OPI Fiji

Hi there! Today I’m very excited to show you the new collection from OPI called Fiji. The collection consists of 12 shades that make me want warmer weather and a vacation. The shades are not unique, we’ve seen them before (except for maybe one) but it’s still a nice collection.


All swatches are (as usual) painted over one coat of base coat and are without top coat.


img_6961OPI Fiji – Two-timing the zones

Two-timing the zones is a bright pink creme polish that covers in two coats.

img_6962img_6963OPI Fiji – Living on the bula-vard!

Living on the bula-vard! is a coral creme polish that covers in two coats.


20170130_212311952_iosOPI Fiji – Getting nadi on my honeymoon

Getting nadi on my honeymoon is a light pink creme polish that covers in two to three coats.


img_6967OPI Fiji – Polly want a lacquer?

Polly want a lacquer? is a lilac creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_6969OPI Fiji – Do you sea what I sea?

Do you sea what I sea? is a blue metallic polish that covers in three coats.


img_6971OPI Fiji – Is that a spear in your pocket?

Is that a spear in your pocket? is a teal creme polish that covers in two coats. This color was so hard to capture on camera, it is actually more green in real life.


img_6973OPI Fiji – I can never hut up

I can never hut up is a grey polish with green shimmer that covers in two coats.


img_6975OPI Fiji – Super trop-i-cal-i-Fiji-istic

Super trop-i-cal-i-Fiji-istic is a royal blue creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_6959OPI Fiji – Suzi without a paddle

Suzi without a paddle is a baby blue creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_6977OPI Fiji – Coconuts over OPI

Coconuts over OPI is a taupe creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_6979OPI Fiji – No tan lines

No tan lines is an orange creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_6981OPI Fiji – Exotic birds do not tweet

Exotic birds do not tweet is a yellow creme polish that covers in three coats.


I really like most of the shades from this collection, especially all the bright ones. My favorite is the lilac Polly want a lacquer? and my least favorite is the nude Coconuts over OPI.

What do you think about this collection? Do you see any shades that you have to have?

A post with comparison swatches will be up in the next few days, so keep your eye out for that!

#smearforsmear | cervical cancer awareness

This week the campaign #smearforsmear runs on instagram to spread the word about smear tests to diagnose cervical cancer and treat it in time. To raise awareness women (I’m sure men are allowed too) post selfies where they’ve put on lipstick that they’ve smeared out. For those of you who don’t know what smear tests are it’s also called cervical screening (cellprov in Swedish). Bethany (@bnailedtoperfection on instagram) asked the nail art community to join in the campaign and smear out our nail art. She also wrote a blog post about her personal experience, here is a link to her blog post.


I also have my personal reasons for joining this campaign to raise awareness. A little over two and a half years ago I got an appointment to the gynecologist to take my first test. A few weeks later I got an envelope with the test results and I immediately knew that something wasn’t right because the envelope was too thick. It said that they had found cell changes and that I had to get surgery. About two weeks later, in the beginning of June 2014 I got to the hospital to get surgery and it went fine. I got anesthesia for the first time, which made my body feel soft and warm, which was quite pleasant. The next thing I remember is waking up with a tube down my throat that I JUST HAD TO GET OUT. It was so uncomfortable that I just couldn’t wait for a nurse, so I pulled it out (which I guess I was not really allowed). After eating, drinking and going on the toilet I got to go home. Apart from feeling tired and groggy from the anesthesia I felt fine.


In Sweden you normally get called to take the test every fifth year, from the age of 23. Since they found cell changes on my cervix I’ve been called back every six months to get a new test. On the last test everything still looked good, so now I think it will be two years until I have to take a new one.


For my #smearforsmear design I used Curtain call from Il était un vernis, Alpine snow and Lady in black from OPI. The lips are free-handed and I tried to make them as realistic as I could. I think they turned out really good, so I was a little sad that I had to smudge them.


Please go and take the test if you haven’t, it is such an easy way to diagnose cervical cancer and treat it in time!

