Colorful tropical flowers

Yesterday was Cath’s (@withnailsandi) birthday, and to celebrate a bunch of us girls decided to recreate one of her manis.  To see all recreations search for #withcakeandi on Instagram.

I hope you’re ready for a lot of pictures of the nails I did, because I just love how they turned out!


For this design I used Lady in black as the base. I stamped the flowers using White knight and Tropical collection 13 from MoYou London. To fill in the flowers I used the following Color Paints from OPI; Landscape artist, Pen & pink, Magenta muse, Primarily yellow, Chromatic orange and Purple perspective.





And here are some pictures of them in matte.





And here’s how they looked before I filled in the flowers with the Color Paints. Love them in color but I have to say that I’m digging this monochrome look too.



Which version of this design do you prefer; glossy, matte or monochrome?

Pink flowers

Today I’m back with another mani using my new favorite stamping plate from Lina nail art supplies. If you’re thinking about getting it, get it! I have a feeling you won’t regret it.


For this pink floral design I used Breakfast at Tiffany’sExotic birds do not tweet and Getting nadi on my honeymoon from OPI, White knight from MoYou London and stamping plate 4 seasons Spring 01 from Lina nail art supplies.






I really hope you like these nails as much as I do! And if you want to see how I made them I have a little tutorial on my instagram.

Pahlish Fantastic Beasts Trio

On Black Friday last year Pahlish released quite a few Harry Potter themed polishes, and the Fantastic Beasts Trio was a part of that release. I was lucky to snag them earlier this year, and as of right now I think that a few of them are still available in their store.





Opaleye is a lavender polish with a subtle violet shimmer. It is very thin on the first coat but it builds up pretty easily on the second one, however I’m wearing three coats (plus top coat) to get it to cover completely.




Hungarian Horntail is a burgundy polish with shimmer. I’m wearing two easy coats plus top coat. In some lights it looks like the polish is on fire!




Short-Snout is a blue polish with copper shimmer. It covers really well in just one coat, I’m wearing two coats plus top coat.

The next part of the Harry Potter inspired  Pahlishes will be up in a few days!

Blue floral nails

Hi guys, I hope you’re all well. Only one more day left until the weekend!

Today I’m wearing these cute floral nails that I made using a new stamping plate. Last Thursday I ordered a few stamping plates from and I got them on Monday, so talk about fast shipping. I’m not sure if I would’ve gotten them this fast if I’d ordered them from a Swedish store, so I will definitely be checking out this store again. What I got was the new Little baby stamping plate from ÜberChic beauty as well as two stamping plates, Feeling shapely! 07 and 4 seasons Spring 01, from Lina nail art supplies. The later is a brand that is new to me. I found a lot of beautiful plates from Lina, but since I haven’t tried them before I just got two to see if they were any good.


For this floral design I used The I’s have it and Oh my majesty! from OPI, White knight from MoYou London and stamping plate 4 seasons Spring 01 from Lina nail art supplies. I really really like this stamping plate, it has so many cute motives that are perfect for spring. I think you can expect quite a few designs using this plate in the near future.







Hope you like these nails!

Pahlish Dumbledore’s army

I recently bought some polishes from Pahlish and three of them were mystery Pahlishes. The mystery Pahlishes are a bit cheaper than their other polishes and I thought it would be a fun surprise to get a few of them. And a fun surprise it was indeed, one of the polishes I got was Dumbledore’s army. Can you imagine how excited I got!? This polish was a Black Friday exclusive that I missed out on so I’m so happy to be able to add it to my collection now.


Dumbledore’s army is a green jelly with multichrome and holographic silver flakies and it covers in two coats. The finish and formula reminds me a lot of piCture pOlish’s (which is a brand I love) and the polish was really easy to apply.





I pretty sure you will be seeing more of Pahlish here on my blog pretty soon.

