My favorite hand creams

I have tried a lot of hand creams, and I like to try new ones when the old ones are empty. But I have a few that I always end up buying again and again. Avoplex from OPI and Many many mani from Essie are two of them.


Both hand cremes smell lovely and they sink into the skin really fast while still keeping the hands moisturized. They are my favorite hand cremes to use during the day, since they don’t leave your hands greasy. The only downside is that I can’t find Many many mani anywhere in Sweden, so I always have to stock up when I’m abroad.

Which hand creme is your favorite?

IsaDora Twist-up matt lips

With the lastest mail from IsaDora I got not only nail polish but some makeup news too, Twist-up matt lips in 67 Dark Velvet and Sculpting liner in 66 Mulberry.

img_9893Twist-up matt lips & Sculpting lipliner

I don’t use colorful lipsticks that often even though I really like it when I do. Since I don’t use lipsticks that often I’m not super good at applying them, and the more colorful the harder they are to apply.
When I use lipsticks I usually go for light or nude colored lipsticks (MLBB shades) and you don’t have to be super precise with the application then. This lipstick was easy to apply, and even easier after using the lipliner first.


I didn’t wear the lipstick for that long, but I have a feeling that it will stay on the lips for many hours and still look good (since it was really hard to remove). I really like this shade but I would also like to try the Twist-up matt lips in another shade that is more wearable on a daily basis.

Halloween nail art

Halloween is just around the corner and I have some Halloween themed nail art to show you. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration!


What if you really really don’t like spiders? Well make them holo of course! For this mani I used Kimono-over from Essie, Space race from H&M, Spider stencils from Snail vinyls and some freehand skills.


For this mani I used Lincoln park after dark, O Suzi mio, Purple palazzo pants, Lady in black and Alpine snow, all from OPI together with Graveyard stencils from Whatsupnails.


And here is a close-up on the thumb just because it turned out pretty good.


For this black cat french manicure I used New York from piCture pOlish, 5042 Lady Wizard from Depend and Alpine snow from OPI.


The holo spider decided to leave some holo spider webs on my nails. For this manicure I used Black dress not optional from OPI as the base and I stamped with Space race from H&M using stamping plate Mother nature 04 and the crystal clear stamper from MoYou London.


This is a recreation of a mani I did last Halloween, but this time with holo. For this mani I used Unicorn dream, Forbidden witchcraft, Sweet elves, 031 and 497 from Depend.


These spooky fall leaves are inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest. Someone had painted fall leaves white and then painted eyes and a mouth on them to make them look like ghosts. I though that idea would be great as nail art, and I think I was right! For this mani I used Black dress not optional, Alpine snow and Lady in black from OPI together with Autumn leaf stencils from Snail vinyls.


October is not just Halloween, it’s also breast cancer awareness month, so I decided to combine the two with these pink Hello Kitty skulls. These nails took me forever to make, since I’m apparently not friends with the stamping plate I used. For this mani I used O2 488, 488, 039, black and white stamping polish from Depend, together with stamping plate Fun 9 from Fab Ur Nails.


For this bat-man(i) I used Meow from piCture pOlish together with stamping plate Festive 15 from MoYou London and silver and black stamping polish from Depend.


Did someone say holoween, how cool are these orange holo pumpkins!? For this mani I used Forbidden witchcraft as the base together with 039, both from Depend along with Pumpkin faces stencils and Dot zig zag tape from Whatsupnails.

How will you paint you nails for halloween?


Essie Haute tub vs Depend O2 501

About a month ago I showed you swatches from Depend’s O2 Rewind collection. I thought that one of the polishes from the Rewind collection was really similar to Haute tub from last year’s holiday collection from Essie. So today I’m gonna show you a comparison of the two polishes.

img_9560Essie Haute tub & Depend O2 501


Here I’m wearing two coats of each polish over one coat of base coat. And as you can see they are very similar. The only difference is that O2 501 has more puple glitter than Haute tub.


Out of the two polishes I prefer O2 501, just because the purple glitter is more visible.

Beauty advent calendars

Warning, this post contains spoilers!

Christmas is two months away, and maybe it’s a little early to start thinking about it already. But if you want to have an advent calendar this Christmas you’ll have to get one soon before they’re all gone.

Today I’m showing you some beauty calendars that I’m interested in, because who says advent calendars are just for kids?


Rituals – The Ritual of Advent contains mini sizes of their most popular products. Rituals is one of my favorite body care brands, so I really want to get this one!



OPI – Breakfast at Tiffany’s Mini mani month is filled with 25 mini bottles from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection along with other classic OPI shades.



bareMinerals – Countdown to gorgeous is filled with mini sized makeup products. This calendar if perfect if you want to try a lot of different products from bareMinerals or if you just want to have a lot of colors to choose from!


Ciaté – Mini mani month contains mini sized polishes and treatments and one full sized polish.


The Body Shop – 24 happy days is available in three different sizes; regular, deluxe and ultimate. It all depends on how much you want to spend, and the more you spend the greater the value is.


Kicks – Christmas calendar is filled with products mostly from their own brand, but it also contains products from a few other popular brands.

Last year I had two advent calendars, one from Kicks and one from Skincity and I was very happy with both of them. The year before that my boyfriend had made me an advent calendar himself, and it contained nail polish! Isn’t he just the best!? 💕
I have also had the advent calendar from Ciaté. I got it during the Christmas sale two years ago, so that was a bargain.

