IsaDora Autumn Rebels

This fall IsaDora released a new collection in their gel lacquer formula, the polishes are supposed to last on the nails for a week. It’s the first time I’m trying the gel lacquers and I’ve only swatched them so I can’t say how long they last on the nails. But I can say that the formula of the polishes are really good, they were super easy to apply!

The collection consists of ten shades and two top coats, one glossy and one matte. I got to try six of the shades and the top coats. All shades are new except 221 Iced coffee.

I’ve swatched the polishes with both the regular Gel Top Coat and the Matt Gel Top Coat.


img_0867IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 221 Iced coffee

Iced coffe is a gry-ish brow polish with silver shimmer that covers in two coats.


img_0869IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 262 Vagabond

Vagabond is a dark brown creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_0871IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 262 Boho blossom

Boho blossom is a tomato red creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_0873IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 263 Rhapsody red

Rhapsody red is a red polish that covers in two coats, though I still have a little bit of VNL.


img_0875IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 267 Haute hippie

Haute hippie is a purple polish with red shimmer that covers in two coats.


img_0877IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 269 Blue velvet

Blue velvet is a dark blue polish with blue shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_0878IsaDora Gel Nail Laquer + Gel Top Coat

img_0879IsaDora Gel Nail Laquer + Matt Gel Top Coat

IsaDora Twist-up matt lips

With the lastest mail from IsaDora I got not only nail polish but some makeup news too, Twist-up matt lips in 67 Dark Velvet and Sculpting liner in 66 Mulberry.

img_9893Twist-up matt lips & Sculpting lipliner

I don’t use colorful lipsticks that often even though I really like it when I do. Since I don’t use lipsticks that often I’m not super good at applying them, and the more colorful the harder they are to apply.
When I use lipsticks I usually go for light or nude colored lipsticks (MLBB shades) and you don’t have to be super precise with the application then. This lipstick was easy to apply, and even easier after using the lipliner first.


I didn’t wear the lipstick for that long, but I have a feeling that it will stay on the lips for many hours and still look good (since it was really hard to remove). I really like this shade but I would also like to try the Twist-up matt lips in another shade that is more wearable on a daily basis.

IsaDora Black & White

This fall IsaDora is going for black and white with their new makeup collection Black & White – The monochrome look. The collection consists of a matte fixing powder, an eyeshadow palette, a black and a white eyeliner, lipsticks, mascara and nail polish. I got the nail polishes so that’s what I’m gonna show you today!

img_9419191 Black lacquer – 685 White china – 641 Femme fatale

img_9472IsaDora – 191 Black lacquer

Black lacquer is a black creme polish that covers really well in just one coat. The brush I got was not good which made it hard to apply the polish, so I had to use two coats for it to cover completely. If it had been a regular non faulty brush I think I could’ve gone for just one coat.


As you can see this brush is not ideal to paint with, so I had to cut away some of the pointy bristles. The bottom of the brush is not even and that made it a bit more difficult to work with.

img_9474IsaDora – 685 White china

White china is a white creme polish that covers in two coats. Guess what, I got a bad brush here again. I mean what are the odds!? After som alteration to the bristles it was okay to paint with.


This brush had some pointy bristles too, but I could actually just pull them out. And after that the brush was fine to work with.

img_9473IsaDora – 641 Femme fatale

Femme fatale is a red creme polish that covers in two coats, though I still have a little VNL, so maybe I should’ve done three coats. No problem with the brush from this polish, yay!!


I knew right away what nail art to make with these polishes, a monochrome houndstooth design with a red accent nail. And they turned just the way I wanted them too!


To make the houndstooth pattern I used stencils from Snail vinyls.


Tropical nails

I made this mani for a contest IsaDora is having on their Instagram where you can win their whole Jelly Pop collection. You were supposed to post a colorful picture of your favorite IsaDora polishes and of course I had to make a mani with them too. Whether or not I win, I love how they turned out!


The polishes I chose for this mani (and my current favorites from IsaDora) are White China, Tropical Fuchsia and Poseidon. I used the polishes together with the stamping plate Tropical 13 from MoYou London and their new Crystal clear stamper.


I’m glad the thumb is in this picture, it turned out so good.


