Washington DC nail art

Whenever I get a new nail polish collection I always feel so inspired! Here are some manis I’ve made using the new Washington DC collection from OPI.


Negative space and roses using Never a dulles moment, Madam President, Alpine snow and I’m sooo swamped!


Nude nails with an accent nail using Pale to the chief, Kerry Blossom and stamping plate Arabesque 03 from MoYou London.


Autumn leaves using Freedom of peach, Pale to the chief, Yank my doodle and leaves stencils from Snail Vinyls.


Golden autumn leaves using Shh… It’s top secret, Goldeneye and leaves stencils from Whatsupnails.


Simple nails with a moroccan accent nail using Suzi – The first Lady of nailsPale to the chief and moroccan stencils from Snail Vinyls.

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