Birthday recreations

This week has been so busy for me, I have had so much to do at work that I have barely had time to paint my nails let alone blog. I was planning to post this earlier but just didn’t have the time. As I mentioned in my last post I got two birthday collages from my sweet instagram friends. A total of 21 recreations of manis that I made, how crazy is that!?

I think all of them deserve some extra love, so let’s take a look at the manis!

themermaidpolishBy Fernanda @themermaidpolish

nailsonthamesBy Marta @nailsonthames

juliajorBy Julia @juliajor

nailsanatomyBy @nailsanatomy

lunaaaaaaticaBy Iva @lunaaaaaatica

nails4cocktailsBy Tadeja @nails4coctails

funnyviolettaBy Eva @funnyvioletta

praisethenailsBy Amanda @praisethenails

withnailsandiBy Cath @withnailsandi

baby_mama_nailsBy Rebecca @baby_mama_nails

lacklisaBy Lisa @lacklisa

lackmausBy Sabrina @lackmaus

_daisynails_By Daisy @_daisynails_

14553152_1167744063316624_3738584459243421696_nBy Klara @klara.nailart

vendelanailsBy Vendela @vendelanails

ells_nailartBy Ellen @ells_nailart

naturenailBy Ophelia @naturenail

nails_by_unixoBy Victoria @nails_by_unixo

By @turtle_nail_polish

nailsbyemmyhBy Emmy @nailsbyemmyh

Birthday nails

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22… or more like 27. Today is my birthday and of course I’ve made some birthday nails. I didn’t want to make a typical birthday mani, so I went for a more subtle design and ended up with negative space, dots and a bow. I think they turned out pretty cute and the bow reminds me of a gift.






I also have the best instagram friends you could ask for, today I woke up to the most amazing surprise. Not just one, but two birthday collages made by my sweet friends! 😍❤️😘 You guys are the best!!!