A close up because I know you want more of this mani! 😉

IsaDora Summer Nails


This year’s summer collection from IsaDora is inspired by the colors of the rain forest. All polishes in this collection are wonder nails polishes, and I think that I have finally started to become friends with their wide brush.

img_2042IsaDora Summer Nails – 182 Summer Red

Summer red is a crelly polish. Its easy to apply but you need a few coats to get it to cover completely. I used three coats, and I still have visible nail line.

img_2023IsaDora Summer Nails – 513 Ocean Drive

Ocean drive is a mint green creme polish with shimmer. The shimmer is unfortunately not that visible on the nail, but its still a very pretty polish. It is easy apply and is almost a one coater. I used two coats though.

img_2028IsaDora Summer Nails – 515 Pink Glow

Pink Glow is a gorgeous hot cerise metallic polish. The formula is really good to work with and it covers in two coats.

img_2026IsaDora Summer Nails – 527 Tropical Fuchsia

Tropical Fuchsia is a cerise creme polish. The formula is a bit thick and tricky to apply and it covers in two coats.

img_2017IsaDora Summer Nails – 531 Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls is a pearl shell colored metallic polis. It is very easy to apply and it covers very well in two coats. However you’ll get brushstrokes when applying this polish.

img_2019IsaDora Summer Nails – 532 Sea Shell

Sea Shell is a pale pink metallic polish with shimmer. A very cute and romantic polish that is easy to apply and covers in two coats.

img_2021IsaDora Summer Nails – 533 Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a baby blue metallic polish withe fine shimmer. It is easy to apply and it covers in two coats.

img_2034IsaDora Summer Nails – 535 Maritime

Maritime is a royal blue creme polish. Depending on your application technique you could get away with just one coat. I used two easily applied coats.

img_2030IsaDora Summer Nails – 536 Sunny Days

Sunny Days is a bright orange creme polish. It is easy to apply and covers in two coats. I think this polish will look really good with a tan.

img_2032IsaDora Summer Nails – 538 Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun is a bright red creme polish. It is easy to apply and almost a one coater. But as you know, I always use two coats to get more depth in color. I love colors like this one, especially in the summer.


My favorites from this collection is the mint green polish Ocean Drive and the hot cerise polish Pink Glow.

IsaDora Sunkissed

Earlier this week I got some news from IsaDora, two polishes and one lipgloss from their new collection called Sunkissed. This collection includes bronzing make-up, to make you look tan I guess, too bad I’m so pale and haven’t gotten a tan yet. Maybe I should’ve waited to use the polishes until after Barcelona, because today me and my boyfriend are going to Barcelona and we’re staying until Friday. Hopefully the weather is good and maybe I’ll get a little tan.
Anyway, I used the polishes together with some moroccan stencils from Whatsupnails to make a summer-y look, I hope you like them!




img_0524IsaDora Sunkissed – 529 Sunkissed & 530 Peach on the beach

529 Sunkissed is a gold-champagne metallic polish with small copper glitter pieces. It’s pretty sheer and the formula is good. I needed three coats for it to cover completely.

530 Peach on the beach is an orange polish with red shimmer. The formula is pretty much the same as Sunkissed’s. I needed three coats for it to cover completely.

IsaDora Jeanious

IsaDora recently released a new collection called Jeanious. The collection consists of six jeans inspired polishes with different finishes. I’m kind of obsessed with blue polishes at the moment so this collection is just in my taste!

IsaDora släppte nyligen en ny kollektion som heter Jeanious. Kollektionen består av sex jeans-inspirerade nagellack med olika finish. Jag är lite smått besatt av blåa lack för tillfället så den här kollektionen är precis i min smak!

All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and are without top coat.

Alla swatches är målade över ett lager baslack och är utan topplack.

img_9327IsaDora Jeanious – 833 Bootcut (Velvet matt nails)

Bootcut is a dark blue polish that dries matte. It’s easy to apply and it covers in two coats.

Bootcut är ett mörkblått lack som torkar matt. Det är lätt att applicera och det täcker med två lager.

img_9328IsaDora Jeanious – 832 Flared (Velvet matt nails)

Flared is a light blue polish with shimmer that dries matte. This one needs three coats for full coverage.

Flared är ett ljusblått lack med skimmer som torkar matt. Detta lack kräver tre lager för att täcka helt.

img_9329IsaDora Jeanious – 136 Rugged wear (Sugar nails)

Rugged wear is a shimmery textured polish. The formula is good and it covers in two coats.

Rugged wear är ett skimrande lack med textur. Formulan är bra och det täcker med två lager.

img_9330IsaDora Jeanious – 525 Hot legs (Wonder nail)

Hot legs is a dark blue metallic polish that is so gorgeous! It’s very easy to apply and it covers in two coats.

Hot legs är ett mörkblått metalliskt lack som är så fint! Det är väldigt lätt att applicera och det täcker vid två lager.

img_9331IsaDora Jeanious – 524 Slim fit (Wonder nail)

Slim fit is a super shiny bright blue polish and this color makes me happy! It’s easy to apply and covers in two coats.

Slim fit är ett glänsande klarblått lack och den här färgen gör mig glad! Det är lätt att applicera och täcker med två lager.

img_9332IsaDora Jeanious – 523 Stone washed (Wonder nail)

Stone washed is a light blue polish that’s also super shiny. It’s easy to apply and the formula is good. It covers in two coats.

Stone washed är ett ljusblått lack som också är väldigt glänsande! Det är lätt att applicera och formulan är bra. Det täcker med två lager.