Are you getting an advent calendar this Christmas?

piCture pOlish autumn

This weekend piCture pOlish had a giveaway on their instagram page. To join the giveaway you had to post a ‘sweater swatch’ on instagram wearing your favorite piCture pOlish shade and your favorite sweater.

Even though I just got autumn, and yesterday was the first time wearing it, it is already a favorite. I have been wanting this shade for a while now, but it has always been out of stock at Pretty polish (my new favorite indie shop!). When I saw that autumn was in stock about a week ago, I got it right away. I’m actually really glad I got it now, during autumn, because it matches the season perfect with its beautiful colors and all the falling leaves.

I paired autumn with a long and cozy black knitted sweater and I think they’re a perfect match for fall. I wanted my picture to really feel autumnal, so I went out to match the polish and my nails with the falling leaves, just like the bottle says “falling leaves favorite season”. 🍂🍁

img_9530piCture pOlish – autumn

The winners of the giveaway won’t be announced until sunday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

IsaDora Black & White

This fall IsaDora is going for black and white with their new makeup collection Black & White – The monochrome look. The collection consists of a matte fixing powder, an eyeshadow palette, a black and a white eyeliner, lipsticks, mascara and nail polish. I got the nail polishes so that’s what I’m gonna show you today!

img_9419191 Black lacquer – 685 White china – 641 Femme fatale

img_9472IsaDora – 191 Black lacquer

Black lacquer is a black creme polish that covers really well in just one coat. The brush I got was not good which made it hard to apply the polish, so I had to use two coats for it to cover completely. If it had been a regular non faulty brush I think I could’ve gone for just one coat.


As you can see this brush is not ideal to paint with, so I had to cut away some of the pointy bristles. The bottom of the brush is not even and that made it a bit more difficult to work with.

img_9474IsaDora – 685 White china

White china is a white creme polish that covers in two coats. Guess what, I got a bad brush here again. I mean what are the odds!? After som alteration to the bristles it was okay to paint with.


This brush had some pointy bristles too, but I could actually just pull them out. And after that the brush was fine to work with.

img_9473IsaDora – 641 Femme fatale

Femme fatale is a red creme polish that covers in two coats, though I still have a little VNL, so maybe I should’ve done three coats. No problem with the brush from this polish, yay!!


I knew right away what nail art to make with these polishes, a monochrome houndstooth design with a red accent nail. And they turned just the way I wanted them too!


To make the houndstooth pattern I used stencils from Snail vinyls.


United in pink

October is breast cancer awareness month and as you may have seen on my instagram I joined Lacky corner‘s United in pink week to raise awareness to breast cancer. I hope you like my pink manis and please don’t forget to check your boobs!

Here’s a recap of my week of pink nails:

Day 1: Pink ribbon inspired mani using polishes from this year’s pink collection from Essie.


Day 2: A pink dotticure using a bunch of OPI polishes.


Day 3: Pink holo with Red Taboo from Layla.


Day 4: Leopard heart gradient using OPI polishes.


Day 5: Kiss me on my tulips from OPI, one of my favorite pink polishes!


Day 6: DS Reflection from OPI.


Day 7: Simple pink ribbon nail art using bardot and rose from piCture pOlish.

China Glaze Holiday 2016: Seas & Greetings

The holiday collections are soon hitting the shelves (I have already showed you Breakfast at Tiffany’s from OPI). Here is the holiday collection from China Glaze called Seas & greetings. Is it just me or does this collection not feel like Christmas at all?

8c6e3c40-0232-4fb1-b55e-bdd85a2799aaSnow Way! – Sand In My Mistletoes – Eat Pink Be Merry – Warm Wishes – ‘Tis The Sea Sun – The More The Berrier – Seas and Greetings – Let’s Shell-ebrate – Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish – Partridge In A Palm Tree – Joy To The Waves – Good Tide-ings

This collection only has one of the “typical” winter shades according to me, and that is the white polish called Snow Way! Otherwise I feel that the shades are more spring than holiday. Even though I don’t feel like it’s a very Christmas-y collection I’m still interested in getting some of the shades, especially the pink glitter Let’s Shell-ebrate and the berry pink The More The Berrier.

What do you think about this holiday collection?

The Ritual of light

Yesterday I was at Christmas party to celebrate Rituals new winter collection called The Ritual of light. It is a limited edition collection that is sweet orange and cinnamon scented.


The winter collection consists of a body cream, body scrub, foaming shower gel, bath foam, fragrance sticks, scented candles and tea. I am obsessed with the scented candle! It smells so good, so it is definitely a must have for me this winter.


“It’s your light that lights the world”


The gift sets has a new design that is very luxurious, so there’s no need to wrap them before giving them away. I wouldn’t mind if my Christmas tree looked like this!



It’s a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but I have to admit that I got into a very festive mode during this party. All the lights, scents and decorations, it was really nice and cosy.


It was a Christmas cocktail party so of course we were treated to some drinks, this one I chose was called Dao Delight. It consisted of gin, lime juice and mint and it was delicious!


As usual I had to match my nails for the occasion, and I hope that you can see what my inspiration was!


Lights was really the theme of the evening, here are water lanterns that we lit and then put in the water. It was really cold outside and a bit unsteady on the small pier, but once we got the lanterns in the water we could just watch them and enjoy the beautiful lights! It was so pretty in the dark.


Before we left the party we all got a Christmas gift, which was one of their gift sets. I got The Ritual of Dao, and I’m really excited to try it since I don’t think I’ve tried any of the products from this ritual.

Thank you Rituals and Presskontakterna for a lovely evening!