Tropical nails

I made this mani for a contest IsaDora is having on their Instagram where you can win their whole Jelly Pop collection. You were supposed to post a colorful picture of your favorite IsaDora polishes and of course I had to make a mani with them too. Whether or not I win, I love how they turned out!


The polishes I chose for this mani (and my current favorites from IsaDora) are White China, Tropical Fuchsia and Poseidon. I used the polishes together with the stamping plate Tropical 13 from MoYou London and their new Crystal clear stamper.


I’m glad the thumb is in this picture, it turned out so good.


A close up because I know you want more of this mani! ūüėČ

Essie Starry Starry Night vs Depend O2 428

Earlier this year Essie re-released Starry Starry Night and a lot of people were not too happy with the new version of the polish. I think that I may have¬†found¬†a dupe for the original version of the polish, O2 428 from Depend! Though I only have the new version of Starry Starry Night, so that’s the only one I can compare it too.

img_3412Essie Starry Starry Night & Depend O2 428


Here you see two coats of both polishes over one coat of base coat. The formula of the two polishes are pretty similar and they are a little bit thick. On the first coat they look pretty awful and like they will new a few more coats to be opaque, but the second coat covers really well!


The only difference between these two polishes are the size of the glitters, so which one you’ll like the most depends on what you prefer. But don’t you agree with me, O2 428 from Depend looks like a good substitute for the original Starry Starry Night.

A trip to Stockholm and a visit at Presskontakterna beauty

Last Wednesday morning¬†¬†I took an early train to Stockholm to visit my friend¬†Mickis! We’ve known each other for about 2 years via Instagram and this was the first time we met in person. I had such a nice time and time went so quickly, I really hope we meet up again soon! ūüėė

I arrived in Stockholm at lunchtime and we spent the day shopping in the city and later we went to Mall of Scandinavia. On Thursday we went back into the city to visit more stores and the PR agency Presskontakterna.

Here are some picture from Presskontakterna’s beautiful office.


Peter Thomas Roth heaven! I love their face masks, especially the Irish mud moor mask.



Beautiful skin¬†products from Rituals…



So many beautiful polishes from Smith & Cult! I wouldn’t mind adding¬†Vegas post apocalyptic¬†(previous picture, top right) to my collection, it’s such a pretty holo glitter polish.


Polishes from the Swedish makeup brand Makiash.


Polishes and eyeshadows from Rituals… I actually didn’t know that they had so much makeup, but now I’m curious!


I love how they matched the Yves Rocher lip crayons with the nail polishes.


Mickis enjoying the lovely¬†summer weather at Presskontakterna’s terrace.

I was not prepared for a day out in the sun so I did not put on any sunscreen on my body (I always put¬†it on my face before I go out). Luckily Presskontakterna had a Sun protection body oil¬†from Rutials… and were kind enough to lend me some. I really liked the product because it didn’t feel oily and sticky and it had a lovely smell, unfortunately I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

I didn’t go away from them empty handed, I got a bag full of beauty products to try out. Many of them were polishes,¬†unfortunately my nails are not feeling that good right now so I don’t know when I’ll be able to try them, but I hope it will be soon! Until then I have a lot of beauty products to try out, so I don’t think the blog will be quiet.

Seche Vive | a.k.a. the top coat that ruined my nails

After wearing this mani for almost one and a half day my nails started feeling very sensitive and sore. I have used all the products, except the top coat, many times before so the top coat must be the bad guy. This was my second (or third) time using Seche Vive and obviously also the last time.

img_3440Seche Vive Instant gel effect top coat

I had really high hopes for this product since I’m already a big user of Seche Vite. I thought that a gel effect top coat that gives super shine and dries fast was the perfect top coat, but unfortunatley not in this case. It dries very glossy and fast and it gives a plump appearance. But it also makes my nails detach from the nail bed.

I started feeling this on Thursday and today it is Monday and my nails are starting to feel a little less sore. I had to cut them down a bit just because they felt so sensitive as soon as I touched something.


After removing the polish I had on my nails this is what they looked like on Friday morning. You can clearly see that the nail has detached from the nail bed on my ring finger. It looks (and feels) like the little finger and the thumb has made it, but the other nails are unfortunately affected.


This is what my nails look like on Monday morning, and it doesn’t look pretty. It looks like they¬†are bruised and the nail line looks gross. And under the nails, where the nail beds have detached, I have nasty blisters. I really hope that it doesn’t get worse than this….

I will use a lot of nail oil and hand creme and try not to polish my nails too much the next couple of days/weeks and hope that it’ll get better. And as you probably already have guessed, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying this top coat.

Peter Thomas Roth cucumber gel mask

Today was (and still is) a really hot day, so after taking a¬†shower I wanted a cooling face mask. The cucumber gel mask from Peter Thomas Roth sounded like a good idea since it’s both cooling and moisturizing. To make it even¬†cooler I put the mask in the fridge before I took my¬†shower. Aaahh… so cool and calming on my face.

