Birthday recreations

This week has been so busy for me, I have had so much to do at work that I have barely had time to paint my nails let alone blog. I was planning to post this earlier but just didn’t have the time. As I mentioned in my last post I got two birthday collages from my sweet instagram friends. A total of 21 recreations of manis that I made, how crazy is that!?

I think all of them deserve some extra love, so let’s take a look at the manis!

themermaidpolishBy Fernanda @themermaidpolish

nailsonthamesBy Marta @nailsonthames

juliajorBy Julia @juliajor

nailsanatomyBy @nailsanatomy

lunaaaaaaticaBy Iva @lunaaaaaatica

nails4cocktailsBy Tadeja @nails4coctails

funnyviolettaBy Eva @funnyvioletta

praisethenailsBy Amanda @praisethenails

withnailsandiBy Cath @withnailsandi

baby_mama_nailsBy Rebecca @baby_mama_nails

lacklisaBy Lisa @lacklisa

lackmausBy Sabrina @lackmaus

_daisynails_By Daisy @_daisynails_

14553152_1167744063316624_3738584459243421696_nBy Klara @klara.nailart

vendelanailsBy Vendela @vendelanails

ells_nailartBy Ellen @ells_nailart

naturenailBy Ophelia @naturenail

nails_by_unixoBy Victoria @nails_by_unixo

By @turtle_nail_polish

nailsbyemmyhBy Emmy @nailsbyemmyh

Birthday nails

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22… or more like 27. Today is my birthday and of course I’ve made some birthday nails. I didn’t want to make a typical birthday mani, so I went for a more subtle design and ended up with negative space, dots and a bow. I think they turned out pretty cute and the bow reminds me of a gift.






I also have the best instagram friends you could ask for, today I woke up to the most amazing surprise. Not just one, but two birthday collages made by my sweet friends! ūüėć‚̧ԳŹūüėė You guys are the best!!!





IsaDora Twist-up matt lips

With the lastest mail from IsaDora I got not only nail polish but some makeup news too, Twist-up matt lips in 67 Dark Velvet and Sculpting liner in 66 Mulberry.

img_9893Twist-up matt lips & Sculpting lipliner

I don’t use colorful lipsticks that often even though I really like it when I do. Since I don’t use lipsticks that often I’m not super good at applying them, and the more colorful the harder they are to apply.
When I¬†use lipsticks I usually go for¬†light or nude colored lipsticks (MLBB shades) and you don’t have to be super precise¬†with the application then. This lipstick was easy to apply, and even easier after using the lipliner first.


I didn’t wear the lipstick for that long, but I have a feeling that it will stay on the lips for many hours¬†and still look good (since it was really hard to remove). I really like this shade¬†but I would also like to try the Twist-up matt lips in another shade¬†that is more wearable on a daily basis.

HH Simonsen

HH Simonsen is a brand that is new to me. I first heard of it when I was in Stockholm about a month¬†ago and got to try Mickis wet brush.¬†I have heard about these brushes that are supposed to work really well with wet hair, but I didn’t think that they would work. Well I guess I was wrong. Meet my new best friend, the wet brush!

img_4297-1img_4298-3HH Simonsen – Wet brush + Hair cuddles

I have no idea what’s different with it from other brushes, because it looks just like any brush, but it works great with long hair (as I have).

I’ve also got some hair cuddles from HH Simonsen that are supposed to be more gentle to your hair than regular hair ties. They are easy to remove without getting tangled up in you hair, which is great. They work with my hair if I want to put it up in a bun, but not if I want to wear¬†a ponytail. Since my hair is very thick and long, it is also very heavy. Unfortunately these hair cuddles won’t hold my hair as tight as I want it in a ponytail. But if you have shorter and not as thick hair as I do I think they will work better.

A trip to Stockholm and a visit at Presskontakterna beauty

Last Wednesday morning¬†¬†I took an early train to Stockholm to visit my friend¬†Mickis! We’ve known each other for about 2 years via Instagram and this was the first time we met in person. I had such a nice time and time went so quickly, I really hope we meet up again soon! ūüėė

I arrived in Stockholm at lunchtime and we spent the day shopping in the city and later we went to Mall of Scandinavia. On Thursday we went back into the city to visit more stores and the PR agency Presskontakterna.

Here are some picture from Presskontakterna’s beautiful office.


Peter Thomas Roth heaven! I love their face masks, especially the Irish mud moor mask.



Beautiful skin¬†products from Rituals…



So many beautiful polishes from Smith & Cult! I wouldn’t mind adding¬†Vegas post apocalyptic¬†(previous picture, top right) to my collection, it’s such a pretty holo glitter polish.


Polishes from the Swedish makeup brand Makiash.


