nature – 7098 Silent forest

Silent forest is a dusty green creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_6757Depend Force of nature – 7099 Falling leaves

Falling leaves is a rusty red crelly that covers in three coats.

img_6761Depend Force of nature – 7102 Nature’s lullaby

Nature’s lullaby is a gold,  copper and black glitter polish in a clear base that covers in three coats. The polish in my bottle was almost all dried up, the bottle neck was really messy, so I think that’s why. I tried to save it by pouring a LOT of Seche restore into the bottle and mix it together. It worked but the formulas is not good.

img_6753Depend Force of nature – 7103 Reflecting pond

Reflecting pond is a blue metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_6759Depend Force of nature – 7105 Secret wildfire

Secret wildfire is a dark vampy red metallic polish that covers in two coats.

img_6755Depend Force of nature – 7107 Wild & free

Wild & free is a red metallic polish that covers in two coats.


The polishes are available from week 35 and retail for 39 kr.

Depend 7day BFFs forever

Today I have even more new polishes to show you! This time Depend’s 7day summer collection called BFFs forever. (Which is Best Friends Forever forever, hmm…)

Idag har jag ännu fler nya lack att visa er! Denna gång Depends 7day sommarkollektion som heter BFFs forever. (Vilket är Best Friends Forever forever, hmm…)

To get the best result you should use the polishes together with 7day clenser, 7day base coat and 7day top coat.

Swatches are all painted over one coat of 7day base coat and without top coat (if not otherwise specified).

För att få bäst resultat så ska lacken användas tillsammans med 7day clenser, 7day base coat och 7day top coat.

Alla swatches är målade över ett lager 7day base coat och är utan topplack (om inte annat angivet).

Depend BFFs forever – 7085 IRL In Real Life

In Real Life is a beige polish with a grey tone. It’s really easy to apply and covers in two coats.

In Real Life är ett beige lack med en grå ton. Det är väldigt lätt att applicera och täcker vid två lager.

Depend BFFs forever – 7086 TLC Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving Care is sandy beige polish. Very easy to apply and I needed two coats.

Tender Loving Care är ett sandbeige lack. Det är väldigt lätt att applicera och jag behövde 2 lager.

Depend BFFs forever – 7087 XOXO Hugs & Kisses

Ok, so Hugs & Kisses doesn’t look like much in these pictures. It just looks like I’ve painted a base coat even though I’ve used thee coats of this polish. It’s a pink see-though polish with blue shimmer. Unfortunately super hard to get a picture of, and the sun wasn’t out when I took these pictures. Bases on these pictures this polish will not get a good grade, HOWEVER I think that it will be perfect over a black or a dark blue polish as a glitter topper!

Okej, Hugs & Kisses ser inte mycket ut för världen. Det ser bara ut som att jag har målat baslack och ändå har jag tre lager av detta lack. Det är ett rosa genomskinligt lack med blått skimmer. Tyvärr supersvårt att fånga på bild, och solen var inte framme när jag tog dessa bilder. Baserat på de här bilderna så får lacket inget högt betyg, MEN jag tänker mig att det kommer vara supersnyggt över ett svart eller mörkblått lack då lacket nog gör sig bäst som en topper!

Depend BFFs forever – 7088 FTW For the Win

For the Win is a beautiful pale pink polish that needs two coats for full coverage.

For the Win är ett fint ljusrosa lack som behöver två lager för att täcka helt.

Depend BFFs forever – 7090 YOLO You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once is a turquoise blue polish that dries semi matte. I used two coats and top coats in these pictures.

You Only Live Once är ett turkosblått lack som torkar halvmatt. Jag målade två lager och topplack på dessa bilder.

Depend BFFs forever – 7091 WYWH Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is a pale lilac polish that I think is gorgeous. This polish also dries semi matte, so I used two coats and top coat.

Wish You Were Here är ett ljuslila lack som jag tycker är superfint. Detta lack torkar halvmatt, så jag använde två lager och topplack.

Depend BFFs forever – 7092 NOTD Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day is a bright pink polish that also dries semi matte. I used three coats and top coat in these pictures.

Nails of the Day är ett rosa lack som också torkar halvmatt. Jag använde tre lager och topplack på dessa bilder. 

Depend BFFs forever – 7093 BFF Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever is a grey polish, which I don’t find very summer-y. It’s pretty but I don’t think it fits so well into the summer collection. It’s easy to apply and I needed two coats for it to cover.

Best Freiends Forever är ett grått lack, som inte är så värst somrigt enligt mig.  Det är fint men jag tycker inte att det passar så bra in i sommarkollektionen. Lacket är lättapplicerat och jag behövde två lager för att få det heltäckande.

I haven’t tried the 7day polishes before, so I can’t really say if they last for a week or not, but I look forward to trying them out.

The polishes will be in store in Sweden from week 16 and will retail for 39 kr.

Jag har inte testat 7day lacken innan, så jag kan inte uttala mig om de håller i en vecka eller inte, men jag ser fram emot att testa dem.

Lacken finns i butik från vecka 16 och kostar 39 kr/st.