Welcome to the world of nail art

Yesterday I got home to a big package from Depend, they have just released a collection called Welcome to the world of nail art that contains a bunch of nail art things. It’s perfect if you’re a beginner or if you’re not so good at freehand nail art.


I bet you want to know what was inside this big box, so let’s take a look.


GLITTER BOMB! ✨ Long confetti glitter, hexagonal glitter, fine loose glitter and rhinestones in different shapes and colors. I think these are suitable for anyone, beginner or “pro”. Some glitter or rhinestone placement is always fun and can give any design an extra pop.


Stamping kit with two small plates, a stamper and a scraper and black and white stamping polish. Even more stamping polish in black, silver and white and a big stamping plate. I think it’s so fun that a Swedish company is making stamping plates and tools. I know that Depend has had the small stamping plates for a while but I have never tried them and I’m hoping we get to see more of the big stamping plates from them! Also, I have a confession to make, I’ve actually never stamped with a stamping polish (just regular polish) so I’m excited to see if it makes it easier!


Stickers and nail transfers (like decals I think) in different shapes and forms that are perfect for nail art beginners, or if you just don’t have that much time. Rock your body; a kit with metallic tattoos, skull stickers and nail piercings (😱). Striping tape and nail vinyls. You know I like to use vinyls so these ones I’m looking forward to try. Top coats x3 shiny, shimmer and matte. And last but not least, nail art brushes and tools. A fan brush, a striper brush, a detail brush and a dotting tool. The brushes are the ones I’m most excited to try from all of this. Especially the detail brush since I use a detail brush to make many (if not most) of my designs!

Midsummer nails

Today we celebrate midsummer in Sweden. It’s a day where we eat herring, early potatoes, strawberries, drink schnapps, play games and dance around the maypole.

I made some midsummer appropriate nails where I pained seven kinds of flowers. Because if you pick seven different flowers on midsummer’s eve and put them under your pillow you are supposed to dream about the one you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with!

The base is Let’s be friends! from the Hello Kitty collection. The flowers are painted with a bunch of other OPI’s.





I think that the thumb nail turned out the best, too bad that you can’t see it in most photos.


I had to go out to pick some flowers to put under my pillow… Just kidding, I have already found the one I want to spend my life with! But the picture turned out pretty good for the occasion.

Glad midsommar! / Happy midsummer to you all!

The Ritual of Sakura hand wash & hand lotion

Some time ago I bought a few different hand cremes from Rituals… Imagine (now called The Ritual of Sakura) was one of them. It smells of rice milk and cherry blossoms and the scent is so so so lovely, I’m completely obsessed with it. When I saw that there was a matching hand wash I just had to get it too!

img_1480Rituals… The Ritual of Sakura hand wash & hand lotion

I have now used both of them for a few weeks and I have to say that they are already favorites, and I will definitely purchase them again when I run out.


They both contain 300 ml and retail for 90 kr (hand wash) / 140 kr (hand lotion) which is pretty much product for the price.

Have you tried The Ritual of Sakura and do you like it as much as I do?

Smith & Cult She said yeah

I was sooo excited to try a polish from the hyped brand Smith & Cult, so you can imagine how happy I was when I got one to try. The polishes contain 14 ml and retail for 239 kr / € 24 / £19 / §18, which is a bit on the expensive side. The bottles are really pretty and unique and they feel very luxurious.

img_1536Smith & Cult – She said yeah




She said yeah is a dusty purple creme polish. The formula is really good and the polish just glides on to the nails without any problem. This polish covers in two coats and dries very shiny. I’m not wearing any topcoat in the pictures.

I’ll have to say that I’m quite impressed with this polish. And I have already checked out a few other shades that I think are very interesting…

Smith & Cult also has lip products, I don’t know when (and if) they will be released in Sweden though, but I want to try them too! I think I have a slight obsession with lipgloss, since I seem to buy new ones every now and then. And I wouldn’t mind having a beautiful gloss from Smith & Cult in my handbag for a little bit of everyday luxury.

IsaDora Summer Nails


This year’s summer collection from IsaDora is inspired by the colors of the rain forest. All polishes in this collection are wonder nails polishes, and I think that I have finally started to become friends with their wide brush.

img_2042IsaDora Summer Nails – 182 Summer Red

Summer red is a crelly polish. Its easy to apply but you need a few coats to get it to cover completely. I used three coats, and I still have visible nail line.

img_2023IsaDora Summer Nails – 513 Ocean Drive

Ocean drive is a mint green creme polish with shimmer. The shimmer is unfortunately not that visible on the nail, but its still a very pretty polish. It is easy apply and is almost a one coater. I used two coats though.

img_2028IsaDora Summer Nails – 515 Pink Glow

Pink Glow is a gorgeous hot cerise metallic polish. The formula is really good to work with and it covers in two coats.

img_2026IsaDora Summer Nails – 527 Tropical Fuchsia

Tropical Fuchsia is a cerise creme polish. The formula is a bit thick and tricky to apply and it covers in two coats.

img_2017IsaDora Summer Nails – 531 Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls is a pearl shell colored metallic polis. It is very easy to apply and it covers very well in two coats. However you’ll get brushstrokes when applying this polish.

img_2019IsaDora Summer Nails – 532 Sea Shell

Sea Shell is a pale pink metallic polish with shimmer. A very cute and romantic polish that is easy to apply and covers in two coats.

img_2021IsaDora Summer Nails – 533 Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a baby blue metallic polish withe fine shimmer. It is easy to apply and it covers in two coats.

img_2034IsaDora Summer Nails – 535 Maritime

Maritime is a royal blue creme polish. Depending on your application technique you could get away with just one coat. I used two easily applied coats.

img_2030IsaDora Summer Nails – 536 Sunny Days

Sunny Days is a bright orange creme polish. It is easy to apply and covers in two coats. I think this polish will look really good with a tan.

img_2032IsaDora Summer Nails – 538 Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun is a bright red creme polish. It is easy to apply and almost a one coater. But as you know, I always use two coats to get more depth in color. I love colors like this one, especially in the summer.


