Whats up nails Alchemy powder

Hi guys, how are you? I haven’t been very active here lately, but I’ve just been so busy with work.

To compensate for my absence I have something really cool to show you today, chrome nail powder! You may have seen these powders all over Instagram last year. When they hit the market we were told that you could only use them with gel polish, otherwise the chrome finish would be ruined. I have used gel polish previously, but I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to it, and I wouldn’t want to risk the health of my nails by trying it again. But recently I learned that the powders work with regular polish too, just as long as you use them with a water based top coat.


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lena from Whats up nails, asking if I wanted to try some of their new products (of course I said yes!). One of the things I got was the Alchemy Powder, and obviously I had to try it immediately!


Isn’t the result just magical!? I could stare at my nails for days!

Here’s how I applied the powder using regular polish:

1. Apply a base coat. I used Ridge filler from Essie to get a smooth surface. I know from experience that any imperfections will show up when you use chrome polishes.

2. Paint your nails with a black polish. Black is what Whats up nails recommend, but other colors will work too, though I think the result won’t be as intense over a lighter polish. I painted my nails with two coats of Lady in black from OPI.

3. Apply a top coat. I used Gel Setter from Essie to get a smooth and glossy finish.

This step is not necessary, you can skip it. I used top coat to get smooth surface but applying one more coat of polish also increases the drying time.

4. To protect the skin around my nails I used Cuticle protectors from Born Pretty Store.

5. After letting the top coat dry for approximately 2-3 minutes (just so it’s dry to the touch) I started applying the powder, and a little goes a long way!! You don’t need much powder at all, so make sure that you don’t use too much.

6. Gently buff the powder on your nails using your finger. The more you buff, the better it looks, so give it some time.

7. When I was happy with the result I took a fan brush and gently swept it over the nails to remove any leftover powder.

8. Time for top coat! This is the step where it all can go wrong, so make sure that you use a water based top coat, otherwise the mirror finish will be ruined. I used Secret top/base coat from Little Ondine.


The wear time when you use powders with regular polish is not that long, but I don’t mind since I change my nails almost every day anyway. I will continue experimenting with powders and see what combination will work best for me!

What do you think of this duo chrome look? And have you tired any powders?

7 thoughts on “Whats up nails Alchemy powder”

  1. Wow! Det ser helt otroligt ut! Det här måste jag testa! Hur är det med själva pulvret, är det väldigt “flygigt”? Får man pulver överallt?


    1. Nej jag tycker inte att det blev så stökigt av det! Det ser nästan ut att vara lite fuktigt när det ligger i burken vilket gör att det håller ihop väldigt bra och det känns inte så löst och flygigt. 👌🏻


  2. Vad fint! 😀 Jag vet inte om du minns, men du rekommenderade mig lite produkter till nail stamping för kring en månad sedan. Jag beställde lite prylar då och fick hem det häromdagen, och oj vilken skillnad det är på dessa och på Depends! Jag är supernöjd och ville bara säga tack för tipset! Det blev tusen gånger enklare med den genomskinliga stämpeln, nu prickar jag faktiskt nageln med mönstret också, haha. 😀


      1. Det är en enorm skillnad! Nu måste jag bara träna på att få upp mönstret från plattan till stämpeln på ett bra sätt oftare än 1 av 20 gånger, haha! 😀


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