Bath favorite

I love taking baths, but since summer just ended I haven’t been taking as many baths as I usually do during the rest of the year. One of the main reasons I love baths is because if I’m cold it’s the prefect remedy and it’s also very relaxing.

Rituals… Energy bubbles

Here’s a bath favorite of mine, Energy bubbles from Rituals, a rose scented bath foam that gives a nice bubble bath. I’ve almost used it all up and the next one for me to try is The ritual of sakura bath foam, also from Rituals. And I have a feeling that it will become a favorite, since The ritual of sakura is my favorite Rituals scent!

HH Simonsen

HH Simonsen is a brand that is new to me. I first heard of it when I was in Stockholm about a month ago and got to try Mickis wet brush. I have heard about these brushes that are supposed to work really well with wet hair, but I didn’t think that they would work. Well I guess I was wrong. Meet my new best friend, the wet brush!

img_4297-1img_4298-3HH Simonsen – Wet brush + Hair cuddles

I have no idea what’s different with it from other brushes, because it looks just like any brush, but it works great with long hair (as I have).

I’ve also got some hair cuddles from HH Simonsen that are supposed to be more gentle to your hair than regular hair ties. They are easy to remove without getting tangled up in you hair, which is great. They work with my hair if I want to put it up in a bun, but not if I want to wear a ponytail. Since my hair is very thick and long, it is also very heavy. Unfortunately these hair cuddles won’t hold my hair as tight as I want it in a ponytail. But if you have shorter and not as thick hair as I do I think they will work better.

Empties #3

It’s that time again!? Well most of these products are travel sizes so I’m blaming it on them being so small…


Burt’s Bees – Coconut foot cream

This foot cream is really thick and moisturizing. It smells of coconut, which is really nice and a change from most foot creams since they smell of peppermint (why is that?). My feet have gotten really soft from using this, so I’m definitely gonna keep on buying it!

By Terry – Baume de rose

I have been using Baume de rose before, but not this bottle with an applicator. I actually prefer this container more, since it feels a bit more hygienic, rather than the jar. It is a bit expensive but it does wonder for your lips so I’m gonna keep on buying it. At first I was a bit sceptic to the rose scent, but I have actually started to like it.

The Body Shop – Shea body butter

Shea is one of my favorite scents from The Body Shop, I love the smell of it so much! I brought this travel size body butter with me to London and it lasts about a week.

Mineral Beauty System – Dead sea bath salt

Eucalyptus scented bath salt that leaves the water green. It smells really lovely and the minerals makes the skin feel really soft. Though I prefer bath bombs or bubble baths but once in a while it’s nice with a “simple” bath, and the smell is really nice.

Depend O2 Holo Fantasy

Later this fall Depend will release a collection with eight holographic polishes and it’s so beautiful.


Of course I have swatches of them to show you.


Holo Fantasy collection on a rainy day. Even without sunlight and visible holo they are still so beautiful.

IMG_4754 (1)

Holo Fantasy collection in direct sunlight, hello holo!

IMG_5327Holo Fantasy – 5036 Sweet elves

Sweet elves is a orange polish that covers in three coats. Two coats could work too, but I think I had a little too much VNL. Unfortunately the holo isn’t very visible in this polish, but it’s still pretty.

IMG_5330Holo Fantasy – 5037 Forbidden witchcraft

Forbidden whichcraft is a orange polish that is very similar to Sweet elves in many ways: color, formula and not so much holo. I’m using three coats in this picture.

IMG_5334Holo Fantasy – 5038 Pegasus girl

Pegasus girl is a cerice polish that covers in two coats. I really like this color and I thought that this would be my favorite from the collection. However the holo is not very visible, so I guess I was hoping for a little more for it to be a favorite.

IMG_5337Holo Fantasy – 5039 Dungeons & goddesses

Dungeons & goddesses is a plum polish that covers in two coats. Finally we get to see some holo!

IMG_5407Holo Fantasy – 5040 Unicorn dream

Unicorn dream is a purple polish that covers in two coats. Loot at that holo, so pretty! This is definitely my favorite from the collection.