Nail mail from Born Pretty store

Hi there! Today I have some new products from Born Pretty store to show you. I haven’t posted much here on the blog these past weeks and that’s because I’m learning how to film and edit nail art turorials. I’ve actually made a little video where I’m using these products, which you can find here on my Instagram!


What I got from Born Pretty store this time is: Panda stamping plate BPX-L015 (id # 38221), Valentine’s stamping plate BPX-L014 (id # 38220), Clear stamper (id # 37901) and Cuticle protectors (id # 27347).



This is the first mani I made using the Valentine’s plate and the Clear stamper where I reverse sampled the flowers over the pink polish. The clear stamper is perfect for reverse stamping! Since it is short it makes it possible for you to rest your hand on the table while you fill in the details with polish. The stamper picks up the polish from the plate easily and because it’s see-through you always get the design where you want it on the nail. I’m looking forward to using the plate for upcoming Valentine’s nail designs.



For my second mani I used the Panda stamping plate, the Clear stamper and the Cuticle protectors. As with the Valentine’s plate it was easy to pick up the polish from the Panda plate. The cuticle protectors were easy to place around the nails and easy to remove. You can stamp or make a gradient right after you’ve placed them, unlike if you use liquid latex where you have to wait for it to dry first. They did a good job protecting the skin and cleanup afterwards was minimal.

Remember that you can use my code HSW10 for 10% off all original priced items on bornprettystore.com.

Beauty by Ellos

A couple of days ago I posted swatches of some polishes from Yves Rocher and I got these polished from Ellos at the same time, so it was about time that I tried them. I think that Ellos has had their own beauty line for about a year now and these are the first products that I have tried.


All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and topped with one coat of Plumping top coat or one coat of Matte top coat, both from Ellos.




img_5437Ellos – Pink orchid

Pink orchid is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats. I love the way this polish looks matte!




img_5588Ellos – Champagne chic chevy

Champagne chic chevy is a bronze metallic polish that covers in two coats. It’s pretty streaky and on the nails it looks like a nude metallic shade. Not a big fan of this polish.




img_5601Ellos – Absolutely red

Absolutely red is a bright red creme polish that covers in two coats.




img_5614-1Ellos – Red red wine

Red red wine is a dark red creme polish that covers in two coats. This is probably my favorite shade out of these four and I think it looks amazing both glossy and matte.


The polishes retail for 39 kr, which is a really good price since they contain 11 ml. They have a thin brush, but it’s still pretty easy to work with. I have to say that I’m most impressed with the top coats. The plumping top coat feels a bit thicker than a regular top coat, but it’s still easy to apply. It gives a lovely shine and it dries pretty fast. I really like the matte top coat too, I’ve tried matte top coats that cost way more money than this one that are way worse.

Yves Rocher nail polish

So this is pretty embarrassing, I got these polishes this summer and haven’t tried them until now. And that is like six months ago… oops! I was going to swatch them after I got them, but then my nails got really bad and sore, and when my nails felt better I had just forgotten about these polishes and here we are all of a sudden.


This is the first time I’m trying polishes from Yves Rocher, and I have nothing to complain about. Well maybe the size of the bottles, 5 ml is not much polish. I prefer bigger bottles, but maybe that’s just me. The brush is wide and rounded and is really easy to work with. I have watched the polishes of one coat of base coat, and they are all without top coat. So, let’s take a look at the swatches!


img_4849Yves Rocher – Magnolia

Magnolia is a sheer nude pink creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4851Yves Rocher – Menthe givrée

Menthe givrée is a mint green creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4853Yves Rocher – Menthe à l’eau

Menthe á l’eau is a turquoise crelly that covers in two coats.


img_4855Yves Rocher – Citron

Citron is a yellow creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4857Yves Rocher – Orange cosmos

Orange cosmos is an orange creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_4859Yves Rocher – Rouge flamboyant

Rouge flamboyant is a red creme polish that covers n two coats.


img_4861Yves Rocher – Or pailleté

Or pailleté is a gold glitter polish with silver hex glitter pieces that coves in two coats.


The polishes retail for 59 kr, and right now you can find a lot of these polishes on sale for 29 kr on Yves Rocher online shop.