Polishes and eyeshadows from Rituals… I actually didn’t know that they had so much makeup, but now I’m curious!


I love how they matched the Yves Rocher lip crayons with the nail polishes.


Mickis enjoying the lovely¬†summer weather at Presskontakterna’s terrace.

I was not prepared for a day out in the sun so I did not put on any sunscreen on my body (I always put¬†it on my face before I go out). Luckily Presskontakterna had a Sun protection body oil¬†from Rutials… and were kind enough to lend me some. I really liked the product because it didn’t feel oily and sticky and it had a lovely smell, unfortunately I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

I didn’t go away from them empty handed, I got a bag full of beauty products to try out. Many of them were polishes,¬†unfortunately my nails are not feeling that good right now so I don’t know when I’ll be able to try them, but I hope it will be soon! Until then I have a lot of beauty products to try out, so I don’t think the blog will be quiet.

Midsummer nails

Today we celebrate midsummer in Sweden. It’s a day where¬†we eat herring, early potatoes, strawberries, drink schnapps, play games and dance around the maypole.

I made some midsummer appropriate nails where I pained seven kinds of flowers. Because if you pick seven different flowers on midsummer’s eve and put them under your pillow you are supposed to dream about the one you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with!

The base is Let’s be friends! from the Hello Kitty collection. The flowers are painted with a bunch of other OPI’s.





I think that the thumb nail turned out the best, too bad that you can’t see it in most photos.


I had to go out to pick some flowers to put under my pillow… Just kidding, I have already found the one I want to¬†spend my life with! But the picture turned out pretty good¬†for the occasion.

Glad midsommar! / Happy midsummer to you all!

Barcelona shopping

I did do some shopping in Barcelona, mostly at Sephora because unfortunately I don’t live close to a Sephora store. Please start a web shop soon, or open a store in my town!


When I saw these ugly/cute sheet masks I could not not buy them. I love face masks and these were too funny not to buy. And at the counter I found a mini mask set from Peter Thomas Roth and it just slipped into my basket. I have a few masks from the brand and the Irish Mud Moor mask is my favorite, so I’m looking forward to trying out these new ones! The mini size is perfect when you travel too.


How cute is the Panda hand cream from Tony Moly!? It was maybe a bit expensive because it doesn’t contain that much, but it’s so fricking cute so it’s ok. At the airport I got a new hand cream from Essie, I love the smell and feel of it. Read more about it here.


I have been wanting this Chocolate bar palette since it was released, and now I finally bought it (I almost bought it last time in London, so it was about time). And than I found this box with mini sized products from Too Faced. I’m looking forward to trying them out, especially the Better than sex mascara.


At Sephora I bought the Kat Von D products. I’ve already tried the eyeliner a few times and I like it so far! At the airport I got a lip and check kit from Benefit, I almost got a similar kit at the airport in London one of my last times there, so it was about time I got it now (again).


At Primor I found a few OPI’s that I didn’t already have, It’s a girl, Barefoot in Barcelona and Next stop… the bikini zone.

So I have a few new beauty products to try out now! Though I must admit I’m not that¬†excited to try them out now when it’s like 27 degrees C outside at the moment… Not that I’m complaining, but I just don’t feel like wearing a bunch¬†of makeup then.

Barefoot in Barcelona

This week I was on vacation in Barcelona! It was my first time in the city and my¬†first time in mainland Spain, previously I’ve only been to the Canary Islands. Me and my boyfriend had a lovely vacation and I thought I’d share som pictures from it.

When you’re on vacation you have to have nails that match the destination. Since I didn’t have Barefoot in Barcelona¬†from OPI from before I got it while I was in Barcelona. Here you see Barefoot in Barcelona,¬†in¬†Barcelona! In the background you can (almost) see Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar.


We went to Playa de la Barceloneta and had some sangria! This cava sangria was one of the best on our trip.


My nails and the beach! This picture is also from Playa de la Barceloneta.


On Tuesday night went to Palau Sant Jordi to see Adele! Amazing woman, amazing voice, amazing show. Thanks for the amazing christmas gift babe!


We had some tapas at Cervecería Catalana. The sangria was really good, and so was the food and the dessert. Creme catalana is always a good idea!


On Thursday night it was time for another concert, this time Coldplay! So we went up to Montju√Įc again, to Estadi Ol√≠mpic Llu√≠s Companys, which is located right next to Palau Sant Jordi. This show was amazing too! Everybody got Xylobands that would light up in different colors synchronized to the music. It was so cool to see and they made the show so much more fun and special!

Aside from these pictures we walked around in the city a lot. We did some shopping, beauty and nail polish for me and vinyl for my boyfriend. And on our last day before going home we went on a tourist bus that got us around the city sightseeing.