Essie Happy holidays

If you follow me on Instagram (@hanninator) you may have seen that I’ve posted what I got in my Essie advent calendar on my Instagram stories everyday. Unfortunately I’ve had some bad luck with this calendar, in nine days I got three doublets and one empty door. After four days of disappointment I decided to open it up and see what was really in it.


This is what I got in my calendar:

Resort fling (mini) x 2
Satin sister (mini) x 2
Mademoiselle (mini) x 2
Tassel shaker (mini)
Many many mani (sample)
Between the seats
Fringe factor
Steal his name
Mrs Always-right
Shades on
Color corrector for nails
Ridge filler
Sleek stick 09
Sleek stick 04
Essie cookie cutter
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Nail buffer
Makeup bag
Toe separators

After the first doublet (on day three) I emailed Essie (or rather L’Oréal since they own Essie) and they replied that I should take a photo of everything after I’ve opened all the doors and send it to them (I’ve emailed them now). They said that they would send me the polishes that I’m missing, but I’m still pretty disappointed with this calendar. It cost me 600 kr (60 €) and after seeing what was in it I can say that it’s so not worth it. The first two days was fun but after that it has just been a disappointment.

Had I known what was inside I wouldn’t have bought it. I mean have they ever heard of quality control!?

Also where I bought ( it it said that I would get Gel setter, but that was not in my calendar…