Rituals nail polish

Rituals is my favorite body care brand, so far I’ve loved everything I’ve tired from them. So when I found out that they have makeup too I was intrigued. Did you know that they have makeup as well?


I have a few polishes from Rituals to show you today, one neutral shade, two bright shades and two darker shades.

img_6395Rituals – Light pink

Light pink is a very sheer pale pink polish. I used three coats here but as you see I still have a lot of VNL*, way too much for my taste. I think this polish would be perfect as the base for a French manicure, or by itself if you have shorter nails.

img_6397Rituals – Light turquoise

Light turquoise is a mint creme polish that covers really good in one coat, but you know me, I always use two coats to get a more intense color. I really like this polish and I think it is the perfect color for spring and summer. I just wonder why they named it Light turquoise since it is mint colored.

img_6399Rituals – Light peach

Light peach is a peach-y coral creme polish that covers in two to three coats. I love this color so so much, it is the perfect summer shade!

img_6401Rituals – Grey blue

Grey blue is a grey-ish creme polish that is almost a one coater, however I used two coats.

img_6403Rituals  – Dark grey

Dark grey is a brown creme polish that covers in two coats. I’m a bit confused here, it is called Dark grey, but it is a brown polish. Anyway, it is a beautiful autumn shade.

All polishes have a really good formula that is easy to apply. I really liked the brush, it is just the right size, not too skinny and not too wide. All swatches are all painted over one coat of base coat and are without top coat.


While I swatched these polishes I had my Sweet Sunrise scented candle from Rituals next to me, I’m so obsessed with it! It smells lovely and it’s beautiful when it’s lit up (then you see the quote “What’s meant to be, will always find a way” which is not visible otherwise).

*Visible nail line

Washington DC nail art

Whenever I get a new nail polish collection I always feel so inspired! Here are some manis I’ve made using the new Washington DC collection from OPI.


Negative space and roses using Never a dulles moment, Madam President, Alpine snow and I’m sooo swamped!


Nude nails with an accent nail using Pale to the chief, Kerry Blossom and stamping plate Arabesque 03 from MoYou London.


Autumn leaves using Freedom of peach, Pale to the chief, Yank my doodle and leaves stencils from Snail Vinyls.


Golden autumn leaves using Shh… It’s top secret, Goldeneye and leaves stencils from Whatsupnails.


Simple nails with a moroccan accent nail using Suzi – The first Lady of nailsPale to the chief and moroccan stencils from Snail Vinyls.

The Body Shop face masks

This weekend I got some samples of The Body Shop’s new face masks when I visited one of their stores. The one I was most excited to try was Himalayan charcoal, so I’m very happy that I got that one!

IMG_6136The Body Shop – Himalayan charcoal & Ethiopian honey

IMG_6150The Body Shop – Himalayan charcoal

Himalayan charcoal is a purifying glow mask that’s 100% vegan. It is a tingling clay mask that is infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil. The mask is supposed to draw out impurities and refine the appearance of pores and give glow to the skin. It is ideal for the T-zone, since it absorbs excess oil.

I feels purifying and it sure tingles once you put it on the skin, so I’m guessing it’s not for those with sensitive skin. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes for the mask to dry, and it dries solid but it’s still easy to rinse off. Afterwards my pores look smaller and the skin has a nice glow. I’d like to use this mask again, so I think I have to buy it!

img_6173The Body Shop – Ethiopian honey

Ethiopian honey is a deep nourishing mask that is 100% vegetarian. It is an indulgent melting face mask that consists of Community Trade honey, marula and olive oils. The mask replenishes, restores and comforts skin and makes it feel softer and smoother.

The mask smells and looks like honey and it is very cosy on the skin. The scent makes it calming and relaxing and I would like to try it in the bath, to get even more relaxed. It is a bit sticky so it doesn’t rinse off that quickly. Afterwards the skin feels soft and moisturized.

My favorite of the two masks is Himalayan charcoal, I love tingling feel and how my pores tightened from using it! I think I have to go back to The Body Shop and get it in full size.

piCture pOlish swatches & nail art

A few weeks ago I got my very fist piCture pOlish’es, I wore some of them immediately but didn’t take any pictures of them because my nails and cuticles were in a really bad state (from using seche vive). My nails and cuticles feel better now so I have finally made some proper swatches of the polishes, including some nail art!

IMG_5491.jpgpiCture pOlish – o’hara

o’hara is a beautiful red scattered holo that covers in two coats. It’s super duper pretty and a perfect summer red!


For this mani I used o’hara as the base together with stamping plate BP-73 from BornPretty store, white stamping polish from Depend and the crystal clear stamper from MoYou London.

IMG_5544piCture pOlish – salt water

salt water is a gorgeous turquoise jelly scatter holo that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Gianna from Nailstorming.


For this mani I used salt water together with Alpine snow from OPI and I used the hairspray technique to create this beach-y look.

IMG_5611piCture pOlish – fool’s gold

fool’s gold is a turquoise jelly scattered holo with gold glitter that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Sammy from The Nailasaurus.


For this mani I used fool’s gold as the base together with stamping plate BP-75 from BornPretty store,  Alpine snow and Rolling in cashmere both from OPI and the crystal clear stamper from MoYou London.

IMG_5890piCture pOlish – electric dream

electric dream is a coral scattered holo with gold sparks that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Michaela from Nail Polish Anon.


For this mani I used Alpine snow from OPI as the base for the accent nails, chevron vinyls from Snail vinyls, electric dream and Glitzerland from OPI.

IMG_5894piCture pOlish – eerie

eerie is a lilac purple bijoux holo that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Emily from Very Emily.


For this mani I used eerie as the base, X-pattern stencils from Whatsupnails and Lady Wizard from Depend.

IMG_5898piCture pOlish – freya’s cats

freya’s cats is a blue jelly scattered holo that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Sasha from Nihrida.


For this mani I used freya’s cats as the base together with stamping plate BP-59 from BornPretty store, Alpine snow from OPI and the crystal clear stamper from MoYou London.

IMG_5947piCture pOlish – moscow

moscow is a maroon bijoux holo that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Sasha Plein from nail-ru.com.


For this mani I used moscow as the base together with stamping plate Arabesque 03 from MoYou London, 50 years of style from OPI and the crystal clear stamper from MoYou London.

IMG_6020piCture pOlish – cosmos

cosmos is a blue jelly scattered holo that covers in two coats. This is a collaboration shade with Camille from Pshiiit boutique.


For this mani I used cosmos as the base together with stamping plate Suki 04 from MoYou London, I Dive a SuperNova from OPI and the crystal clear stamper from MoYou London.

IMG_5958piCture pOlish – pandora

pandora is a purple scatter holo that covers in two coats.


For this mani I used I Drive a SuperNova from OPI as the base for the accent nails together with scale vinyls from Whatsupnails, pandora and cosmos.

IMG_6032piCture pOlish – desire

desire is a blood red scatter holo with chameleon tones in electric blue and purple and it covers in two coats. This is a limited edition shade and I’m so glad that I got it.


For this galaxy mani I used desire as the base together with, Alpine snow from OPI, pandora, cosmos and moscow.

Which polish is your favorite? I don’t think I can decide, because they are all so pretty, but if I had to choose just one I think it would be eerie. And I can’t wait to get my hands on some more polishes from piCture pOlish!

August favorites

Today is the first day of September, does that mean that autumn is officially here? Anyway, here are my favorite manis from August.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite from these, I love them all! I mean how can I chose between holo, London or Harry Potter!?