China Glace – Don’t desert me

I bought this polish called ‘Don’t desert me’ from China Glaze last fall, but I haven’t worn it until now. I wonder why, because it is truly gorgeous. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off my nails today, and that is a pretty good grade.

China Glaze – Don’t desert me

The formula of the polish isn’t that good, it’s pretty thin and runny. But it still covers good with just two coats. And with a polish this pretty the formula doesn’t really matter.

I just couldn’t make myself remove the polish after just one day (which I normally do), so I evolved the manicure with ‘Liquid leather’, moroccan stencils from Snail vinyls and dots.

  China Glaze – Don’t desert me + Liquid leather

I just love these nails and how simple it is to change a manicure with the help of stencils (and how pretty the result turns out)!

Depend O2 Mud mask

Now when it’s cold outside it’s important to remember to take care of your hands and nails. A product I love is this mud mask for nails from Depend.

Ever since this product was released I have used it once a week and I am already into my second one. You apply the mask on your nails and when the mask is dry (7-10 minutes) you massage it off with a cotton pad and then rinse with warm water. After just 10 minutes with this mask you can really see a difference on your nails! The nails are moisturized, the surface is much cleaner and in the long run the mask helps the nails to get strong and healthy.


This mask is perfect now during winter when it’s cold and your nails need a little extra love and care!

Have you tried this nail mask?

Swatch sticks

A few weeks ago I ordered some swatch stick from eBay. I got them last week, so this weekend I sat down to paint them. It actually didn’t take that long to paint all 51 sticks (I ordered 50 and got one extra!). I swatched the Hello Kitty collection, the Venice collection, 2/3 of the Starlight collection and a few selected shades just to compare them with some polishes from the Hello Kitty collection.

Now 150 additional swatch stick are on their way and when they are used up I’ll have to buy some more. I think I will have to take it in turns… and so far I’ve only thought about my OPI polishes. I use them the most and they are the ones I have the most of. I dare not say how many I have (in my ever growing collection). But it’s a lot, and if you put two and two together you have already figured out that I have more than 200. Crazy!!

OPI New Orleans SS16

In February OPI will release a new collection. I think it’s very near the Hello Kitty collection that they just released, but of course I look forward to new polishes! I don’t actually remember how close the 50 shades of Grey and the Hawaii collections from last year were, but maybe something like this year.

OPI New Orleans collection (Picture from Google)

Let Me Bayou A Drink | Humidi-Tea | Suzi Nails New Orleans | I Manicure For Beads | Spare Me A French Quarter? | She’s A Bad Muffuletta! | Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya | Crawfishin’ For A Compliment | Take A Right On Bourbon | I’m Sooo Swamped! | Rich Girls & Po-Boys | Show Us Your Tips!

The collection looks very spring-y and lovely and make me long for warmer and sunnier days! I think the green polish in combination with any of the brighter shades will be perfect for nail art, perfect if you want to paint flowers for instance. The polishes I look forward to trying the most (without having actually seen them) are I Manicure For Beads, Spare Me A French Quarter?, She’s A Bad Muffuletta!, I’m Sooo Swamped!, Rich Girls & Po-Boys and Show Us Your Tips!. I long so to see and try this collection and I should be getting them in about a week!

What do you think about OPI’s new collection on beforehand?


Say Hello Kitty!



IMG_4716OPI Hello Kitty – Say Hello Kitty!

Say Hello Kitty! is a beautiful light cerise polish with shimmer, it’s easy to apply and you only need two coats for full coverage. Since it’s a “Special edition shade” it’s a bit more expensive than the regular polishes, this one goes for around $26. I don’t really know if it’s really worth it, but I got it a bit cheaper from eBay, and I also wanted it just to have the whole collection. However it’s a very pretty shade and I don’t think I have any polish in this color from before.

Say Hello Kitty! är ett jättefint ljust ceriserosa lack med skimmer, det är lätt att måla med och två lager räcker för ett täckande resultat. Eftersom det är en “Special edition shade” så är det dyrare än ett vanligt lack, detta ligger på 225 kr. Egentligen är det nog inte värt pengarna, men jag köpte det lite billigare från eBay, och sedan ville jag ha det bara för att ha hela kollektionen. Hursomhelst är det ett väldigt fint lack och jag tror faktiskt inte att jag har något lack i denna nyans sedan tidigare.

I love taking baths!

In the beginning of this winter we got our bath tub back in the apartment, and it’s one of the best decisions we have made this winter. Ever since I have taken 2-3 baths every week, and it is so relaxing and calming.

This has given me the opportunity to try a few new products, but honestly I’m not that impressed with the supply. I can’t find as much as I was hoping to find. When I was a child I had a ton of different products, bath bombs, bath bulbs etc. (?) but I can’t find them anymore. The bath foams I have bought have been ok, but the bath bombs I’ve found have been useless!

This week I got a package with a bath foam from Rituals… that I bought when Bangerhead had their Christmas sale. It smells wonderful of white lotus and green tea, and I suspect it will be used up pretty quickly if I know myself.

IMG_4728Rituals Wu Wei calming cream bath

I want you to let me know your best bath products!

OPI Hello Kitty

About 3 weeks ago I got the entire Hello Kitty collection from OPI. I won the polishes in a competition on OPI Sveriges instagram page, as well as four other very talented girls. We actually got to be the first in Sweden to try this collection, pretty exciting!

För ungefär 3 veckor sedan fick jag hela Hello Kitty kollektionen från OPI. Jag, och fyra andra duktiga tjejer, vann lacken i en tävling på OPI Sveriges instagram. Vi blev de första i Sverige att få testa kollektionen, ganska häftigt faktiskt!



