CND Chic Shock

Hi everyone! Today we’re gonna take a closer look at CND’s new spring collection called Chic Shock. The collection consists of four bright pastel shades that are inspired by the South Korean k-pop culture.


As you can see the bottles have gotten a makeover, I think this new design looks very luxurious and stylish!

The Vinylux polishes all have a built in base coat and there is a special Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to make the manicure last for 7 days. My swatches are painted on bare nails and finished with one coat of the Weekly Top Coat.


Candied is a light pink creme polish that covers in two coats.


Taffy is a light blue creme polish that covers in two coats.


Jellied is a light yellow creme polish that covers in two coats.


Gummi is a light lilac creme polish that covers in just one coat! (Though I’m wearing two in this picture)

I also did some nail art designs using these polishes.


Here I used all four shades plus a white special topper, Spot it White from Dance Legend, to create a mix between a smoosh and fluid nail art. I think they’re quite fun to make and every nail always turns out unique!


I’m glad to report that these polishes water marble, and quite well I should add. I started with a white base (CND Creme puff) to make the water marble pop and finished with a holographic top coat for some extra sparkle.


For my last design I used Gummi, Jellied and Candied to create this wave-y design. The design is actually inspired by a pedicure on the press info that I received with the polishes.

I really, really like this collection! The shades are perfect for spring and I’m really impressed with how pigmented they are for being such light shades.


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