IsaDora Autumn Rebels

This fall IsaDora released a new collection in their gel lacquer formula, the polishes are supposed to last on the nails for a week. It’s the first time I’m trying the gel lacquers and I’ve only swatched them so I can’t say how long they last on the nails. But I can say that the formula of the polishes are really good, they were super easy to apply!

The collection consists of ten shades and two top coats, one glossy and one matte. I got to try six of the shades and the top coats. All shades are new except 221 Iced coffee.

I’ve swatched the polishes with both the regular Gel Top Coat and the Matt Gel Top Coat.


img_0867IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 221 Iced coffee

Iced coffe is a gry-ish brow polish with silver shimmer that covers in two coats.


img_0869IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 262 Vagabond

Vagabond is a dark brown creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_0871IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 262 Boho blossom

Boho blossom is a tomato red creme polish that covers in two coats.


img_0873IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 263 Rhapsody red

Rhapsody red is a red polish that covers in two coats, though I still have a little bit of VNL.


img_0875IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 267 Haute hippie

Haute hippie is a purple polish with red shimmer that covers in two coats.


img_0877IsaDora Autumn Rebels – 269 Blue velvet

Blue velvet is a dark blue polish with blue shimmer that covers in two coats.

img_0878IsaDora Gel Nail Laquer + Gel Top Coat

img_0879IsaDora Gel Nail Laquer + Matt Gel Top Coat

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