Let’s take a closer look of the collection. I did not use top coat over any of the shades, as you will see they are all pretty shiny!

Låt oss titta lite närmare på kollektionen. På bilderna har jag inget topplack över lacken och som du kommer se så är alla väldigt glansiga!



IMG_4806OPI Hello Kitty – Kitty White

This is a pretty sheer polish, and I needed three thin coats to get an even surface. As you see the nail line is still visible, so if you want full coverage you would have to use four coats.

Detta lack är ganska skirt och jag behövde tre tunna lager för att få ett jämnt resultat. Man kan fortfarande se kanten på nageln, så vill man ha det heltäckande måste man troligtvis ha fyra lager lack.



IMG_4805OPI Hello Kitty – Let’s be friends!

I didn’t think I would like this one as much as I do. It’s actually become one of my favorites from the collection. Here I used two to three coats, just to make sure it was all smooth and even.

Jag trodde inte att jag skulle gilla detta lack så mycket som jag gör. Det är faktiskt en av mina favoriter från kollektionen. Här har jag målat med två till tre lager, för att få ett jämnt och fint resultat.



IMG_4804OPI Hello Kitty – Charmmy & Sugar (over Let’s be friends)

Charmmy & Sugar is a sheer polish with small glitters in different colors. It looks amazing in the bottle. If you want to use it alone you will need quite a few coats, I put one coat over Let’s be friends! I’m sure it will look stunning over many of the other polishes as well.

Charmmy & Sugar är ett skirt lack med små glitter i olika färger. Det ser fantastiskt ut i flaskan! Vill man enbart ha detta lack på naglarna kommer det behövas ett antal lager lack för att få det heltäckande, jag målade ett lager över Let’s be friends! Tror att det kommer vara superfint över flera av de andra lacken med.



IMG_4803OPI Hello Kitty – Small + Cute = ♥

Small + Cute = ♥ is a pretty pale pink. It’s also super shiny by itself. I used three thin coats, but 2 “normal” coats will do the job just fine.

Small + Cute = ♥ är en fin ljusrosa färg som är superglansigt utan något topplack. Jag har målat tre tunna lager lack, men två “normala” lager lack skulle räcka.



IMG_4802OPI Hello Kitty – Look at my bow!

What can I say, other than I love this shade. Three thin coats that goes on nice and easy.

Jag älskar denna färg! Tre tunna lager som glider på lätt som en plätt.



IMG_4801OPI Hello Kitty – Spoken from the heart

A pink/red that is easy to paint and looks absolutely gorgeous. Two coats and look at that shine!

En superfin rödrosa färg som är lätt att måla med. Två lager lack och även denna är superglansig!



IMG_4800OPI Hello Kitty – Super cute in pink

The name is a bit confusing because it looks purple in the bottle, but on the nails it comes of a bit more pink. Though I would still call this shade purple rather than pink. However it is a gorgeous shade that I totally adore! I used three thin coats.

Namnet på detta lack är lite förvirrande, för det ser lila ut i flaskan, men på naglarna blir det faktiskt lite mer åt det rosa hållet. Fast jag skulle ändå kalla denna färgen mer lila än rosa. Hursomhelst är det en vacker färg som jag fullkomligt älskar! Jag har målat tre tunna lager här.



IMG_4799OPI Hello Kitty – 5 apples tall

Yes, a red polish! Don’t get me wrong I loove all pink polishes in this collection, but red is always red. And I love all kind of reds! This is almost a OCW (one coat wonder) but I went for two coats, just to make sure it’s even and smooth.

Ja, ett rött lack! Missförstå mig inte nu, jag älskar alla rosa lack i denna kollektionen, men rött är alltid rött. Och jag älskar röda lack! Lacket är nästan heltäckande vid ett lager, men jag målade två lager för att vara på den säkra sidan.



IMG_4798OPI Hello Kitty – My twin Mimmy

Didn’t like this polish that much at first, it just didn’t look right against my skin tone. But I think this color is growing on me, and it will work just fine for nail art. This is the only polish in this collection that wasn’t super easy to paint with, so I had to use three coats.

Till en början gillade jag inte detta lack så mycket, jag tyckte inte att det gick så bra ihop med min hudton. Men jag har börjat gilla det mer och mer, och det kommer passa perfekt till nail art. Det här är det enda lacket i kollektionen som inte är superlätt att måla med, så jag behövde tre lager för att få det heltäckande.



IMG_4797OPI Hello Kitty – My pal Joey

A blue polish that I think look so much better on everybody else I’ve seen swatching it. Two easy coats.

Ett blått lack som jag tycker ser så mycket snyggare ut på alla andra som jag sett swatcha det. Det var lätt att måla med i alla fall, två lager räcker.



IMG_4796OPI Hello Kitty – Starry-eyed for dear Daniel

The star of the collection? I think so. This is also the polish I was most excited to try, and it did not disappoint. I used 3 coats.

Kollektionens stjärna? Japp det tycker jag! Det här lacket såg jag mest fram emot att testa, och det gör mig inte besviken. Jag har målat tre lager här.



IMG_4795OPI Hello Kitty – Never have too mani friends!

Ahh.. a super shiny black, that is easy to paint with and covers pretty good in just one coat. I used 2 thin coats though.

Ett superglansigt svart lack som är lätt att måla med och täcker bra redan vid ett lager. Jag har målat två tunna lager.

IMG_3969OPI Hello Kitty collection