Empties #7

Travel sizes is this empties theme. I really like getting travel size products, becase they’re great for when you travel, but also you get a chance to try out the product before buying the full size.


Kevin Murphy – Plumping wash & rinse

I really like these two products and I love the way they smell! Unfortunately the price tag is a bit high, so I’ll stick to some cheaper alternatives.

Maria Åkerberg – Body lotion bergamot sandalwood

I don’t really like the smell of this body lotion, so I’m glad I just got the travel size. Apart from that it is a good body lotion.

Maria Nila – True soft shampoo & conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner duo is really good, they smell nice and leave the hair soft and shiny. I would buy the big size of these ones, if they were not so expensive. There are other products that are cheaper that are as good as these, so I’ll stick to the cheaper ones.

Clarins- Beauty flash balm

This is a product that has been with me for a few years now. I use it before I put on my makeup and it gives the skin a nice glow and works as a primer.

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