Empties #8


Laura Mercier – Almond coconut milk hand & body créme

This hand creme is nice and moisturizing but the scent is pretty strong so it’s not for everyone. I’m not that sensitive about scents but I think that this one is a little bit too intense and it stays on the skin a little too long. I can wash my hands and the scent is still there. I like the scent, but I think that it stays too long.

Giorgio Armani – Sí eau de parfum

I got this tiny sample from Kicks online shop (why can’t we get samples in store?) and I probably wouldn’t have bought this perfume after just trying it once. It smells nice but I didn’t think that the scent suited me at first. After using it for a few days I started to really like the scent. I already have more perfumes than I need, so I don’t really need to get , but if I find it for a good price maybe I just might…

Urban Decay – All nighter makeup setting spray

This setting spray is really good (I’d say the best, but I’ve only used this one so I can’t really say that). It makes my makeup stay on longer and makes my skin less shiny.

By Terry – Mascara Terrybly

I haven’t really had a favorite mascara for a few years, since my old favorite was discontinued. I do have a lot of mini sized mascaras that I’ve gotten as gwp’s so I tend to try new ones often. I like the brush on this mascara even though I prefer mascaras with rubber brushes. It gives me long and pretty lashes, but it also gives me fallout at the end of the day. And the price is a bit too high for me to buy it in the original size, so the search for my new favorite mascara continues.

Estée Lauder – Advanced night repair

I’ve heard so many good things about this product, but I can’t really say that I agree. During the time I have used it I haven’t seen or felt any difference to my skin than usual. And the product is really expensive so I wouldn’t buy it.

Beauty favorites October

Here are my favorite beauty product from this past month!

L’Oréal – Elvital Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner

I have to say that I like everything about these two! They are cheap, you can find them at the supermarket, they smell nice and the hair feels really good after using them. Well ok, I know one thing that I don’t like and it’s that the conditioner is only 200ml instead of 250ml like the shampoo. Right now I have a bottle of shampoo with a lot of product left and a bottle of conditioner that is empty.

OPI – Black dress not optional

This black polish with shimmer is from OPI’s latest collection, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just got it and I have already used it several times in different manicures.

By Terry – Baume de rose

With the cold autumn weather my lips have started to get dry. Baume de rose is the best product I’ve tried to get nice and smooth lips. I only have to use it once a day to keep my lips happy.

Universal Beauty – Secret flush blush

This is actually the first creme blush I’ve tried and I really like it. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but together with a blending sponge the result looks really natural and pretty. This shade has a bit of a glow in it too.

Too Faced – Better than sex mascara

I got this mascara in May when I was in Barcelona, but it isn’t until recently that I have started to use it. The first time I tried it I didn’t like it, I thought the brush was really bad and it gave me spider legs. But then something happened the second time I used, it was really good and it has been since!

Empties #3

It’s that time again!? Well most of these products are travel sizes so I’m blaming it on them being so small…


Burt’s Bees – Coconut foot cream

This foot cream is really thick and moisturizing. It smells of coconut, which is really nice and a change from most foot creams since they smell of peppermint (why is that?). My feet have gotten really soft from using this, so I’m definitely gonna keep on buying it!

By Terry – Baume de rose

I have been using Baume de rose before, but not this bottle with an applicator. I actually prefer this container more, since it feels a bit more hygienic, rather than the jar. It is a bit expensive but it does wonder for your lips so I’m gonna keep on buying it. At first I was a bit sceptic to the rose scent, but I have actually started to like it.

The Body Shop – Shea body butter

Shea is one of my favorite scents from The Body Shop, I love the smell of it so much! I brought this travel size body butter with me to London and it lasts about a week.

Mineral Beauty System – Dead sea bath salt

Eucalyptus scented bath salt that leaves the water green. It smells really lovely and the minerals makes the skin feel really soft. Though I prefer bath bombs or bubble baths but once in a while it’s nice with a “simple” bath, and the smell is really nice.