Layla Hologram effect

I’ve always liked holo polishes, but recently I’ve becommed obsessed with them. I think it’s safe to say that I have become a holosexual! ‚ú®

I recently bought two holos from Layla, a brand that is new to me. Let’s take a look at these beauties!

Layla  Р12 Red taboo

Wow, I mean just look at this beautiful polish. I’m in love! It is such a beautiful color and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. The only thing that I think is a bit misleading with this polish is the name, Red taboo, seeing that it is pink, not red.

img_3119Layla Р15 Misty blush

This one is so pretty too! This color is a bit darker so I think it will be perfect for autumn.

The formula was pretty much the same for both polishes. It was a bit¬†runny, but still very easy to apply. I used three coats here in these pictures, but I could’ve managed with two coats, it was just a little bit patchy on some spaces. To get the best result you have to be really light handed and almost not touch the nail with the brush. Another reason that I used three coats is that they were so beautiful when I applied them that I just couldn’t stop!

Now I want to buy even more holos from Layla!

Empties #1

A few of my products just happened to runt out at the same time, so I thought I’d¬†share with you what I think about them. And if I will I purchase them again…

L’Occitane – Shea butter hand cream

I really liked this hand creme! It has a nice subtle smell and it moisturizes your hands without leaving them feeling greasy. This size (30 ml) is perfect for the handbag, or just to try the product like I did. I’m pretty sure¬†I will purchase this hand cream again and I probably would’ve already done it, if I didn’t have so many new hand creams at home already. ūüôą

OPI – Nail Envy

I always use one coat of Nail Envy before I use a base coat, and I think that works good for me. It keeps my nails strong and since I practically have two coats of base coat, that protects my nails from staining pretty well too. I had already purchased a new bottle before I ran out of this one.

OPI – Avoplex cuticle oil to go

This one I keep in my handbag and¬†it’s the perfect size and design to use ‘on the go’ as the name applies. Avoplex is my favorite cuticle oil, I don’t know how many bottles I’ve used up by now, so of course I had already purchased a replacement for this one.

Essie – many many mani

This is a (quite) new favorite for me. I love the smell and how easily it sinks in to the skin, you can read more about it here. I even had to cut the tube in two to be able to get it all out! I haven’t found this hand creme¬†anywhere in Sweden yet, so I’ll make sure to buy it next time I’m abroad (which will be in three weeks).

Have you tried any of these products?


Rainbow nails 

Last weekend was the pride festival in my home town and I made some rainbow nails for the occasion.

To make these nails I used the Color paints polishes from OPI that are perfect for water marbling. More precicely Silver canvas, Magenta muse, Chromatic orange, Primarily yellow, Landscape artist, Indigo motif, Purple perspective. To make the cleanup easier I used Mini mani moo around my nails.


I did not join the parade, but found that my nails were matching this awesome mural on a house in town.

Essie Gel setter top coat

So, I’ve had this top coat for a few months now but I haven’t really tried it until a few weeks ago. What a shame, because I really like it!

Essie Gel setter top coat

Essie’s¬†Gel setter is a top coat that has a gel-like finish. It dries fast and super shiny. Even though it feels a bit thicker than a regular top coat it is still easy to apply. Many¬†fast drying top coats shrink the polish when they dry, but not this one.
There is only one thing that I don’t like with this top coat, and that is that it sometimes gives¬†a lot of bubbles when it dries. I still haven’t figured out why it does that, so I’m still working on it.

Anyway, I wore a mani topped with this polish for three days and they were still super shiny, like if they were just polished, and they had no signs of chipping. I think that’s pretty impressing! If I hadn’t gotten tired of the mani I would’ve worn it longer.



Depend Decoration tools

The first things I decided to try from the box filled with nail art things from Depend was the decoration tools kit. More precisely the detail brush and the dotting tool from the kit.

This¬†kit actually contains four brushes but I have only tested the two so far.¬†The detail brush is a bit shorter than what I’m used to with my other brushes, but it’s still easy to hold and to work with. The dotting tool has two sides, one with a bigger end and one with a smaller end, they turned out to be the perfect sizes for making my mani!


All the things I used for this manicure: Depend O2 486 (blue), Depend 031 (white), Depend O2 369 (cerise), Depend O2 488 (pink), Depend O2 489 (green), Depend dotting tool & detail brush.

The small end of the dotting tool turned out to be the perfect size for the dotticure! And I used the bigger end to make the first step of the roses. To paint the pink in the roses I used the detail brush, and I think it was just the right size to make small details and lines. It works for a little bigger detail too, like the leaves.


This is how my manicure turned out using the tools and polishes from Depend. I wanted to do a mani that was very me since I thought that would be the best way to test the new tools and I’m really happy with the result!

The Decorations tools kit is available in stores now and retail for 149 kr.