IMG_5410Holo Fantasy – 5041 Dragon flirt

Dragon flirt is a dark green polish that covers in two coats.

IMG_5414Holo Fantasy – 5042 Lady wizard

Lady wizard is a black polish that’s almost is a one coater, I used two coats here. It’s really stunning, and this one is a favorite too!

IMG_5417Holo Fantasy – 5043 Night potion

Night potion is a grey polish that covers in two coats. In the bottle it looks very similar to Lady wizard, but on the nails you see that they are different.


This collection is limited edition, it will be released week 39 and the polishes will retail for 29kr. Make sure to get your hands on it if you have the chance because these polishes are really beautiful! I think I might have to get me some spares since the bottles are so small! The only thing I think could’ve been better is a bigger variety of colors, two of the polishes are really similar. And I wish that they all had more holo in them, I think the first three polishes are beautiful, but they are not really holo.

OPI Washington DC

Fall is almost here so let’s take a look at OPI’s new fall collection called Washington DC. I think this collection is so beautiful so I don’t really mind the weather getting colder, as long as I can wear these polishes on my nails.



All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and I’m not wearing any topcoat. The formula was really good on all polishes, and that’s one of the many reasons I love OPI so much.


IMG_5200OPI Washington DC – CIA = Color is awesome

CIA = Color is awesome is a blue polish that covers in two coats, though you could get away with just one coat.


IMG_5194OPI Washington DC – Stay off the lawn!!

Stay off the lawn!! is a green polish that is almost a one coater, the formula of this polish is amazing. I used two coats in these pictures, but you could get away with just one coat depending on your application technique.


IMG_5188OPI Washington DC – Suzi – The first lady of nails

Suzi – The first lady of nails is an olive green polish that covers in two coats. I think that this color looks amazing against my pale skin tone.


IMG_5158OPI Washington DC – Never a dulles moment

Never a dulles moment is a mustard yellow polish that covers in two to three coats.


IMG_5152OPI Washington DC – Pale to the chief

Pale to the chief is light beige polish with shimmer that covers in two coats, though the shimmer is not as visible on the nails as in the bottle. I was really surprised to see that it is fully opaque in so few coats.


IMG_5176OPI Washington DC – Yank my doodle

Yank my doodle is rusty orange polish that covers in two coats. It felt like a jelly polish so I was surprised to see that it was opaque in just two coats.


IMG_5170OPI Washington DC – Freedom of peach

Freedom of peach is a terra-cotta orange polish that covers in two coats.


IMG_5164OPI Washington DC – Squeaker of the house

Squeaker of the house is a chocolate brown polish that covers in two coats.


IMG_5212OPI Washington DC – Shh… It’s top secret

Shh… It’s top secret is a dark brown polish that covers in two coats. It’s so dark that it almost looks like a black polish, but it’s not.


IMG_5224OPI Washington DC – Madam President

Madam President is a raspberry red polish that covers in two coats.


IMG_5230OPI Washington DC – OPI by popular vote

OPI by popular vote is a classic red polish that covers in two coats.


IMG_5236OPI Washington DC – We the female

We the female is a dark red polish that covers in two coats.


IMG_5218OPI Washington DC – Kerry Blossom

Kerry Blossom is a plum polish that covers in two coats. This polish is one of three limited edition shades from the collection.


IMG_5206OPI Washington DC – “Liv” in the gray

“Liv” in the gray is a dark grey polish that covers in two coats. This polish is one of three limited edition shades from the collection.


IMG_5182OPI Washington DC – Inside the ISABELLEtway

Inside the ISABELLEtway is a caramel brown polish that covers in two coats. This polish is one of three limited edition shades from the collection.


What do you think of this fall collection? I think that the colors are just right for this time of the year and I can’t wait to incorporate them in nail art!

