Nicole Diary Stamping polishes

Today I have swatches of stamping polishes from Nicole Diary. A while ago I showed you a gold stamping polish from them (you can find that post here), and this time I have tried four other shades.



First out I have their white stamping polish NS01. It is super easy to pick up and covers really well over black!



Next is their black stamping polish NS02. It’s very pigmented and it picks up perfectly from the plate!



Next up is their green stamping polish NS12. This is such a beautiful and bright green shade that covers well both over white and black!



The last polish I have is their pink stamping polish NS08. It’s a bright lovely shade that covers well over white, but is a little light over black.



I also used all four polishes for this nail art design. I think they work really well together and I am very pleased with how this mani turned out!

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