Depend 7day The Language of Flowers

Hi there! I hope you’re ready to look at some new polishes today.
A few weeks ago I showed you Depend’s first spring collection of the year, called Eastern fusion. Today we are going to take a closer look at their 7day spring collection called The Language of Flowers.

img_9152Depend The Language of Flowers – Elegant jasmine

Elegant jasmine is a semi transparent light pink glitter polish with gold shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_9161Depend The Language of Flowers – Innocent daisy

Innocent daisy is a pealy shimmey polish that’s meant to be a topper. Here I’m wearing three coats. If you have shorter nails it could work on its own, but I’d rather wear it as the base for nail art or as a topper.

img_9163Depend The Language of Flowers – Beautiful orchid

Beautiful orchid is a purple polish with silver holographic glitter that covers in two coats.

img_9162Depend The Language of Flowers – Healing peony

Healing peony is a pink and gold shimmer polish. The formula of this polish is a lot thicker that the others, but thanks to that the polish is really easy to get a good coverage with in jut a few coats. Here I’m wearing two coats.

img_9153Depend The Language of Flowers – Caring tulip

Caring tulip is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9157Depend The Language of Flowers – Proud ginger

Proud ginger is a coral creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9156Depend The Language of Flowers – Delicate hibiscus

Delicate hibiscus is a coral pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9160Depend The Language of Flowers – Dramatic camelia

Dramatic camelia is a pinkish red creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_9155Depend The Language of Flowers – Wisdom iris

Wisdom iris is a peachy cruelly that covers in three coats.

img_9154Depend The Language of Flowers – Honeysuckle love

Honeysuckle love is a pink polish with gold shimmer that covers in three coats.

img_9158Depend The Language of Flowers – Humble bluebell

Humble bluebell is a light blue creme polish that covers in three coats.

img_9159Depend The Language of Flowers – Majesty lily

Majesty lily is a purple creme polish that covers in two coats.


I think this is a really lovely collection with many beautiful shades that are perfect for spring. My favorite polish from this collection is purple holographic Beautiful orchid.


Lastly I have a floral nail art design that I created using Elegant jasmine and Dramatic camellia from the collection.

Blue gradient

Hi everyone! So it’s Monday again, did you have a good weekend? My weekend was good and I had time for some swatching, so check back here later this week for pictures!

Today I have some blue gradient nails to show you, I made them for piCture pOlish’s second nail art challenge with the theme ‘gradient’. I actually made a gradient design for their last challenge too (you can find them here), but I’m not complaining, I like making gradients.


The polishes I used are salt water, superior and freya’s cats, all of them from piCture pOlish of course. I really like how the gradient turned out, I think it’s perfectly blended.



I got an ocean vibe from the gradient so I wanted to make some appropriate nail art over it. So I took out my Mermaid life stamping plate from ÜberChic beauty and stamped some sea shells using White knight from MoYou London. I really like this look too, but I wish the gradient would have been a little bit more visible underneath the stamping.

Glam Polish Heroes vs Villains Group Exclusives for February

This month’s Heroes vs Villains limited edition group exclusive polishes from Glam Polish are inspired by Harry Potter, so of course I had to get them since I’m a huge HP fan!


The boy who lived is inspired by Harry Potter and He who must not be named is inspired by Voldemort.





img_8509Glam Polish – The boy who lived

The boy who lived is described as a garnet jelly with gold iridescent flakies, shifting metallic flakies, color shifting metallic glitter and fine holo micro glitter. Here I’m wearing two coats and top coat.





img_8525Glam Polish – He who must not be named

He who must not be named is described as a blackened blue jelly with green & blue iridescent flakies, shifting metallic flakies and fine holo micro glitter. Here I’m wearing two coats and top coat.


It’s really hard to pick a favorite from these two, because they’re both gorgeous, but I think I have to stick to Harry in this case.


Happy Valentine’s day

Hi everybody and happy Valentine’s day to you all!

Here are some nail designs that I’ve made this year that fits the theme for today.









For details and information about what products I’ve used for these designs make sure to check (and follow) my instagram page.

Thank you for all the love and support, it means the world to me! ❤️️

Painted Polish Haute Parisian Nights 

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become obsessed with holo and indie nail polish (preferably a combination of the two). Today I’m showing you my first polish from indie brand Painted Polish, called Haute Parisian Night.


Haute Parisian Nights is a hot pink ultra holographic polish that covers in two super easy coats. It is a linear holo with silver holographic glitter, and I guess that’s what makes it an ultra holo! Anyway I freaking love this polish! It is seriously stunning, I could not stop staring at my nails while wearing it. In the sun you can really see that it is a linear holo, and when the nails are not in direct sunlight you really see the holographic glitters in it.




I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.


I really, really didn’t want to remove it so I decided to use it as the base for nail art (not that it needs any nail art on top of it). To fit in with the month of February I chose to stamp a rose design using stamping plate BP-73 from Born Pretty Store and stamping polish White Knight from MoYou London.



I can’t wait to get my hands on some more ultra holos from Painted Polish!