My favorites from this collection is the mint green polish Ocean Drive and the hot cerise polish Pink Glow.

OPI Retro Summer

Finally I have this year’s summer collection from OPI. I’m so ready for summer right now!

Äntligen har jag årets sommarkollektion från OPI. Jag är så redo för sommaren nu!

img_1821OPI Retro Summer

All swatches are painted over one coat of base coat and are without topcoat.

Alla swatches är målade över ett lager baslack och de är utan topplack.


img_1780OPI Retro Summer – Towel me about it

Towel me about it is a pale yellow creme polish. It is easy to apply and since the formula is a bit thin I needed three thin coast for it to cover completely. I have been waiting for a polish in this exact color for so long, and now I finally have one! This polish was one of my beforehand favorites, and after trying them all I have to say that I’ll stick to it being one of my favorites from the collection.

Towel me about it är ett ljusgult cremelack. Lacket är lätt att applicera och eftersom formulan är lite tunn så krävdes det tre tunna lager för att få det heltäckande. Jag har väntat på ett lack i exakt denna nyans så himla länge, och nu har jag äntligen ett! Detta lack var ett av mina förhandsfavoriter, och efter att ha testat alla så måste jag säga att jag får hålla mig till att det är ett av favoriterna från kollektionen. 


img_1784OPI Retro Summer – I’m getting a tan-gerine

I’m getting a tangerine is a soft orange creme polish. This one is also easy to apply and it covers completely in two coats.

I’m getting a tan-gerine är ett svagt orange cremelack. Detta lack är också lättapplicerat och det är heltäckande med  två lager.


img_1792OPI Retro Summer – SPF XXX

SPF XXX is a coral creme polish. It’s easy to apply and it covers in two coats. This is the color that my skin would have after a day in the sun without SPF, since I’m very pale. Remember to use SPF if you spend time in the sun, especially if you easily get sunburned like me.

SPF XXX är ett korallfärgat cremelack. Det är lätt att applicera och det är heltäckande med två lager. Den här färgen skulle jag ha efter en heldag i solen utan SPF, eftersom jag är väldigt blek. Kom ihåg att använda SPF om du spenderar tid i solen, speciellt om du lätt blir solbränd som jag.


img_1796OPI Retro Summer – Sailing & nail-ing

Silin & nail-ing is a lovley baby blue creme polish. The formula is pretty thin, but it still covers in just two coats. This one was aslo a favorite on beforehand and it doesn’t disappoint! After swatching the whole collection this is still a favorite along with Towel me about it.

Sailing & nail-ing är ett underbart babyblått cremelack. Formulan är ganska tunn, men det är ändå heltäckande med bara två lager. Detta lack var också en förhandsfavorit och det lever upp till förväntningarna. Efter att ha swatchat hela kollektionen är detta fortfarande en favorit tillsammans med Towel me about it.


img_1804OPI Retro Summer – What’s the double scoop?

What’s the double scoop? is a cute pale pink creme polish. It is easy to apply and it covers in two coats.

What’s the double scoop? är ett sött ljusrosa cremelack. Det är lätt att applicera och det är heltäckande med två lager. 


img_1809OPI Retro Summer – Flip flops & crop tops

Flip flops & crop tops is a bubble gum pink creme polish. It’s very easy to apply and you could get away with just one coat, I’m using two coats though.

Flip flops & crop tops är ett bubbelgumrosa cremelack. Det är väldigt lättapplicerat och man skulle kunna komma undan med bara ett lager, fast jag har använt två lager.


Which shade is your favorite?

Vilken färg är din favorit?

Flowers for the weekend 

Yesterday evening I didn’t know what to paint on my nails. After some thinking I decided flowers was a good idea, so I painted some roses. And I think they turned out soooo good, I love them!

The base is The I’s have it, a lovely blue polish from Alice through the looking glass collection, that I just adore. Then I used Mod about you and a dotting tool, to make the first step of the roses. After that I used Shorts story and a detail brush (I used Pure color #10 detail brush from Whatsupnails) to complete the roses. I know that I’ve used Mod about you and Shorts story together many times before when I’m painting roses, but they just work so well together! For the leaves I started with I’m sooo swamped! and than I randomly just painted a little blit of That’s hula-rious! over it using my detail brush.


Now that I think about it I should’ve photographed each step, to make a better tutorial. Is that something you want me to do in the future? Please let me know in the comments!


These nails were really easy to make and actually didn’t take that long to finish (good for me since I started painting too late last night).

Hope you like these nails as much as I do!