Glam Polish Luscious

Hi guys! Today I’m showing you my very first polish from Glam Polish. I bought it during Hypnotic Polish’s Black Friday sale.



img_4830Glam Polish – Luscious

Luscious is a gorgeous linear magenta holographic polish that has a great formula. It covers really good in one coat, but I used two coats to get an even and smooth finish. The brush is long and thin, but still really easy to control during the application, unlike many other long and thin brushes (like China Glaze).

I’m pretty sure that this will not be my last polish from Glam Polish!

Essie Gel Couture

Hi guys! Do you remember my post about the Essie advent calendar? Since I got doublets of a few polishes and one empty door Essie was going to send me some new polishes. What I got was three full size bottles and two Gel Couture polishes. Unfortunately I already have the shades that I got, which were Bachelorette bash, Allure and Russian roulette. However I haven’t tried the Gel Couture polishes so that was a nice surprise!


The Gel Couture polishes are supposed to last on the nails for up to 12 days if you use them with the Gel Couture top coat. Both the bottle and the brush are twisted, and even though the bottles are pretty and unique I don’t really like them, just because they are so much harder to pose with for swatch photos. The polishes have the same wide rounded brush that Essie’s have in Europe, which makes the application really easy.



img_4607Essie – Stitch by stitch

Stitch by stitch is a pink creme polish that covers in two coats. The formula is really good and it’s super easy to apply.



img_4813Essie – Model clicks

Model clicks is a dark burgundy creme polish that covers in two coats. The formula is a bit runnier than Stitch by stitch but it’s still pretty easy to apply.

I can’t say wether or not these polishes last longer than regular polish, because I don’t wear polish that long. The longest I go without changing polish is about four to five days, and that is really long for me since I usually change polish every or every other day.

Have you tried any of Essie’s Gel Couture polishes?

Advent calendar gift from Real Techniques

The week before Christmas I was lucky to win this make up brush/tool set in an advent calendar giveaway at Lipgloss bitch. I got it just before Christmas but since I was sick over the holidays I didn’t try them straight away.


So far I’ve mostly used the brushes from the multitask set, they are super soft and easy to use. I have the miracle complexion sponge from before and now I have a few more sponges to try, the bold metals miracle sponge is almost too pretty to use though!

Purple gradient

Hi there! The nails I’m showing you today I made for piCture pOlish’s first nail art challenge of the year. This challenge had no specific theme, but the rules were to use one to five pp’s only (except black and white) and that the polish bottles are in the photo.

I had a few ideas for the challenge and I think this design was my best one. And from the response on my instagram post many of you seem to like it too!


As you can see from the picture above I used spring, orchid and allure from piCture pOlish to create the gradient. I started with painting two coats of spring on all fingers and after letting it dry for a few minutes I painted all colors on a makeup sponge and dabbed it on the nails. I think I had to sponge each nails four times to get the desired effect. After letting it dry I added one coat of Gel setter from Essie to smooth out the gradient and make the colors blend even more. The last step was to make the leopard print, which I used black polish and a detail brush to create, and of course I finished with another coat of top coat.


And here are some pictures of the gradient only. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, the colors blended in to each other so well! I think this has to be the best gradient I’ve made.



Hope you like this design and thanks for reading!


Half moon dotticure

Happy Friday! Today is a public holiday in Sweden so I have the day off, it’s so nice with a long weekend.

Yesterday I made these cute blue half moon dotticure nails and I really like how they turned out. If you don’t like blue you could just change the colors, I think they would look great in any color.


This mani is made with products from Depend. The baby blue is O2 4089 Cool oasis, the darker blue is O2 469 and the white is 031. I used a dotting tool to make the dots and a detail brush to paint the blue half moon. Both tools are from Depend and I really like them, I have used them so much since I got them last summer. The final step of this mani was to add the bling stickers, those are also from Depend.



Speaking of Depend, yesterday I got two of their new collections and they are so colorful, really makes me long for spring. Hopefully I’ll be able to get swatches of them up on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that.

Hope you like these nails and have a lovely weekend!