Throwback Thursday: OPI Purple-opolis

This week I’m showing you a polish from the 2004 Greece isles collection called Purple-opolis. I’ve had this polish since sometime last spring, but the polish itself is much older than that. As you will see in the last picture this polish has a black label*. Which means it’s old and that it’s not 3-free, so it contains a lot a bad chemicals that are not allowed anymore. The polish smells a bit more when you open the bottle but the formula is really good, it’s super easy to apply! Even though this polish is “bad” it’s too pretty not to use! And I don’t think wearing a ‘black label’ polish once in a while will do that much damage.

Let’s take a look at this beauty!

 Purple-opolis – OPI Greek isles collection

*From 2015 all new OPI polishes has a black label. So when polish geeks refer to the black label OPI’s we are referring to the old black labels that were made until around 2006 (I think). In-between the years the label have been a dark green color.

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