#smearforsmear | cervical cancer awareness

This week the campaign #smearforsmear runs on instagram to spread the word about smear tests to diagnose cervical cancer and treat it in time. To raise awareness women (I’m sure men are allowed too) post selfies where they’ve put on lipstick that they’ve smeared out. For those of you who don’t know what smear tests are it’s also called cervical screening (cellprov in Swedish). Bethany (@bnailedtoperfection on instagram) asked the nail art community to join in the campaign and smear out our nail art. She also wrote a blog post about her personal experience, here is a link to her blog post.


I also have my personal reasons for joining this campaign to raise awareness. A little over two and a half years ago I got an appointment to the gynecologist to take my first test. A few weeks later I got an envelope with the test results and I immediately knew that something wasn’t right because the envelope was too thick. It said that they had found cell changes and that I had to get surgery. About two weeks later, in the beginning of June 2014 I got to the hospital to get surgery and it went fine. I got anesthesia for the first time, which made my body feel soft and warm, which was quite pleasant. The next thing I remember is waking up with a tube down my throat that I JUST HAD TO GET OUT. It was so uncomfortable that I just couldn’t wait for a nurse, so I pulled it out (which I guess I was not really allowed). After eating, drinking and going on the toilet I got to go home. Apart from feeling tired and groggy from the anesthesia I felt fine.


In Sweden you normally get called to take the test every fifth year, from the age of 23. Since they found cell changes on my cervix I’ve been called back every six months to get a new test. On the last test everything still looked good, so now I think it will be two years until I have to take a new one.


For my #smearforsmear design I used Curtain call from Il était un vernis, Alpine snow and Lady in black from OPI. The lips are free-handed and I tried to make them as realistic as I could. I think they turned out really good, so I was a little sad that I had to smudge them.


Please go and take the test if you haven’t, it is such an easy way to diagnose cervical cancer and treat it in time!

2 thoughts on “#smearforsmear | cervical cancer awareness”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and also share your experiences. It’s such an important thing but it all seems very taboo still. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. I’m so glad everything turned out OK for you. I have my second Colposcopy in June and hopefully the cells will have gone on their own.
    Your nail art is so brilliant 💋💗 xx


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