Flowers for the weekend 

Yesterday evening I didn’t know what to paint on my nails. After some thinking I decided flowers was a good idea, so I painted some roses. And I think they turned out soooo good, I love them!

The base is The I’s have it, a lovely blue polish from Alice through the looking glass collection, that I just adore. Then I used Mod about you and a dotting tool, to make the first step of the roses. After that I used Shorts story and a detail brush (I used Pure color #10 detail brush from Whatsupnails) to complete the roses. I know that I’ve used Mod about you and Shorts story together many times before when I’m painting roses, but they just work so well together! For the leaves I started with I’m sooo swamped! and than I randomly just painted a little blit of That’s hula-rious! over it using my detail brush.


Now that I think about it I should’ve photographed each step, to make a better tutorial. Is that something you want me to do in the future? Please let me know in the comments!


These nails were really easy to make and actually didn’t take that long to finish (good for me since I started painting too late last night).

Hope you like these nails as much as I do!


10 thoughts on “Flowers for the weekend ”

  1. These are amazing! You must have such a steady hand. I’ve been wanting to try flowers for a while. I’d love a step-by-step daisy tutorial xx


    1. Thank you! Sometimes it’s a struggle, but it’s worth it! You should really try some flowers, it’s not so difficult as it may seem 😀 you should start with some daisy nails using a dotting tool! 😘 I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks for your comment! 😀

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  2. Du är ju en naturbegåvning Hanna, sååå himla fint!! Jag ser jättegärna tutorials, men även din nagelvård. Eftersom du byter så ofta, vad h as r du för borttagning, nagelolja mm?? Dina naglar är ju jättefina, jämt!
    Kram Lotta


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