Nail mail from Born Pretty store

Hi there! Today I have some new products from Born Pretty store to show you. I haven’t posted much here on the blog these past weeks and that’s because I’m learning how to film and edit nail art turorials. I’ve actually made a little video where I’m using these products, which you can find here on my Instagram!


What I got from Born Pretty store this time is: Panda stamping plate BPX-L015 (id # 38221), Valentine’s stamping plate BPX-L014 (id # 38220), Clear stamper (id # 37901) and Cuticle protectors (id # 27347).



This is the first mani I made using the Valentine’s plate and the Clear stamper where I reverse sampled the flowers over the pink polish. The clear stamper is perfect for reverse stamping! Since it is short it makes it possible for you to rest your hand on the table while you fill in the details with polish. The stamper picks up the polish from the plate easily and because it’s see-through you always get the design where you want it on the nail. I’m looking forward to using the plate for upcoming Valentine’s nail designs.



For my second mani I used the Panda stamping plate, the Clear stamper and the Cuticle protectors. As with the Valentine’s plate it was easy to pick up the polish from the Panda plate. The cuticle protectors were easy to place around the nails and easy to remove. You can stamp or make a gradient right after you’ve placed them, unlike if you use liquid latex where you have to wait for it to dry first. They did a good job protecting the skin and cleanup afterwards was minimal.

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