The perfect hand care duo

Autumn is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about taking extra good care of your skin. My hands easily get very dry (especially during autumn and winter) but I have found the perfect couple to keep my hands nice and smooth.

img_4299Rituals… Miracle balm & Miracle scrub

Miracle balm

I first bought this hand creme around Christmas last year, and I think this one that I’m using right now is my third. It is very thick and nourishing and the perfect hand creme to use before you go to sleep. I think it is a bit too thick to use during the day since it takes a while for it to sink into the skin. On the back of the product it says “for extra dry hands and can be used as a night mask”, and last night I actually used it as a night mask. I drenched my hands in it right before I went to sleep and when I woke up my hands were oh so soft.

Miracle Scrub

This scrub is the best, it makes your hands so smooth. If you haven’t tried a hand scrub before make sure to get one (this one). I like to use it once or twice per week, but I’m thinking that maybe I will use it more often when it gets colder outside.

The scrub and balm are both really good products, but when you use them together they are amazing! My hands love them so much!

Empties #2

It’s that time again,  I’ve used up some products. Keep reading too see what I think of them.

OPI – Alpine snow

This is my all time favorite white polish and I use it many times every week. I have used up a few bottles before and I know I will in the future too. I always have one spare bottle at home!

Rituals… – Ginko’s secret caring hand balm

This hand creme is for dry to extra dry skin which suits me well since I easily get very dry. I use this hand creme at night before I go to bed. It is pretty greasy so I don’t like to use it during the day, but for night time it is perfect! And it has a lovely scent as well.

Depend – Nail polish remover

My go to nail polish remover. It takes off the polish quick and simple. The only bad thing is the smell but I’m pretty used to it by now.

Make up store – Eyshadow brush 106

This is probably my oldest make up brush and after many years of serving me it is time for us to part. I’m lucky because I have a spare brush and you can’t get this brush anymore. Though I could use another eyeshadow brush, so please let me know if you have a good medium sized eyeshadow brush that you like!

Paula’s choise – 2% BHA liquid

I know a lot of people love this and so do I! This one keeps my face spotless and minimizes my pores.

Lush Lemony flutter

I bought this cuticle butter on a trip to London earlier this year, I went in to Lush to buy some bath bombs and got this one too. I love anything nail and nail care related and when I saw that it was lemon scented I just had to get it, because I love citrus so so much.

img_4375-1Lush Lemony flutter cuticle butter


Like it says on the container “a little goes a long way” and it’s so true. I can already tell that it will last for a really long time, and you can’t really see that I have been using it. The product is rather thick and is therefore perfect for dry skin or cuticles.


Once you apply it to the skin it kind of melts so you don’t really need that much product. It has a lovely lemon-y scent, but I feel that the scent changes once it’s been on the skin for a while, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I’ve been using it really much lately since my nails, cuticles and skin around the nails are in such a bad shape after using Seche Vive.

Harry Potter nails

When I was in London we visited the making of Harry Potter studio tour. I have been wanting to go there for such a long time and finally I got to! Of course I had to make some Harry Potter nails and I have to say that they were a success. I got many comments on them which was really fun.



With my 9¾ nails at 9¾, couldn’t get much better right? And you can also see my thumb in this shot, win!


Here I am at platform 9¾ on my way to the Hogwarts express. Bye bye muggles!


Any Harry Potter fan can probably figure out what was my inspiration for these nails. From left: Harry’s lightning bolt scar, the golden snitch, platform 9¾, HP logo and the Deathly Hallows symbol.

The white base is Alpine snow and the black details are made with Lady in Black. The golden polish is My favorite ornament and they’re all OPI’s.


As a bonus I’m throwing in these cute Harry Potter nails I made earlier this year.

Nail mail | piCture pOlish

I just came home from a vacation in London and even though I did some (plenty) nail polish shopping there I got really excited to come home to these pretty polishes! I have been wanting get some polishes from piCture pOlish for a really really long time, but I obviously haven’t until now. Nail the mail is closing their shop and have 50% off everything, so I stayed up late the night before we were going on our vacation just so I could score some polishes cheaper. And I ended up buying seven polishes…. ooops!


electric dream – eerie – desire – moscow – fool’s gold – o’hara – cosmos



I’m really excited to try these polishes and I already want to buy more!

Have you tried any polishes from piCture pOlish, and do you have a favorite shade?