Pahlish Fantastic Beasts Trio

On Black Friday last year Pahlish released quite a few Harry Potter themed polishes, and the Fantastic Beasts Trio was a part of that release. I was lucky to snag them earlier this year, and as of right now I think that a few of them are still available in their store.





Opaleye is a lavender polish with a subtle violet shimmer. It is very thin on the first coat but it builds up pretty easily on the second one, however I’m wearing three coats (plus top coat) to get it to cover completely.




Hungarian Horntail is a burgundy polish with shimmer. I’m wearing two easy coats plus top coat. In some lights it looks like the polish is on fire!




Short-Snout is a blue polish with copper shimmer. It covers really well in just one coat, I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

The next part of the Harry Potter inspired  Pahlishes will be up in a few days!

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